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Forward Progress Overview - Rapid Launch Plan for Associations and Non Profit


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This is the proven system of our Rapid Launch Plan, taking your Association or Non Profit to market with the combined power of Digital Marketing, Social Media, Social Teaming, Online Events and the power of today's technology. We also include Social Jack's proprietary education programs. Once we plan and build, you have a choice to get coached to operate your digital world, have us operate for you or a combination of the two! Call us at 312-257-2224 for more info when you are ready!

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Forward Progress Overview - Rapid Launch Plan for Associations and Non Profit

  1. 1. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan – Plan, Build, Launch!
  2. 2. @Fwdprogressinc Who We Are • Owned by Forward Progress, LLC. • Digital Marketing Specialists for over 13 Years • Serving over 2,000 clients • Relationship Based Community Building • Social Jack™ is a Training and Coaching SAAS Platform • Over 100,000 professionals coached and trained • Social Teaming Core • Easy to use Micro-Learning System • Mobile Coaching, Training, and App
  3. 3. @Fwdprogressinc Common Association Challenge • New Member's - Younger Members (next generation) • Increased Value and Visability • New Sponsorships • Filling Events • Offering Online Programs • A Solid Plan to Make it Happen!
  4. 4. @Fwdprogressinc Awareness Consideration Conversion Loyalty Advocacy Word-of-Mouth 2. Consumers add or subtract brands as they evaluate what they want 1. The consumer considers an initial set of brands, based on brand perceptions and exposure to recent touch points. 4. After purchasing a product or service, the consumer builds expectations based on experience to inform the next decision journey. 3. Ultimately, the consumer selects a brand at the moment of purchase. Moment of Purchase Moment of Purchase Initial Consideration Initial Consideration Active Evaluation Information gathering, shopping Post purchase Experience Ongoing exposure Loyalty loop Trigger Relationship Marketing and the Consumer Journey
  5. 5. @Fwdprogressinc Social Teaming – Use of Clusters and Hubs Hub: Large cluster or group of clusters of network connections working toward the same destination (goal) and targets. REACH MILLIONS
  6. 6. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan Process Building a Strong Community Around and Connected to Your Brand. Three Phase Approach 1.Create Plan 2.Build Platforms 3.Launch
  7. 7. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan Process PLAN: Define Brand Alignment, Goals and Objectives for success measures. •Brand Alignment •Mission/Vision •Traffic •Connections •Engagement •Leads •Conversions •Revenue
  8. 8. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan Process PLAN: Confirm your target audience(s). •Demographic •Psychographic •Geographic •Trends •Referral Source •Network Hubs
  9. 9. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan Process PLAN: Identify your Trusted Team members, clusters and hubs. •Internal (culture) •Employee Advocacy •Brand Champions •Ambassadors •External •Partners •Joint Venture
  10. 10. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan Process PLAN: Find and utilized your very best content and resources. •Data (emails) •Keywords •Content •Website(s) •Social Networks •Partner Content
  11. 11. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan Process BUILD: Now that the plan is ready, it’s time to build and optimize what the world sees of your brand. •Website(s) •Landing Page(s) •Social Network(s) •Blog(s) •Partner Site(s)
  12. 12. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan Process LAUNCH: Now that the build is complete, it’s time to launch and start testing. This is all driven by the previously agreed goals and objectives. •Activity •Listen •Engage •Convert
  13. 13. @Fwdprogressinc Rapid Launch Plan Process LAUNCH: We always need to measure, sure so we can drive the success required to build the business. •Listen •Measure •Adjust •Score •Continue •Grow
  14. 14. @Fwdprogressinc Building a Trusted Brand Identity
  15. 15. @Fwdprogressinc Ongoing Operational Choices • Done for you: We have monthly content marketing, social media, digital advertising and search engine marketing (SEM) services to serve you. • Do it yourself: We offer coaching and training to your team to support using our systems and methodology to run your operation from the Rapid Launch Plan. • Team Combo: We team up together to have the best of both worlds, our team’s combine for optimal results. We can adjust as your grow this area of your business.
  16. 16. @Fwdprogressinc Social Jack™ Learning Benefits Your team gets full access to our Social Jack™ learning system and we provide discounts on custom training solutions for all our Rapid Launch Plan clients. Key Ingredients •Training/Coaching •Micro-Learning •Social Teaming •Network Science •Power Moves •Social and Emotional Intelligence
  17. 17. @Fwdprogressinc Social Jack™ Curriculum • Social Selling – Management, Team Sales, Direct and Channel, Certification Available (15 Modules) • Social Career – Career Advancement, Transitions and Recruiting (15 Modules) • Employee Advocacy – Social Team Building, External Teaming, Culture Adaptation (Winter 2016) • Social Community – Plan, Build, Launch (4 Modules)
  18. 18. @Fwdprogressinc Training, Coaching, and Resource Platform
  19. 19. @Fwdprogressinc Brand Protection - Watchdog™ • Brand and Competitive Listening • Employee Watch Services • Onboard Social Screening • Easy Reporting System • Available for All Clients
  20. 20. @Fwdprogressinc Over 100,000 Coached and Trained! Online Event/Class Marketing and Production
  21. 21. @Fwdprogressinc NOW ON iTunes Online Event/Class Marketing and Production
  22. 22. @Fwdprogressinc Building an active Social Community Around Your Brand! Social Teaming!
  23. 23. @Fwdprogressinc Some Brands We Have Served
  24. 24. @Fwdprogressinc Connect WITH us!