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CC animation proposal origins of spaces

Creative Connections animation proposal for The Origin of Spaces with 12 models of animation

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CC animation proposal origins of spaces

  1. 1. Social Animation & Film Production Proposal
  2. 2. Case Studies Summary Proposal Production Process In-depth Proposal ContactClientsTestimonials Timing Budget Team Creative Examples About CreativeConnection
  3. 3. Summary Proposal
  4. 4. Origins of Spaces EU Toolbox Client Project Your Objectives Target Audience Suggested ComsTools • Produce an animation that can introduce the Origins of Spaces toolbox and the five partner projects and 'process statements' and summarise the information to the audience group. • To engage the audience at a deep level and provide relevant information to the varying audience group. • Individuals looking to go into the digital economy • local authorities • anyone online • 1 x 4 minute animated video • Rich Picture • Visual stills Suggested Comms Strategy Suggested Team Packages Timing To create a targeted animation that introduce and summarise the Origins of Space Toolbox and its five partner projects to help the audience understand what the toolbox does. The video could form a rich picture to add an additional element giving a diversity to the communication tools. This could be used on social media, on the website and made available to download or made interactive, printed out to be handed out at conferences, or used in powerpoint presentations for example. It is an excellent tool for summarising all of the key points which is available when video may not be. Additionally, more simplistic visual stills could be taken from the video content and used as individual pieces for email communications, online, on social media etc, adding a further element to the communication and increasing the engagement and reach of the audience. • Animation Project Manager with specific experience within industry sector. • Animation artist • Digital tracking and data team OPTION 1 £5000 OPTION 2 £6000 OPTION 3 £7500 Click for detailed outline of packages Project Confirmation: November 2016 Project Completion: by February 2017 Click for outline of timings contents page Your booking in briefYour booking in brief Fred Garnett
  5. 5. In-depth Proposal
  6. 6. Your project in detail Project Considerations Project Strategy • The animation will be fact based and educational, but also personal to those watching who need to understand the information and what it means for them. • The video will be 4 minutes in length which provides enough time to get the message across to the audience group whilst remaining engaging. This could be 30 seconds each for an introduction and summary, with another 30 seconds each for each process statement for example. • A 6-8 week timescale for project deadline is recommended, which provides time for ideas, approvals and any amendments without jeopardising the quality of the final output. This can be considered when deciding a timeline and throughout the project in order to produce the most effective and engaging tool for communicating to this audience. • The primary target audience group will be anyone online and more speicifically individuals wanted to get into the digital economy and local authorities and will be reached through online and offline channels which needs to be considered when finalising the storyboards to produce the most engaging end product for this very broad audience group. • 1 x up to4minute animation in a hand drawn style to give a creative and personal touch. Four minutes will provide plenty of time to get the message across whilst remaining engaging to the audience. This is a fact based message and so it is important that the output is engaging and personal to the audience watching, utilising the hand drawn style but also ensuring that the script and voice over are engaging. As there are five different elements to this, a rich picture animation in a similar style to the Perinatal Mental Health and Portsmouth Hospitals which graphically separate different sections whilst bringing the whole picture together as one at the end. This allows for each individual section or 'process' to be focused on specifically but also holistically throughout the animation. This then means that each section can be used individually when discussing each process statement during presentations for example, or to direct viewers to specific areas on the website. A more creative style using more digital elements could be used to reflect the digital and online focus whilst also feeling very innovative and exciting with the creative aspects (such as using different materials and techniques). It is recommended that the main voice over for the animation be someone within the team who is involved in the research or someone who is involved in the animation process and who is an integral part of the team. This provides a professional but also more realistic tone to the animation which comes across more naturally than an actor, which is important when engaging the audience. Alternatively, a voice over actor(s) can be provided by CC. ...continued over contents page next
  7. 7. Project Considerations Project Strategy 3. A Rich Picture which can be used during meetings or events, printed out in large format as an additional engagement tool, printed out as flyers to be handed out to local authorities to act as a reminder of the key information, or available online on the website or social media to look back on at a later date or downloaded to keep. The image can be made interactive so specific areas are clickable to find out more information on those sections, for example a link to more information on each of the five process statements. The rich picture will form part of the animation and can be seen in Option 2 examples in the case study section. An example that could work very well for this animation is the Perinatal Mental Health and Portsmouth Hospitals examples. It provides an excellent tool for making more complex information simpler, but also providing additional tools for use where the animation cannot be watched for example. It could form part of any communication tools such as email marketing and provided to all health professionals or the public to support their understanding. 4. A series of supporting visuals taken from the animation which can be used as standalone pieces, or edited to work for a Power Point presentation or a report for example to add consistency to all communication materials. These can also be used across channels such as on the website, on social media and printed on flyers or posters. They will be a still image taken from the animation, either characters, text, or whole scenes and edited to work for the purpose. A good example of different ways of using these can be seen in Option 1 Examples in the case study section. It has been proven that engagement with posts on Twitter and Facebook that include an image or video is drastically improved, therefore if a social media presence was desired, these would act as an excellent tool to drive awareness of the animation and the information they are providing to the audience. Your project in detail contents page next • A digital marketing campaign could play a key part of project outputs and success, including email marketing and social media and offline collateral such as flyers or posters.
