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Before and After Education (1)

A Discussion presentation about How Do We Redefine Teaching in an online World? Part of the GlobalNet21 Citizens Assembly on Education

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Before and After Education (1)

  1. 1. Before & After Education (Pt1) Building Learning Architectures of Participation
  2. 2. Provocation 2; With all information/understanding now available online do we need to redefine the role of the teacher? Spontaneous Citizen’s Assemblies on the Crisis in Education
  3. 3. Part One; What is Learning and online Learning? To build learning technologies we first have to model learning How do we model learning? How do we redefine teaching? Before & After Education (Pt1)
  4. 4. CV Some Background on @fredgarnett 11 Schools; 8 Primary 3 Secondary (inc Boarding) 6 Universities but only 3 degrees Worked in Universities, Colleges, Government Community Centres,, Prisons, Third Places, NGOs+ Been a schoolkid, student, SU Executive, editor, Governor, teacher, lecturer, manager, Trustee, Head of Community Programmes, Researcher+ FRSA 2004 “for creative & innovative work in Community Learning” Novel about school 63/68 A Visceral History
  5. 5. Education is just a “temporarily useful eccentricity” To help us discover learning
  6. 6. A History of Education in 12 dates 500 BC – Platos Academy; pre-texts learning as discussion 800 AD – Arab Universities & Communities of Scholars 1000 AD – City universities Paris/Bologna & Oxford C12th – Renaissance; Liberal Arts Curriculum… then a Masters 1535 – The Republic of Letters (Erasmus) 1660 – The Royal Society (chartered thinking) 1751 – Encyclopédie (Great Man authorship) 1830 – Prussian Education System (nation-building) 1914 – A Dominies Log (reflective blog – BSSRES) 1944 – Butler Education Act (education for all to O/A Level) 1986 – Thatcher National Curriculum (stop the Sixties!) 1997 – National Grid for Learning, FERL, Community Learning Grids
  7. 7. This is NOT Plato’s Academy Raphael in Florence The Representation Problem
  8. 8. This is NOT Plato’s Academy Platos Academy was NOT Academic being pre-books 3-stage model of learning 1 Building Q&A w/Socrates 2 Orchard; P2P peer discussions 3 Gymnasium; exercise after conversations
  9. 9. This is not the learning you are looking for Content delivery came in with the Lectern… and was based on COPYING (no text books pre-printing)
  10. 10. some projects & ideas 1996 – Internet Learning Lab – online learning skills 1998 – TaLENT a Community Grid for Learning (Discussion) 2000 – FERL (learning objects w/formative assessments) 2002 – Lifecycles model; Interest-driven learning) Learning Technology moves From Access to Content to Context 2006 Learner-Generated Contexts EoR 2008 OCML – PAH Continuum 2010 ELM Design tool for learning 2011 The University Project – WikiQuals (Community of Sqolars) 2012 ALC & PCK… 2013 CROS – Everything is a Metaphor 2014 Digital Practitioner 2016 World Heutagogy Day from 2013 to 2020 - Creativity 2019 Ten Ways Teachers Can Respond to #climatestrike Building online Learning
  11. 11.  Ecology of Resources  Institution Learning… …Environment Teachers as “More Able Partners” 1996; Internet Learning Lab “Brokering Learning”
  12. 12. 2002 – Lifecycles model of interest-driven learning A Model of Informal e-learning; FIRST Learner-modelling diagram… (unlike MOOCs) Teachers as “trusted Intermediaries”
  13. 13. P A H Teacher School Teacher/ Learner Learner Research Cognition Epistemic Cognition Meta- Cognition Adult 2008 Open Context Model of Learning; PAH Continuum Andragogy Collaborate Pedagogy Content Heutagogy Create A Craft of Teaching
  14. 14. 2010 Emergent Learning Model; design tool For new learning projects; Ambient Learning City / WikiQuals
  15. 15. WikiQuals “Yes You Can!” Learning not Education Liminal not Institutionalised Bio-diversity not Monoculture Learner-centric not Student-centred Learner-generated not Course-defined Community as Curriculum not Syllabus defined Community of Sqolars not Community of Practice Personal Learning Networks not Content-delivery Quality Assured not Quality Controlled Affinity not Supervision Emergent not Linear Trust the learner to find their own Identity 2011 The University Project – WikiQuals
  16. 16. 2012 Ambient Learning City –beyond the classroom An Open City of Open Scholars #Timisoara 2021
  17. 17. 2013 Beyond the Classroom Everything is a metaphor Fred Garnett thinks it about inventing new metaphors so you can design your own future MOOCs Rhizomes Heutagogy Contexts Everything is a Metaphor
  18. 18. Co-creating authentic learning experiences By students for students w/mentors
  19. 19. 19 …2014 Digital Practitioners creating… Artfully-crafted, Student-centred learning experiences
  20. 20. Make creativity part of all education 2016 World Heutagogy Day… Teachers CAN
  21. 21. Self-determined learner age 5; Philippe; Shall we read the book together? Do you want to read the book to me? Nina; I don't want to read the book aloud! I want to read it with my imagination! If other people read the story to me... “It will spoil my imagination” 2018 World Heutagogy Day… learner-centred learning We need to build learning infrastructures…
  22. 22. 10 Themes How Do We Green Our Teaching? #wHday19 1. Respect 2. Green 3. Collaborate 4. Develop Craft Professionalism 5. Be a more able partner 6. Co-create learning 7. Enable curiosity 8. Become a digital practitioner 9. Use the PAH Continuum 10. Let your students make your subject exciting for you; make your teaching exciting for them
  23. 23. Are we just e-enabling existing Education or Transforming Education by building learning infrastructures?…
  24. 24. From Education to Learning “The Future is already here. It is just unevenly distributed” (William Gibson) “The Answers are already here! We are just asking the wrong Lets discuss...”
  25. 25. 1996 – Internet Learning Lab – Brokering Learning 2002 – Lifecycles model; Interest-driven learning From Access to Content to Context 2006 A History of Teaching in 10 Lectures 2008 Open Context Model of Learning – PAH Continuum 2010 Emergent Learning Model Design tool for learning 2011 The University Project – WikiQuals (Community of Sqolars) 2012 The Craft of Teaching 2012 Ambient Learning City 2013 CROS – Everything is a Metaphor 2014 Digital Practitioner I Am Curious Digital World Heutagogy Day from 2013 to 2020 (Heutagogy Teachers) 2016 Creativity in Learning 2018 Learner-centred Learning 2019 10 Ways Teachers can respond to #climatestrike Building online Learning Resources
  26. 26. Green My Learning The first 40 years @fredgarnett Deptford Creekside Centre World Heutagogy Day 26th September 2019 That’s me in the water Losing my education