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Pinterest: Portfolio & Networking in One Convenient Package


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Pinterest: Portfolio & Networking in One Convenient Package

  1. 1. A social mediaplatform that letsyou share ideas,passions, andinterests visually.
  2. 2.  17.8 million users in March, a 52% jump in just one month.  Majority of Pinterest users are between 25-45 years old.  More referral traffic to websites than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined.  Referral traffic from Pinterest spends an average of 2.5 minutes on site.  Mobile accessibility.68% of Pinterest Users are women.
  3. 3. Drive Traffic To Your Website●Better Customer Engagement●Ideas – Giving and Getting●Place To Showcase Designs●
  4. 4. How Florists Are Using
  5. 5. Use Your Pinterest To...
  6. 6. Use Your Pinterest To...
  7. 7. Use Your Pinterest To...
  8. 8. Getting Started With
  9. 9.  Create a Pinterest account specifically for your shop . To learn how to create an account go to Be a Voyeur – check Pinterest out and learn how to use it. Better Photos - buy a good digital camera or smartphone. Know Pinterests rules – to learn more visit Best Boards - Decide what boards you want and how you will measure success.
  10. 10. Getting The Most From
  11. 11. Simply drag the Pin It button to your bookmarks.
  12. 12.  Promote Your Pinterest Online  Social Media (Facebook)  Link From Your Website Pinterest In Your Store  iPad or Tablet  Inspiration Station setup
  13. 13. Create at least oneboard that is just foryour creations. Thisshows customers andbrides exactly whatyou can do for them!
  14. 14. Your Custom-tailoredOnline Portfolio
  15. 15. Showcasing Your Inspiration FromWork Others Wedding  Wedding Trends Funeral Flowers  Tips, Tricks, & Ideas Prom Flowers  Holiday Inspiration Holiday Flowers  Designs We Love Gift Ideas  Inspiration
  16. 16.  Your Goal – Showcase wedding bouquets Expectation – Better communication with brides
  17. 17.  Goal – Showcase personalized funeral pieces Expectation – better communication with families
  18. 18.  Goal – To inspire people to use send flowers everyday Expectation – Increased traffic to everyday flowers page on website
  19. 19.  Re-arrange your Boards to put your best foot forward. Edit Board Covers to make your boards more appealing.
  20. 20. Places To Go For HelpVideo on creating boards, pinning & repinning to get started on Help Section
  21. 21. Companies With Great Board IdeasFlower Shop Network Idea Hill Florals Bloomin Thing Florist & Vines Studio Florist Morning Flowers
  22. 22. Jamie Jamison AdamsSEO/ InBound Marketing Manager Flower Shop