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Part Four - A Conversation About Twitter

A Conversation about Twitter is a 5-part educational series that rolls through a dialogue between Twitter Tina (Twitter fan) and Tom (Twitter skeptic) in blurbs of 140 characters or less. The fourth part "Seven strategies and tactics" focuses on various strategies and tactics to make the most of Twitter. Feel free to contact us (Fresh Consulting) for your business use at or visit us at

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Part Four - A Conversation About Twitter

  1. 1. A Conversation about Twitter in 140 characters or less to tweet or not to tweet Part Four: Seven strategies and tactics
  2. 2. Does this Twitter thing come with a handbook? Meet Twitter Tom
  3. 3. Sorry there’s no handbook, but there are 7 key strategies and tactics you can follow Meet Twitter Tina
  4. 4. 1) Develop your Twitter strategy by evaluating what are you trying to accomplish? Why are you using Twitter?
  5. 5. A strategy? Why am I using Twitter?! Didn’t you just explain how Twitter could be used for everything?
  6. 6. Yes, but “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” see source
  7. 7. So, think about what conversations you want to have? And what do you want to happen as a result of those conversations?
  8. 8. Well, I could potentially use it for PR, customer service, recruiting, research...but what if I don’t know yet?
  9. 9. You can monitor other similar companies or other successful people and brands on Twitter to get a flavor for what you want to do
  10. 10. For business, I would recommend an initial plan that covers things like content, guidelines, who’s responsible .. oh, & synchronization
  11. 11. Synchronization of what?
  12. 12. 2) That’s my second point. Synchronize Twitter to compliment or amplify your online presence, marketing efforts, or current initiatives
  13. 13. So my tweets can be an extension of what I am already doing with a campaign or project?
  14. 14. Yes, for example Nike tweeted about its Human Race read more
  15. 15. OK... but can you be more specific about what to synchronize?
  16. 16. It’s simple, tweet about content that’s posted elsewhere; updates to your website, new product launches, events that you are promoting, etc.
  17. 17. Twitter should also be integrated with your other social media channels, websites, or emails to make your messages connected & consistent
  18. 18. That sounds good, but can you give me some examples?
  19. 19. Sure, you can show your Twitter feed on your blog, you can have your Twitter feed update your Facebook fan page or LinkedIn group, & more...
  20. 20. So it’s like another prominent channel to share meaningful marketing messages?
  21. 21. Yes, it can be used by marketing but it’s a 2-way marketing communication effort since there is someone to connect and converse with
  22. 22. 3) So, be human! Your company is made up of people, real people. Let your tweeters be real people
  23. 23. What if I want to keep business separate from personal?
  24. 24. Twitter often tends to be a blend of both, but you can still have separate channels for your company and your personal use read more
  25. 25. However, your company Twitter account should still include a personal touch read more
  26. 26. Other people will respond and embrace you if you are REAL and not some business robot
  27. 27. @Tina @Tom That is so true! #sweetpresentation
  28. 28. So who should tweet for my company? Me?
  29. 29. Anyone you trust to accurately represent your company voice
  30. 30. If you want people to actually tweet make sure your guidelines include what to do, not just what not to do read more
  31. 31. 4) Really listen to customer conversations
  32. 32. Your company is likely being discussed. Find your customers talking about you and hear them out!
  33. 33. Is there a way I can automatically address tweets about my company or a topic?
  34. 34. Yes, but with Twitter, like I said earlier, the personal responses and the real conversations are what make it so valuable
  35. 35. Although it’s tempting to use automated responses to save time, listening & responding helps create true customer relationships
  36. 36. Customers are stunned when they find out a company listens, which takes me to my next point ... see example
  37. 37. 5) Reciprocate by responding, asking questions, and having dialogue, with your start the conversation!
  38. 38. Should I be responding to both positive and negative tweets about my company?
  39. 39. Yes, you can re-tweet and show you appreciate a twitterer’s praise or inquire and discuss issues from negative tweets
  40. 40. Why would I want to address complaints or negative feedback?
  41. 41. By addressing complaints you show that you actually care and you may find problems you didn’t even know you had!
  42. 42. Conversations online are already happening. People are talking about you or your company, so be proactive; let people know you care! read more
  43. 43. I worry about losing control
  44. 44. The only way you can influence these conversations is by participating in them and a quick response can mitigate viral negativity read more
  45. 45. One comment can be the start of a positive, fruitful conversation. One conversation can be the start of a fruitful relationship
  46. 46. Actually doing something with feedback & using it to improve your business tells people you are serious about your relationship with them
  47. 47. 6) Connect online with influencers and powerful voices relevant to your industry to leverage the power of WOM see popular twitterers
  48. 48. WOM? What’s WOM?
  49. 49. WOM is word of mouth. With all the noise around us, we tend to trust WOM much more than company advertising read more
  50. 50. Well, how do I find these influencers to share my “WOM” messages?
  51. 51. You can find influencers by typing keywords that are related to your business directly into the Twitter search box find more
  52. 52. And you can determine how influential they are by evaluating the quantity and quality of their followers
  53. 53. 7) Finally, connect offline by turning a Twitter conversation into a strong friendship or business relationship by meeting in person!
  54. 54. Oh Boy! What have I gotten myself into?
  55. 55. Twitter is a social platform, but it’s up to you to ensure your relationships go beyond just a few tweets
  56. 56. Do I have to “meetup” or “tweetup” with anyone?
  57. 57. No, but turning online conversations into offline meetings can strengthen your relationships with tweeple! read more
  58. 58. This sounds like a lot of time and a lot of work!
  59. 59. You can spend as much, or as little time as you want. One connection or one meeting could change your career or business
  60. 60. All in all, it seems like Twitter requires a lot of giving: giving insights, useful links, wisdom, and even personal time
  61. 61. Yes, but the more quality and quantity you give, the more you get in return...return in followers instantly and new relationships later
  62. 62. Because it can require some time, Twitter is best when used with other handy tools that simplify and enhance your experience
  63. 63. Twitter Tools? There’s more tools to use? Like what?
  64. 64. There are hundreds of helpful Twitter tools that help you manage and do more with all this; let’s discuss this at our next tweet-up!
  65. 65. @Tina @Tom Sweet, I’ll be there too!
  66. 66. 5 PART Twitter educational series by the team at: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED contact us for your business use Authors @jeffdance @syamaguchi @brentdance @joshdance | 877-563-7374
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A Conversation about Twitter is a 5-part educational series that rolls through a dialogue between Twitter Tina (Twitter fan) and Tom (Twitter skeptic) in blurbs of 140 characters or less. The fourth part "Seven strategies and tactics" focuses on various strategies and tactics to make the most of Twitter. Feel free to contact us (Fresh Consulting) for your business use at or visit us at


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