  8. 8. Tools Creative Distribution 1 x up to 4 minute Animation YouTube, social media, website, email marketing database, events. It is recommended that the animation end with a question and response mechanism. This will help to begin the conversation about the information within the animation and its impact when shown to the audience. This could act as an excellent conversation starter during any engagement events and trigger engaging conversations and feedback from the audience. The animation could also be made interactive so it is clickable to find out more information when viewing online, so for example it could link to the website with more information on the Origins of Spaces. Rich Picture Website, social media, email marketing, PR, and offline collateral such as posters. The rich picture on its own provides a tool that can help visualise more complex topics, in a very simple way that many different audience groups can understand. However, it could also provide a secondary engagement tool to the animation, bringing longevity and flexibility to the overall campaign. The animation will help bring the rich picture to life through movement and the voice over, which is not possible in a stand-alone piece where text heavy imagery is not recommended. The rich picture can be available for download as a reminder of the key information from the animation and also made interactive on a landing page or website to link to further information. Visual Stills Website, social media, email marketing, PR, and offline collateral such as posters. The visual stills can be used to create a consistent brand image for any other documentation or materials produced for this campaign, utilising specific images for each process statement for example, and any offline collateral such as handouts. They can also be used as further engagement tools to be used on social media, in email marketing and on any other online or offline channels such as at events. They can provide a summary of key points from the animation that can be used as a quick reminder or guide to the points being communicated. They can also be used as links to the animation or also to webpages that provide more information on the specific areas in the images. Email Marketing From client database To help with the launch of the animations, visual stills could be sent out via email to the audience group to direct them to the videos and further information. This will help to build awareness and drive traffic to the videos, increasing ROI and the education of the audience group. Any key points taken from the animation in visual still format could be used in future as reminders and informational tools for download. Project Deliverables contents page
  9. 9. Budget
  10. 10. Budget Package Option 1 Package Option 2 Package Option 3 Option 1 Details • Up to 3 minute animation • Visual stills • Voice over recording TTAL tOtal: £5000 + VAT Option 2 Details • Up to 4 minute animation • Visual stills • Voice over recording TTAL tOtal: £6000 + VAT Option 3 Details • Up to 4 minute animation • Rich Picture • Visual stills • Voice over recording TTAL tOtal: £7500 + VAT contents page
  11. 11. Team
  12. 12. Your proposed CreativeConnection team who will work on your project include: tbc tbc PROJECT MANAGER tbc Your team contents page EDITOR tbc
  13. 13. Production Process
  14. 14. Production Process Pre-Production During Production Post Production The first step in the production process is to decide on an achievable schedule based on the commitments of the client and CC. The team is put together based on expertise and experience, and also the preferred style of the artist for this type of work. Arguably the most crucial part of the process is writing the script. This is usually developed by our in house script writing team based on information provided to us by the client. So key messages that need to be communicated are important to think about at this stage. Once the script has been finalised, it is then passed on to the artist who will produce visual storyboards of how the animation will look, line by line. This is carefully thought out to ensure the images clearly show what needs to be communicated in the most engaging format. Following storyboard sign off, the animation is filmed in one of our studios by our artist and filming team and finally edited together to form the final video. Any additional elements such as a rich picture or visual stills are provided at this stage ready for launch. Once all outputs have been signed off as complete, CreativeConnection will support the launch of the campaign elements by promoting on the CC social channels and website and offering strategic advice on the best way to reach your audience effectively through varying channels. Our marketing and strategy team are experienced in helping to maximising ROI of all our video communications and aim to ensure that each one reaches the specific goals and targets of the client, whether that is internal or external audiences. contents page
