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Fresh Social Media Marketing

Understanding the shift to the social web, the rise of 2-way conversations and the importance of marketing in today's world of social media and social networking.

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Fresh Social Media Marketing

  1. Fresh Social Media Marketing by Fresh Consulting 1
  2. Typing “social media” or “web 2.0” into Google search suggests hundreds of millions of results 2
  3. So what’s new about the web? 1.0 to 2.0 social media?
  4. It’s about a new easy Websites Art way for everyone Presentations Docs to express and Blogs Wikis Videos Slideshows Discussions create Groups Reviews Microblogs Social Networks Communities Apps Forums by Fresh Consulting
  5. and to publish your creations instantly to the world
  6. expanding your Family sphere of Influence. My Ratings My Apps My Art My Videos My Articles Friend My Books My Presentations My Ratings My Bookmarks My Reviews My Slideshows My Websites My Blogs Employees My Wikis YOU My Profiles My Groups My Comments My Communities My Discussions My Social Networks My Microblogs My Events My Photos My Docs Management My Tags My Music Customers
  7. You don’t need approval to object, advocate, discuss, share, or opine I think I have opinions therefore I tweet therefore I blog I have friends I have interests therefore I connect therefore I engage by Fresh Consulting
  8. This is why you were recently Time’s Person of the Year
  9. The new media is social media: user generated content designed to share Button served 20 B times / month
  10. and it is supporting a new kind of trust Trust Peers 90% Word of Mouth 67.5% 83% 45% Corporate or Product Advertising 22.5% 22% *age 25-34 0%
  11. Unlimited distributions channels are providing a new way to consume The “Long Tail” of media consumption Popular Media Unlimited Media Providers from limited Providers from unlimited distribution channels distribution channels (less trust) (more trust) i.e. 133 Million Blogs tracked on Technorati alone
  12. creating a new way to buy where we rely heavily on real reviews
  13. requiring a new way to sell via main -stream and niche online channels Case Study: Joffrey’s Coffey outreach to 1500+ bloggers
  14. Social media can have significant influence in unprecedented ways Obama would not have won without internet Obama McCain 500000 150000 900000 375000 112500 675000 250000 75000 450000 125000 37500 225000 0 0 0 Blog Mentions Twitter Followers MySpace Friends
  15. because the new web is a web of connected people, not just pages Management Friends Family Employees Co-Workers You Customers
  16. across connected devices in a universal web platform
  17. with a new open and transparent participation culture (i.e. 160,000 active contributors on Wikipedia)
  18. having conversations and sharing information freely web 1.0 web 2.0 Your Website or Company
  19. And yet, the web is still a baby in its role as a communication and community vehicle
  20. Shifting from 1-way blasts in traditional channels TV Radio Magazines Direct Mail Newspapers Seminars Newsletters
  21. to joining 2-way conversations in new channels can be heady stuff for businesses to grasp
  22. But today, you have to be seen as human to be real and trusted
  23. Trust is the most valuable thing in business ...and the hardest to win
  24. Companies can harness social media to help humanize their brand Sample Video (of their 90+)
  25. and engender trust by empowering real people to be the company face by Fresh Consulting
  26. even McKinsey realizes the value of connecting where people are
  27. 200 M People are on Facebook, making it the 5th largest country 200 M People are on Facebook, which would make it the 5th largest country Country Population China ~ 1.3 B India ~ 1.2 B US ~ 300 M Indonesia ~ 240 M Facebook ~ 200 M Brazil ~190 M Pakistan ~ 165 M Bangledash ~ 162 M
  28. 30 M+ Business users and 500,000 CEOs are connected on Linkedin
  29. ~10M users are sharing millions of micro messages a day on Twitter “Yes, CEOs should Facebook and Twitter” Forbes March 11, 2009
  30. Ning alone already has 1 million niche social networks 30
  31. Social networking is now more popular than email
  32. And it’s not just college kids anymore Boomers are adopting the fastest 276% Growth 35-54 year olds fastest growing demographic on Facebook! 32
  33. But Why?
  34. It taps our human need to be part of something, to be recognized, to create, to discuss and to share
  35. It’s not just another set of new tools... it’s about relationships by Fresh Consulting
  36. New tools simply help efficiently initiate, expand, develop and manage relationships
  37. But how do you keep up with all of this?
  38. You should have a Social Media Strategy
  39. that strategically expands your reach, extends your brand, and empowers your real voice
  40. Connect with us to continue the conversation • We comprehensively track social media channels • We build social media marketing plans • We educate others on social media • We have 1000+ social media examples • Call us at 206.801.0961 • Email us at • Follow us at • Join us on... • Facebook - • LinkedIn -
  41. References Statistic Source 133 M Blogs indexed by Technorati Wikipedia statistics 75% of internet users use social media Edelman Trust Statistics McCain vs. Obama social media statistics Share Button served 20B X / month 160,000 active contributors on Wikipedia Joffreyʼs Coffee case study 276% fastest growing demographic Social Networking more popular than email 1 M networks on Ning Facebook over 200 million Twitter ~10M users LinkedIn 30M +
  42. Picture Sources Picture Source Wave Surfing at Pipeline Hawaii image Da Vinci Vitruve Website screenshots Directly from the website home pages All other images
  43. All Rights Reserved Feedback? Questions? Presentation Use? Please email

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Understanding the shift to the social web, the rise of 2-way conversations and the importance of marketing in today's world of social media and social networking.


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