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Cyber Espionage: A Digital License To Kill?

To celebrate the release of the latest James Bond movie, F-Secure takes a look at the cyber threats that have the canniness and evil intentions of a Bond villain.

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Cyber Espionage: A Digital License To Kill?

  1. 1. CYBER ESPIONAGE: A DIGITAL LICENSE TO KILL? BRIEFING SECRET AGENT TOOL Malware attacks – be it for mobi have been occurring for over 25 le devices or on major organizatio ns – AGENT 007? NO. years now and the latest wave become increasingly more comp licated. has ANDROIDOS. AGENT.A Currently, cyber enemies are comm only criminals who target indiv & businesses via the Internet iduals for financial purposes; hacktivist collectives like Anonymous or LulzSec who use the web to attack organizations in protest, or even just for the lulz and increasingly, government-bo ; countries or international group rne attackers who target other Requests s for political or defense reaso ns. permissions to access But now there’s the emergence of a fourth cyber enemy: contact data, SMS messages, location Terrorists. and Internet access on affected devices So if supervillains were real, mon ey was no object, and secret agents, like James what types of malware are we Bond, existed today, Mission: Silently likely to see used on a massive scale? record all incoming and outgoing calls and of course, check for specific incoming SMS messages – SUPERVILLAIN - SECRET AGENT TOOLANDROIDOS.AGENT.A, MEETYOUR FIELD PARTNER, ZeuS A Trojan that lifts bankingAGENT.BTZ. credentials to access corporate accounts Stole more than $3 millionKnown as the most significant from dozens of U.S. accountsbreach of the U.S. military’s Mission: Steal money andclassified computer systems; have it wired to its creatorCollects and reports databack to its creatorMission: Find way – SUPERVILLAINinto the SecretInternet ProtocolRouter Network,used by the DoD and Shamoon: THE PEARL HARBOR OFState Department CYBERATTACKSto transmit classified The most destructiveinformation corporate attack to date; Overwrites boot sectors and SECRET AGENT TOOL renders computers useless to cover itsNEED A WAY IN? CASE ANY JOINT WITH THE tracksANDROID 3D Mission: Disrupt the wealthiest company onSPYWARE the planet, Saudi Arabias state oil company, ARAMCODeveloped by the U.S.military; Activates camerason mobile devices andaccesses sensor data Mission: Reconstruct a – SUPERVILLAIN - 3D virtual model of a target location using NEVER SAY STUXNET the phone’s camera By launching and orientation sensors Stuxnet, American officials opened If captured, it might be Pandoras box. They will most turned and go rogue to SECRET AGENT TOOL likely end up take down a power plant, regretting this or destabilize an active decision nuclear power plant.From STUXNET,With Love – Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer – SUPERVILLAIN for F-SecureDeveloped by the U.S. andIsraeli governments; Spreads CREECH USBglobally causing no harm until DRONE VIRUS 30it finds and reaches its target. - InfectedMission: Sabotage physicalinfrastructure. of Americas Predator and Reaper drones - Logged pilots key- strokes during missions over Afghanistan and other warzones SECRET AGENT TOOL – SUPERVILLAIN - TOOLFLAME IS FOREVER RANSOMCRYPTThe most sophisticated Mission: Capture Encrypts files on computers and demandsmalware ever created; intelligence via payment to recover your filesInfects computers and screenshots or by Mission: Make money to finance evil plotssearches for intelligence activating audio andcontained in emails, video devices - alldocuments, and mes- under the cover of ansages. encrypted channel TOP SECRET Protecting the irreplaceable |