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Heutagogy for Teachers

An overview of ideas and approaches that teachers can use, adopt or think about in developing their practice from subject based learning based on content delivery to a more inclusive learner-centred approach. This is based on developing the confidence and curiosity of their learners by developing the self-determination of their learning. How can teachers achieve this in the digital age of learning? Here are some ideas and successful practice that teachers can emulate and learnt from

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Heutagogy for Teachers

  1. 1. Heutagogy for Teachers @fredgarnett 26/9/2020 World Heutagogy Day 2020
  2. 2. Heutagogy for Teachers Overview • Some History • Some Thinkers • Some Heutagogy • Some Practice • Some Summary • Some Resources
  3. 3. Heutagogy for Teachers Some Thinkers • AS Neill; “closely observed learners” in A Dominies Log • Vygotsky; obuchenie - co-creating teaching and learning • Ian Cunningham; self-managed learning as learning contracts • Fred Garnett; teachers brokering learning between education and learners • Diana Laurillard; learning as a “conversational framework” • Rose Luckin; learning with more able partners in an ecology of resources • Stewart Hase; lets make it self-determined learning
  4. 4. “more able partners” Rose Luckin’s Ecology of Resources Model featuring learners and “more able partners” co- creating teaching and learning filtered by administration, curriculum and organisation
  5. 5. Heutagogy for Teachers Some Heutagogy • From Andragogy to Heutagogy Stewart Hase & Chris Kenyon • From Access to Content to Context Digital Learning Principles • Pedagogy to Andragogy to Heutagogy Open Context Model of Learning • Intentional Communities of Practice Thom Cochrane & mLearning • Technology Stewards in Digital Habitats Etienne Wenger • Self-Determined Learning Bloomsbury Academic book
  6. 6. P A H Teacher School Teacher/ Learner Learner Research Cognition Epistemic Cognition Meta- Cognition Adult Pedagogy Andragogy Heutagogy
  7. 7. Heutagogy for Teachers Some Practice • Star Award Winning Teachers UK; 1) master your subject 2) master the learning environment 3) then hand control over to the learners • The Craft of Teaching; use the PAH Continuum as a learning development framework to help co-create learning in educational institutions • The Digital Practitioner; confidently use your curiosity & personal technologies to create “artfully-craft, student-centred, learning experiences” • The Craft of e-Teaching; designing online learning for digital tools by curating a range of learning resources from across the participatory web 2.0 • Heutagogy for Primary Schools; using tablets as devices in and beyond the classroom in order to co-create learning between children teachers and parents.
  8. 8. Vijaya’s Heutagogy for Teachers blog
  9. 9. Heutagogy for Teachers Some Summary • Some History; a few people have approached education looking from the learner outward and indicated that learning is a discursive co-creation process between learners & teachers • Some Thinkers; learning theorists have some useful ideas that can help us move away from a content-based view of education by considering how learning can be interest-driven and the negotiating practices of andragogy can allow creativity to emerge • Some Heutagogy; in the 21st century heutagogy as self-determined learning was added to the didactic educational mix. Technology stewards might help heutagogy become relevant in the digital century as we move away from access of old content to the creation of new contexts. • Some Practice; the craft-based PAH approach can help us transform existing institutions if we also consider intentional communities of practice, conversational frameworks, development frameworks, more able partners, ecologies of resources and learner-centred heutagogy apps on BYOD. Web 2.0 tools allow education to become participatory if we craft new learning
  10. 10. Heutagogy for Teachers Some Resources (click on the link to read more) • What is Heutagogy? • The Craft of Teaching • Intentional Communities of Practice • Digital Practitioners • Heutagogy and Technology Stewards • The Craft of e-Teaching • Creativity in Learning • Heutagogy for Primary School Children
  11. 11. Heutagogy for Teachers @fredgarnett 26/9/2020 World Heutagogy Day 2020 #wHday2020