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WikiQuals Pecha Kucha

Updated WikiQuals Pecha Kucha that I gave in the Educate, Agitate, Organise strand of Critical Pedagogies Symposium at Edinburgh University on September 6th 2013

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WikiQuals Pecha Kucha

  1. 1. Critical Pedagogies Edinburgh Uni
  2. 2. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals Learner-Generated Contexts Open Context Model of Learning Emergent Learning Model Ambient Learning City Occupy > University Project What is WikiQuals? PLN QR CROS WikiQuals – Open Learning Labs
  3. 3. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals Learner-Generated Contexts Origins; A Team who built a Facebook for learning in 2002 (before ‘social network’) Socially Inclusive; Community Development Model of Learning (Freire) Post Web 2.0 models of learning Participant Design; Luckin Ecology of Resources Model of Learner (Vygotsky)
  4. 4. Post-scarcity Ecology of Resources model Making Curricula, Location & Administration Adaptive
  5. 5. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals Open Context Model of Learning; A Pedagogy for an Open World or “A Coincidence of Motivations leading to Agile Configurations” 2006 Outlined by PAH Continuum; 2007 Pedagogy; Subject Hierarchies Andragogy; Collaborative negotiations Heutagogy; Playing with Form
  6. 6. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals Pedagogy, Andragogy, Heutagogy Continuum Knowledge Creation Process negotiation Subject Understanding Knowledge Production Context Epistemic Cognition MetacognitiveCognitiveCognition Level Research / Art School adult education schoolsEducation sector learnerteacher/learnerteacherLocus of Control HeutagogyAndragogyPedagogy Question; What? Why? Why Not?
  7. 7. Pedagogies are not enough Learning is Emergent not institutionalised! We need to design for emergence and create tools to support that in a wiki-based collaborative world We needed to build new learning exemplars of ‘non- linear dynamic systems’ Emergent Learning Model rethinks learning as i. Social Processes not classrooms ii. Content Creation or Curation not textbooks iii. Quality Assurance not high-stakes assessment
  8. 8. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals or Smart Mobs plus Everything is Miscellaneous means Here Comes Everybody
  9. 9. Ambient Learning Open City Being Insanely Ambitious we decided to test emergent learning by turning Manchester into an open Ambient Learning City. Cities have many more learning contexts than a single classroom, so we decided to test them with MOSI-ALONG MOSI Ambient Learning Open Network Group Digital Cabinets of Curiosities as new metaphor Aggregate then Curate our new #socialmedia participation model creating structured ways for people to inter-act with their city; even during riots (A History of Manchester in 100 objects)
  10. 10. #Occupy the Learning Commons Then came Occupy UCL I gave a talk on lessons I had learnt and challenged them to create a Learning Commons at UCL. Sukey Data was hacked together. Learning is a full time Occupation was written for Learning without Frontiers 2011 “social-space time / occupation as learning” I was then asked to help create a self-organised Masters course for graduating UCL students
  11. 11. 2011 The University Project The University Project was convened by Dougald Hine+ at Hub Westminster, over a long weekend in October 2011, to look at various alt.Uni projects as Uni’s are ‘temporarily useful eccentricities’. A Community of Scholars was the common theme. The action point was “solve the problem… that annoys you most” (Philippa Young) Accreditation of learning annoyed us most WikiQuals was born
  12. 12. What is WikiQuals? WikiQuals is self-directed post-hoc accreditation We Trust the Sqolar Transparent learning published openly Universities “bring you to book”s to read stuff WikiQuals sends you out into the world to do Being as learning Co-creating change Act in the world & document its emergence
  13. 13. WikiQuals – We are Rhizomatic • Affinity partners supporting guild-like SHOW & TELL 2.0 model of open accreditation • Affinity Groups support based on empathy • QR Codes as wearable real-time accreditation • Rhizomatic behaviours not MOOCs, • Discontinous relationships creating loose ties with other networks…
  14. 14. WikiQuals – Some SqolarsSqolars • Bridget McKenzie; Learning Planet • Philippa Young; TEDx Warwick (not Oxford University) • David Jennings; Agile Learning • Nigel Ecclesfield; networked Public Value - Pattern Design • Tony Hall; the iPhone as post-modern University • Kai Graf von Pahlen; German constitution • Lucy Johnson; Participatory Art project • Mark Naryn; relocated #EvUn East w/Cathedrals • Elena Dobre; social media design for NGO marketing
  15. 15. WikiQuals “Yes You Can!” Learning not Education Liminal not Institutionalised Bio-diversity not Monoculture Learner-centric not Student-centred Learner-generated not Course-defined Community as Curriculum not Syllabus defined Community of Sqolars not Community of Practice Personal Learning Networks not Content-delivery Quality Assured not Quality Controlled Affinity not Supervision Emergent not Linear Trust the learner to find their own Identity
  16. 16. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals or Participative Education for a Participative Democracy
  17. 17. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals CROSQuals in Romania CROS an NGO ‘alternative university’ Mission to grow a new Romanian society Community of Practice model of learning HRemotion, myLearningTribe, New Media School, Learning House Bucharest CROSCamp Transylvania Future projects; Democratic school, #occupyfilm, CROSQuals for all CROS participants CROS http://www. CROS .ro
  18. 18. WikiQuals Open Learning Lab Any University can open a WikiQuals Open Learning Lab. It is a platform for learning that leverages content abundance, learner-generated contexts and purposes to enable emergent & innovative learning behaviours. Needs Space a room one afternoon a week (or more) Access to Learning Resources (& estates) Affinity Partners discuss & guide, create affinity groups Any institution can open a WikiQuals Open Learning Lab it is about providing a generative platform WikiQuals can grow up and leave home
  19. 19. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals Why does andragogy & heutagogy matter? 1) Helping rethink roles and processes in education 2) As Socio-Economic Context changes 21st Century Evolving new learning ecologies in the socio-technical context Web As Resource (New Literacies of Access) Web as Platform (Permanent Beta Content creation/curation) Web as Location (Identity & new Contexts) OR “…it is where the students are…” “universities are so over”
  20. 20. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals “The Future is already here. It is just unevenly distributed” (William Gibson) “The Answers are already here! We are just asking the wrong Questions...”
  21. 21. Critical Pedagogies; WikiQuals