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LightningUX 3


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A story by @Folletto and @Bru about a team issue that happened in a project during summer 2010, telling how to deal with an opinionated "alpha geek".

Published in: Technology
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LightningUX 3

  1. G u y te d n a io in m p a O e e T h eT th &
  2. It was a sunny summer day...
  3. 1 Project8 Developers 3 Designers 4 Consultants
  4. A nice feature on the most important user journey...
  5. “It’s wrong”
  6. (cc) anubisconq
  7. (cc) anubisconq
  8. ‣ Did quick usability tests‣ Presented the suggested alternatives to the client‣ Tried to keep the morale up‣ Tried to isolate the problem code-wise
  9. • We underestimated the problem at first, weeks passed• We let the argument take the stage forcing the team to take sides• No face-to-face talks
  10. What would you have done?
  11. This is what we did:
  12. The contract ended
  13. And while walking away, he said:
  14. “I’m right”
  15. Happy ending
  16. Huge boost to the morale
  17. BOUNCE RATE ~35% lessCONVERSIONS ~20% morePRIMARY JOURNEY 50% visitors
  18. Davide ‘Folletto‘ Casali Riccardo Cambiassi @folletto @bru r.cambiassi@gmail.comLightningUXLBi, 9 june 2011