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The Hospitality Tour in Latin America : My Marketing Skills for a Sustainable Bed!


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Presentation of my "Hospitality Tour" through Latin America. I'm sharing my hotel business skills for a bed, from Mexico to Argentina. During the trip I collect hotels best practice in sustainable development in order to publish them on You can follow the project on the blog: or on Facebook:

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The Hospitality Tour in Latin America : My Marketing Skills for a Sustainable Bed!

  1. 1. Would you like to get inspired about implementing new sustainable practices or enhancing your hotel marketing? Well, you know, all those important things that you should rethink or start doing better « one day », but you never find (or make!) the time…
  2. 2. From Mexico to Nicaragua, she has already met with 20 hoteliers: “Florie’s positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. She brought us a wealth of new knowledge and skills.” Giorgio, Mexico “Florie was able to come in, assess our individual needs, and adapt her knowledge to be able to give us a solution that would be effective.” Joanna, Belize “Florie gets a lot of work done in a little time and her experience in this tour has given her a broad knowledge she’s happy to share.” Karen, Nicaragua “Very friendly, open, and hard working, Florie is an intelligent person with clear goals.” Edmundo, Guatemala Read all the hotels recommendations here :
  3. 3. Would you like to get tips on: Sustainable Practices Website Design Revenue Management E-Reputation E-Distribution Tour Operators Guest Experience Positioning vs. Competition Social Media
  4. 4. Implement new sustainable practices? Improve your hotel website? Design a nice presentation to approach tour operators? Develop a smart social media strategy? Optimize your distribution on Internet? For example, why and how to: Examples of the works she has done for previous hotels visited :
  5. 5. For example, why and how to: Enhance the guest experience in your hotel? Start using channel manager / PMS? Build efficient & automatic Excel spreadsheets? Lead a dynamic pricing strategy? Deal with any further specific need?... Let me introduce you to someone… Examples of the works she has done for previous hotels visited :
  6. 6. …Florie
  7. 7. …Florie
  8. 8. one semester studying in St Petersburg; one year studying near Stuttgart; for 8 months in Barcelona. Moreover, she spent and worked
  9. 9. Florie also lived 8 months in New Zealand.
  10. 10. She especially enjoys: And she is also passionate about the Hospitality World!
  11. 11. Queenstown Resort NEW ZEALAND La Rochelle Centre FRANCE Reutlingen Centre GERMANY Carnac FRANCE F&B Attendant for a 4-Star Hotel 8 months F&B Attendant for a 4-Star Hotel 6 months Operations for a 4-Star Hotel 2 months - trainee Activities Leader for a 5-Star Campsite 2 months Florie started with student jobs as:
  12. 12. GM / Marketing Assistant for a 4-Star Beach Resort (Accor Group) 6 months - trainee Sales Manager for a 5-Star City Hotel (Accor Group) 2 years Revenue Manager for a 4-Star Hotel and a Hostel 3 months Sofitel Tahiti FRENCH POLYNESIA Sofitel Lyon FRANCE Xotels Barcelona SPAIN And later she held several positions in Sales & Marketing:
  13. 13. Starting Date: 1st July 2014 Ending Date: ? Florie is right now leading a new kind of adventure… in exchange for a bed ! & shares her business skills info on sustainable hotel practices She gathers
  14. 14. for and How does it work exactly? info on your Hotel’s best practices Florie collects
  15. 15. or training your team accordingly. by doing research for about 4h / day she could help you with… How does it work exactly? which strategic issues You discuss with Florie …and she works on it
  16. 16. depending of your needs. for 4 to 10 days How does it work exactly? with room & board You provide Florie
  17. 17. Why is she leading this project? Discover Latin America and Practice her Spanish Share and Learn about Sustainability Share and Broaden her Hospitality Management Skills
  18. 18. Visit her blog: thehospitalitytour 400+ Can you use extra help from Florie?