  15. 15. Timing
  16. 16. An in-depth schedule will be provided by your CreativeConnection Project Manager as a first step in the process. The CreativeConnection Project Manager will book in a call with you to determine a schedule around your needs and project stakeholder needs. The schedule will work with the following time paramaters: Project Start Date: Project Completion: Date: by February 2017 Timing contents page
  17. 17. Case Studies
  18. 18. Creative / Outputs – Slide Based Animation with Visual Stills Overview The Medical Research Council (MRC) approached CreativeConnection to provide a video based communication to explain the grant decision making peer review process that would help increase transparency and help researchers understand the process. A simple slide based animation was used that takes the viewer through the step by step process of peer review. Simplistic images and headings in bright colours helped the message appear clearer and more concise, breaking down the information into smaller and more understandable sections. A combination on hand drawn images and placements of images were used to give a diverse range of movement, mixed with digital elements to give a more dynamic feel. This style allowed the MRC to utilise individual images (Visual Stills) from the video to use across other communication outputs such as the website and social media, to represent each of the stages of the process and visually represent the steps. They are used throughout the peer review section of the website to direct users to specific areas, and a more detailed blog post was written to breakdown the steps using the images as focus points. This project shows the varying ways of utilising different elements from an animation, showing greater ROI and greater engagement with the audience group. Results The results have been excellent in meeting the objectives of simplifying and remaining transparent in the peer review process to MRC researchers. It has gone beyond the initial brief in that the images from the animation are used across the website and social channels, bringing the whole campaign together. The video has been viewed over 1.5k times and remains a key tool in communicating the process to the audience group through its strong presence on the MRC website and social channels. Further examples This type of animation is an excellent tool if a simplistic but flexible communication tool is desired; where budget is low but a high standard of delivery output is required to maximise ROI and reach to the audience group. Further examples of slide based animation can be viewed in the online portfolio when clicked on the image below. contents page next Option 1 Examples view view play play
  19. 19. Creative / Outputs – Rich Picture style Animated Video Overview The first of Kings Fund ‘Alternative Guide’ animations, An Alternative Guide to the New NHS, was created to explain the complex structure of the NHS, in a format that could reach a greater audience, engage the audience, save time and simplify the content. The animation used a rich picture format, where the animation is designed and created to form a large image which summarises all of the information shown in the video, into one standalone piece which can be used online, printed, or shared in meetings, through email or linked to in reports for example. A PDF copy of the image was provided to the Kings Fund to upload to the website where users could download it and keep and/or share. The output was deliberately not perfect in finish, to represent the status of the NHS but also to move away from the typical clinical animation styles used to communicate to this audience group. The video was launched across all of the Kings Fund social channels, including Twitter where it has a very strong following, on the website and YouTube and Vimeo. This helped make the video accessible to all as it was across many platforms that the audience group are familiar with. Secondary to its online launch, the video is also used in universities to new students to help explain the NHS in a quick and easy to understand format. Results The results were outstanding with over 200K hits over the various networks for each individual animation and regular request from individuals within the NHS and outside of the NHS requesting the final image. The feedback given from those who viewed the animation series was very positive with a majority stating that it was the best representation of the NHS sectors they had ever seen. Further examples A Rich Picture animation can bring depth and clarity to a complex subject and provide an additional element to any marketing collateral or communications. It help reach an audience that may not want to spend time watching a video, or provide a follow up image for those that do. The image can be utilised for many different channels and works especially well online. See more examples by clicking on the image below. play play play Option 2 Examples contents page next play
