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the shortest version of #MINDSHIFT


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#MINDSHIFT, introducing how personas playing the lean games to innovate!

the shortest version of #MINDSHIFT

  1. 1. # MINDSHIF T THE Personas playingSHORTEST the lean games VERSION to innovate! by Frits Oukes
  2. 2. everyone tells the same story differently! also about the games to innovate
  3. 3. your look at the world?point-of-view or ‘weltanschauung’: humeur four winds archetypes realities
  4. 4. ‘weltanschauung’: archetypes of reality unitary mythic sensory social From McWhinney, Creating paths of Change (1997)
  5. 5. realities unitary mythic opportunity | metaphors assumptions dreams | inspiration truth| principles symbols | creations rules| theory vision| ideas clarification inventions belief systems meaning policies preferences what mattersobjects wants | attituderesources ethics | valuesbehavior| facts purposes| appreciationmaterial| action feelings| motivationsensation | data experience | situations socialsensoryFrom McWhinney, Creating paths of change (1997)
  6. 6. realitiesmost real for youhow things happenacceptance of changeunitary mythic truths ideas by form by creating no basic change everything was and is as I will it facts feelings by precedence by intendingno uncaused change fully accept changesensory socialFrom McWhinney, Creating paths of change (1997)
  7. 7. example : the i2i do you know the design story and the development of collaborative seating?The i2i is a development from IDEO for Steelcase: look at
  8. 8. discovery: similarities! design thinking realities and modesa path to innovate personas
  9. 9. personas
  10. 10. anthropologist personasexperimentercross-pollinator learninghurdlercollaborator organizingdirectorexperience architect buildingset designercaregiverstoryteller
  11. 11. personas and the modes to innovate ç assertive èunitary mythic ç emergent èç analytic è ç evaluative è sensory socialFrom McWhinney, Creating paths of change (1997)
  12. 12. where do these methods fit in? stage-gate business model generation open innovation M&Aintegrative thinking agile customer development effectuation lean startup
  13. 13. Everyone tells hesame storydiffferently
  14. 14. Publishingbreakthrough insights and practices of innovation. Introducing personas running the lean games to innovate!
  15. 15. #MINDSHIF T Q U E ST I O N S ?
  16. 16. the lean games to innovate Entrepeneurship in the boardroam, resolving both the paradox#MINDSHIF T of innovation and uncertainty! WHY?: learn at the highest pace... Frits Oukes @FritsOukes #mindshift #leanproto +31 6 29 576 884