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CV | Filipe Pontes

CV de Filipe Pontes .Audit Coordinator, teacher, and volunteer currently living in Lisboa, Portugal. My interests range from Economics to Finance. I am also interested in Bank, Real Estate, and Internal control in general.➡ My Core Skills
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CV | Filipe Pontes

  1. 1. Filipe Pontes Portugal, Lisbon Mobile: 933283281 Mail: Linkedin : CROSS-FUNCTIONAL PROFILE AUDIT MANAGER Competences in management and control of organizations with impact on the decisions inherent to the audit (internal and / or external) and, with the purpose of evaluation and procedural measurement, that aid the elaboration of financial information and anticipation of risks, interceding: Review of Accounts / Financial audit; Consolidated Accounts; Analysis of Prospective Financial Information; Due Diligence Financial. Analysis and implementation of corporate "good practices" and verification, warning and / or implementation of internal controls with the objective of credibility in the internal financial statements. Particularly, segregation of duties, control and registration of operations, and definition of authority structure, responsibility, competencies and moral integrity. Issuance of reports related to sustainability and financial statements, with recognition of risks, processes and controls indispensable to the mitigation of irregularities (analytical review procedures and / or historical financial information) and which are subject to specific internal norms of external communication, with exposure of operational and financial integrity - accounting, reporting, control and efficient management of resources. Skills in risk mitigation, corrective measures, implementation of fraud prevention and detection programs that allow the alignment of the defined financial strategy with the significant reduction of the probability of deviations or identification of irregularities. Conversion and adaptation of management processes with the platforms and computer environment in the access and disclosure of financial and tax information, with identification of the cost of implementation and maintenance in view of the benefits and expected return, in order to transmit an integrated vision to the financial decision making , operational and strategic in the organization. In-depth knowledge of accounting, treasury, management control and methodologies related to national and international auditing standards. Field of IFRS and ISA's in force. Skills in business combinations, spin-off, merger and incorporation of companies. Experience in markets: Banking, Insurance and Financial. SPECIAL PARTICIPATIONS As guest in formations, MBA and post-graduations about Audit and Fraud Risk as Guest Assistant. Co-author “Fraude em Portugal – Causas e contextos” preface: Dr. Guilherme de Oliveira Marins (former President of the Court of Auditors) presented by Prof. Professor Daniel Bessa (former President of COTEC). Columnist Visão e Jornal I OBEGEF – Fraud and Economy Issues. ACADEMIC EDUCATION MBA – Master in Management by INDEG/ISCTE & DEGREE in Finance by ISCTE. TECNICAL COMPETENCIES / EDUCATION ESCOLA POLÍCIA JUDICIÁRIA - Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism - training of a scope of compliance (updating of knowledge and procedures to be applied internally). IPAI – INSTITUTO PORTUGUÊS DE AUDITORIA INTERNA Accounting for internal auditors - Training on the new IFRS / international standards. AUDIT PLANNING TO ADRESS FRAUD - "G.Summers" plan to mitigate the risk of fraud. RISK BASED INTERNAL AUDIT - work orientation for risk. Preparation for CIA (Infernal Certificate Audit). AI (International Standards of Internal Auditing) Professional Practice Framework IFA – Instituto de Formação Atuarial DUTIES IN THE INSURANCE CONTRACT - risk / data protection (GDPR). Quantitative Methods Against Fraud – KRI. Data Mining for Fraud Forecast Using R - Platform for Mitigation and Fraud Detection. IIR Portugal – (Formiventos ) Mini MBA – Internal Audit IT - Word avançado , Excel Avançado, Access Avançado, SQL , SAS. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AGEAS/AXA (2011/2017) AUDIT COORDINATOR (CONTINENT AND ISLANDS) Planning and monitoring supervision of audit activities to approximately 3,000 agents (brokers, private mediators, exclusive mediators and not exclusive) - Quarterly Report. Preparation of planning and allocation of auditing costs, monitoring and follow up of the recommendations (Quarterly Report). Centralized the fraud investigations within and outside the company. Survey of major fraud risks of processes and introduction of preventive actions. Over time, taught several courses, to a wide number of employees of the company, in the areas of "awareness and prevention of fraud risks“. Company representative in the Technical Committee of Fraud at the Portuguese Insurance Association, since 2013. GOAL ACHIEVED Design of a new audit work plan oriented for the production, billing and claims. Creation and management of a claim channel for fraud inside and outside (this mechanism allowed the centralization of management and responses to the complaint channel with a maximum deadline of 48h). NOVO BANCO (2003/2011) INTERNAL AUDITOR (PORTUGAL-SPAIN) Head of auditing teams to counters, enterprise centers and private centers at the audit office of commercial structures. Developed and monitored the annual audit planning for the operational audit office and performed a risk assessment of the banks processes. GOAL ACHIEVED Definition of a Dashboard of KPI e KRI´s – supporting the decision-making process relative to management decisions – SQL/Access architecture and definition of the support tool). KPMG (2002/2003) EXTERNAL AUDITOR Developed work as an external financial auditor for various clients in the financial sector (banking and insurance). PERSONAL COMPETENCIES Exceptional communication skills at all levels, strong IT skills, always being ahead of new technologies. Ability to handle high levels of pressure and critical decision-making. High integrity and openness combined with commitment to good governance. Energetic, highly motivated, with an enquiring mind and passion for excellence and innovation in pursuit of business growth and success. ADDITIONAL COMPETENCIES ROTARY INTERNATIONAL MEMBER (Leadership) - Organization of Professionals and Leaders meeting (intercultural meeting with professional contacts). VOLUNTEER JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT – (program of propagation of Financial Literacy). OBEGEF PARTNER – (Observatório de Economia e Gestão de Fraude). CHAIRMAN OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD – Amigos e Utentes do Hospital Capuchos (IPSS). CHAIR OF THE GENERAL MEETING BOARD – Associação Presença Inteligente (IPSS) (Financial Literacy Program).