  20. 20. Creative / Outputs – Digital Animation and Social Media Tools Overview The WorldWide Tribe and CreativeConnection collaborated on this project to help raise awareness of some of the reasons why refugees leave their countries, and the hardships they face to even cross the border. These true stories are ones that we often do not see in the mainstream media but could help to remove some of the stigmata around refugees. The animation style is fairly new to CreativeConnection and used more digital formats for the hand drawn images. This allowed us to create more detailed images and give more diversity to the editing to create more dramatic scenes such as the gunfire and explosions. This style was perfect for telling the stories of these two families, of their struggle and hope for a better life. The campaign will be launched in stages, with initial mini videos produced for the pre-launch to gain momentum and interest online, along with still images from the videos. A preview screening organised for peers and selected press will officially launch the videos to the public and following that the full launch to the press and the WorldWide Tribe and CreativeConnection online channels and specifically designed microsite the day after. This all possible due to the elements taken from the videos to create additional tools for social engagement to reach the largest audience group possible, a crucial part of this campaign for refugees Results This campaign will be launched in November 2016 when all elements will be available to view online via the CreativeConnection website, The WorldWide Tribe website, and the #WithRefugees microsite which has been specifically developed for the community of both refugee supporters and refugees themselves to share their stories and experiences on a safe platform. The hashtag #withrefugees will be used throughout the campaign to gather support and bring the community of supporters together. The combination of video, imagery and digital elements like the microsite help to bring this campaign together with the full support to reach the greatest audience. Additional to the outputs, a text donation number has been added to the end of each video and in all online communications to make the donation process as easy as possible for viewers. This is particularly effective due to the popularity of using mobile devices to look on social channels such as Facebook and YouTube, two key channels for this camapign. contents page Option 3 Examples
  21. 21. Creative Examples
  22. 22. Creative Examples Character Animation 2D Social Media Shorts Digital Fine Line Animation 2D Material Asthetics Claymation Stop Frame / Live Rich Picture Whiteboard Infomercial Mixed Media Documentary play play play play play play play play play play play play more Creative Examples contents page
  23. 23. About CreativeConnection
  24. 24. What we do At CreativeConnection your needs are at the heart of what we do. Our processes are simple and effective working closely with you to create strategies for success. Our services mix offers you creativity combined with social media strategy and digital marketing all of which are essential in today’s competitive market. Check out our Video Reel contents page next
  25. 25. How we do it Graphic Facilitation / Digital Graphics For your event, meeting or workshop needs we offer Visual Minutes and Digital Minutes also knows as graphic facilitation or scribing. For your internal and external marketing needs and Instagram’s and interactive infographics or rich picture needs. For your digital conversion needs we offer social media marketing, Instagram and mobile marketing strategy and digital website and mobile platform design and development. For your communication, social media and mobile campaign needs and corporate and commercial animation and film production needs. For your internal communication, team building and business strategy needs we offer executive coaching and consultancy services including creatively innovative Away Days. Animation and Film Production Consultancy, Coaching and Away Days Graphic Design and Marketing Communication Digital Marketing Planning Design and Development contents page next
  26. 26. Who we are We are an award winning collective and talented mix of individuals who want to inspire and delight you by developing your and our ideas into greatness. We want to achieve the best outcome possible for your project and do so with a smile on our face and a skip in our step. contents page
  27. 27. Client Testimonials
