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Alludere Apres English


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Alludere Apres English

  1. 1. Matching people to jobs. Matching jobs to people.
  2. 2. What is Alludere? Our mission is to inspire all people to explore their professional network in order to help Hirers to fill up time. their job oportunities under a small cost and time. At the same time, referrers will be financially rewarded recommendations. for such recommendations. With Alludere everyone wins: Hirer, Referrer and Candidate
  3. 3. How does it work? RE – Referrer candidates RE candidates RE candidates RE Network Job vacancy RE candidates Hirer management alludere RE candidates RE candidates RE candidates
  4. 4. What happens if referred candidate is contracted by the Hirer? Hirer will be charged by Alludere based on the annual salary of the contracted candidate, following the chart below: below: Percentual charged on Hirer (over annual Annual Salary (R$) salary) 50% from the total from 45.500 to 65.000 11% ammount received by Alludere goes to the from 65.001 to 103.000 10% Referrer who from 103.001 to 195.000 9% recommended the above 195.000.01 8% contracted candidate! ** Annual Salary = Base salary (fixed + variable) x 13 Based on Real (R$ - Brazilian )
  5. 5. Positions Profile • Job opportunities with monthly salaries above R$3.500,00 • Positions for Analysts, Consultants, Professors, Managers, Directors and C.E.O!
  6. 6. Matching people to jobs. Matching jobs to people. Françoise Winandy Tel. 55+11+2177-4803 Skype Alludere 55+11+3717-2156