  28. 28. Testimonials Many thanks for all your tremendous effort and amazing flexibility! I appreciate this was far from straight forward and really admire your ability to solve all of the interesting challenges along the way and to do so with such good humour . Stephanie Daniels, Astra Zeneca Think you guys nailed it. Thank you for doing it so quickly. We greatly appreciate it. We launched the animation and it’s had universal appreciation and praise. You guys did amazing!!!! Adam Schair, Thomson Reuters WaterAid’s internal film team decided upon animation for the film as we wanted to create something innovative, creative and a bit different to the commonly used ‘talking heads,’ corporate feel that recruitment films can have. We thought that by using animation we could build a diverse picture of places we work in and the people who work for us. Also, we wanted the film to appeal to a global audience and felt animation might be the most engaging way forward. CreativeConnection seemed to understand exactly what we were after and sent through a great range of creative concepts for us to choose from. By adding ‘splashes’ of the brand colours throughout the film we subtly reinforced our brand, in a different way to our usual creative and film work. The ‘live’ feeling of having the hand ‘drawing’ as you watch helped to engage and pull in viewers when we gathered feedback at different stages of the creative. Catherine Feltham, Film Producer, WaterAid Also wanted to let you know that we’ve started to receive feedback from the animation and it’s all fantastic – our staff love it! I’ve copied a few quotes below. Many thanks once again for all of your hard work on this. “Great job! Easily the most articulate description of what we’re up to and why […] it’s absolutely brill, great work! “Great animated video. Simple but straightforward with a clear message!!” “Just a small note to say the video was excellent clear and engaging- congratulations to the team who developed this. “I loved the animation about a new start on the intranet. This was very effective to me as a visual person. I think this video is absolutely fantastic, it clearly illustrates what has and what is going to be happening. It’s really easy to follow and easy to understand. It’s also great to see something visual, marvellous idea.” Lyndsey Melling, Communications Director, CQC I wanted to let you know that we have had an overwhelming response to the animation that you created for us. It has been praised not just for the illustration of liaison psychiatry but also for destigmatising mental health services and we’ve had a request from NHS Choices to host in on their website as well as the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the College of Emergency Medicine. Steve Reid, Liaison Psychiatry Thanks again for the fantastic animations. Our wider project The Herodotus Debate recently came first in the CAGR final project awards in Oxford, and the animations went down really well (they got a special mention by Paul Cartlege of Cambridge who was the judge). Thanks once again to you all for taking on the project on such generous terms and making a spectacular end-product. I look forward to more projects with you all and with CC! Anthony Ellis, Cambridge University I thought you might like to know that the response has already been extremely positive and encouraging. The nursing regulator, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, has agreed to promote it to all nurses and midwives on the register (c 670,000) – this is fantastic news for us, and what we had wished for. So once again, a big thanks to all those people involved on your team, and to the animator, for your creativity, efficiency, and above all for your patience given this is the first time we have done something like this! Gary Bell, Senior Editor, Specialist Journals, RCNi contents page
  29. 29. Clients
  30. 30. Clients Astra Zeneca – UK Siemens – UK EFPIA – Brussels Barclays – UK Royal Bank of Scotland – UK Citibank – UK Pepsi Cola – Dubai Nestle – Dubai Kraft – UK Europe Tesco – UK Ted Baker – UK BBC – UK Lush – UK Boots – UK Google – UK MOD – UK Johnson Controls – UK DELL – Europe AXIOM – UK Ffizer – UK CRBE – UK Denmark Rolls Royce – UK USA Mckinsey – Dubai Danshell – UK MEFMA – Dubai Davinci – Dubai Knowledgee – Dubai Serendipity – Dubai London Speakers Bureau – UK, Malyasia, Dubai Bristol and West – UK UBM – UK The Kings Fund – UK The Cabot Institute – UK NHS – UK Baycrest – Canada Dansak – UK GreeneKing – UK OECD – Europe Direct Line – UK Ogilvy – UK Marie Curie – UK BILD –UK Royal College of Physicians –UK Liaison Psychiatry – UK North Middlesex University – UK Birmingham University – UK Cambridge University Revensbourne – UK Oxford University – UK Cambridge University – UK BETT – UK BUDD – UK DELL – UK Europe Unilever – UK Europe NSPCC – UK Roche – UK Chanel 4 – UK Wateraid – UK Capita – UK USA Thompson Reuters – UK USA Neopost – UK BUPA – UK
  31. 31. Contact
  32. 32. Contact contents page Graphic Facilitation, Illustration and Design: 0782 70 13 191 Infographics and Rich Picture projects: 0782 70 13 191 Digital, Social Media, Animation and Film: 0792 05 38 666 Coaching, Consultancy, Training and Away Days: 0792 05 38 666 Email: