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Work on the go - eBook on modern mobility and security

Changes in technology affect our everyday behavior and advances reflect fast to business. Therefore, the way the world works is undergoing a radical change. In fact, 4 out of 5 people use personal mobile devices for work and 70% of remote workers access company resources from their own devices. As a result, company information is now more vulnerable to leaks, phishing, data theft, corruption, and fraud.

Therefore, the need for mobile security and online business protection is higher than ever.

Are you taking the necessary IT precautions to keep your business safe?

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Work on the go - eBook on modern mobility and security

  2. 2. 2 F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK SWITCHONMOBILEFREEDOM In 2014, more internet connections will be made by mobile phones than computers. Technolo- gy, with its rapid development, changes our be- havior as both consumers and workers, and en- ables us to embrace the digital way of life. The new world brings both unforeseen possibilities andthreats. Twokeyfactorsenableourmovetoamobilelife- style—constant secure access online, and un- interruptedflowofinformationthroughactive networks.Thesefactorsarecrucialforanewpush for business. They are also where malware writ- ers and other bad guys see the clearest vulner- ability. New ways of infiltration, like highly capa- ble trojan apps and phishing sites, have emerged and today clearer than ever before digital attacks are motivated by making money off mobile de- vices. In Apple’s iOS alone, there was a +844% in- crease in the amount of phishing sites from Q1 to Q2in2013. TopStrategicTechnologyTrendsfor2014: • MobileDeviceDiversityand Management • MobileAppsandApplications • TheInternetofEverything • HybridCloudandITasServiceBroker Cloud/ClientArchitecture • TheEraofPersonalCloud • SmartMachines With huge possibilities come huge threats. The needformodernprotectionisdire. Secure mobility, driven by an agile workforce us- ing mobile devices, is strategic to business. Yet only a fraction of companies have a clear mobile strategy. Security is the most important reason why companies need flawlessly functioning mo- bile management. In today’s companies, up to 80% of the workforce use personal devices for work, while only 30% completely trust their pri- vacy. People work from a mix of locations, on multi- ple devices. Productivity is shifting outside the boundaries of the office, with the rate of mobile productivity steadily on the rise. Where typical workers already use 2 or more devices for work purposes, in 2016 innovative knowledge workers willuseupto5devices. According to the Gartner’s Top 10 Tech Trends 2014, this diversification of mobile devices is one of today’s biggest trends. This creates new, more mobile security challenges, and requires apt, modern ways of digital protection. Increas- ingamountofappsonincreasingamountofOS’s on an increasing amount of devices means com- panymobilemanagementispivotal.
  3. 3. F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK 3 74% 4.5% 21.1% 2014 WHERETHEWORLDWORKSIN2014 MOBILITYDRIVESBUSINESS amixoflocations mainlyfromhome mainlyinanoffice 77% 43% 71% 18% ofcompaniesconsideredmobilityintheirtop5priorityfor2014 inthetop2 ofITleadersseemobilestrategicortransformationaltobusiness haveacomprehensivestrategy DESKTOPUSE MOBILEUSE
  4. 4. 4 F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK Drivenbydigitalization,thewaytheworld works is undergoing a radical change. The way we use technology affects our everyday behavior and the changes re- flect fast to business. As our personal and professional lives converge in the digital world,it’sathinblurredlinebetweenem- ployees and consumers. Small and mid- sizebusinessemployeesusethesamede- vices for both work and private functions. As roles become flexible, also companies grow increasingly interconnected, real timeandindividualized. WORKTOWARDS THEFUTURE In the changed world, work is an activi- ty, not a place you go to. Independent of location and no longer restricted to the office, work extends to client meetings, cafés, seminars, planes, hotels and even homes,anddriftsbeyondofficehours. Wearemovingfromninetofivetoa24/7 work culture. Accommodating fluent work is the foundation of modern busi- ness. Interaction drives business, and companies are dire to stay connected, constantly.
  5. 5. F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK 5 TABLETS SMARTPHONES 79% 2011 90% ofclientswillhave2ormoremobileos’s InnovativeBYOknowledgeworkerswilluse3to5devices 82% 2011 91% 2013 87% 2013 MOBILEDEVICESUSEDFORBUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY MOBILETOOLSDIVERSIFY
  6. 6. 6 F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK Business is in constant evolution. It’s a flu- id future, as companies are fast adopting the devices of today and tomorrow. What used to be a world of cubicles and desktops, is now a network of all devices mobile—smartphones, tablets and lap- tops. Wearable technology and phablets, me- ga-trends of the immediate future, fur- ther engage the workforce to constant connections. As work has moved on the go, the means ofbusinesshavealsoshiftedmobile.Asin- gle business now works on many forms, screen sizes & interaction styles, and on multipledifferentplatforms. Agile organizations and employees know and expect to BYOD (Bring your own de- vice), CYOD (Choose your own device) THISISHOWTHE WORLDWORKS 80%365H PERYEARand BYOA (Bring your own application), and share company assets in the cloud, set up office on the go, and want privacy with their security. Four out of every five consumers use their personal mobile devices for work, and dedicate an hour of personal time daily for work related screen time. Over 70% of mobile workers access company resources on their own devices. Mobileworkcallsformorefocusonsecu- rity. It is no longer enough to secure your company pc:s. You need a product that can secure your connections and com- municationaswell. 80% ofworkerscontinuetoworkafterleavingtheoffice, onaverageanhouraday.Thismeans365extraworkhoursper yearperemployee. 90% oforganizationssupportpersonaldevices 81% ofemployeesusepersonaldevicesforwork 71% ofSMBsrequiretechnologythatenablesmobilework
  7. 7. 8 F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK NEWMEANS FORBUSINESS Digitalization of work offers great pos- sibilities for business. Faster, more effi- cient and constantly realtime, companies can take their productivity to a new level. Theabilitytodobusinessonthegoisalso thekeyenablerofnewdigitalbusiness. Modern digital threats follow hand in hand with the possibilities. As busi- ness scatters around the world and is ac- cessed with a myriad different devices by achangingworkforce,companyinforma- tion is exposed to increasing chances for digileaks,phishing,datatheft,corruption, andfrauds. Unprotected, your business is an open book. Two out of every three employee have access to corporate resources from their own devices and 43% BYOD work- ers report to having let someone else use their work device. In addition on Q2/2012 alone, there was a 200% increase in mal- waretargetingsmartphones. Unmanaged, BYOD can lead to loss of control, impact your network availability, and cause data loss. This means that de- vice management for all your company devices, be they yours or your employ- ees’, is of utmost importance in the mo- bileworld. At F-Secure we have dedicated efforts to create the ultimate means to conduct business on the move. Safe connections backedwithpioneeringsecuritysolutions makeourportfoliotheeasypick.Stripped of all things unnecessary, and designed intuitive, safe business has never been sosimple. 80% ofconsumersusepersonaldevicesforwork 30% completelytrusttheirprivacy 72% Security 12% Efficiency 8% Costsavings 7% Inventory 3% Other WHYCOMPANIESNEED MOBILITYMANAGEMENT? 72%
  9. 9. 10 F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK PROTECTIONSERVICE FORBUSINESS Protection Service for Business brings cloudagetobusinesssecurity.Totalsecu- rity withthebest in privacy.Wehavebun- dled in everything a modern company needs—security, updates & services—for businessonthego. Protection Service for Business is the eas- iest way to deliver security for businesses. Ready for sales, and for use, the bundle is theflagshipofourprotectionoffering.
  11. 11. 12 F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK 24/7SECUREACCESS Safeandsecureonlineaccessisthecoreofaflaw- lessly functioning mobile workspace. Security andtheriskofdataleakagearethetop2concerns for mobile enterprises. In 2012, 56,8% of compa- nies experienced a security incident that serious- ly impacted their functions. The amount of mo- bile workers is steadily on the rise, and by 2015, there will be more people accessing the internet on mobile devices than traditional desktop com- puters. All these users are in need of a safe con- nection. Working on personal devices sets the need for modern connections. For traveling business workers, poorly functioning and insecure inter- net connection, or the complete lack of access, presents the #1 stress factor. As the smartphone isthefirstandthelastthing29%ofpeoplelookat everyday, almost entirely for work and social net- workingpurposes,thesecuritysolutionhastobe close,convenientandalwaysaccessible. Freedome for Business is a mobile security and privacy app designed to secure online connec- tions for mobile small and midsize businesses. Built around powerful protection and safe wifi, the app lets companies become untrackably in- visible, wherever the work. With all key privacy features under one button, turned on with a sin- gle click, Freedome is a complete cover for busi- nessonlineandonthemove.
  12. 12. F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK 13 GETFREEONTHEGO FreedomeforBusinessensuressecureconnectionsandbrowsing,whereveryourcompanyworks.Theser- vicecreatesasecure,encryptedconnectiontotheF-SecureCloudmakingsureyou’resafe,regardlessofthe Wi-Fiyou’reusing.TheappmakesconnectionsinvisibleintheWi-Finetworkanddataunreadable,andpro- tectsagainsttracking,malicioussitesandmalware. WORKPRIVATE, ANONYMOUS ANDSAFE FreedomeforBusinessletsuserschangevirtuallocationtotheothersideoftheworld.Usefulwhenyouwant togetthebestconnectionpossible,addanextralayerofprivacy,surfanonymouslyundertheprotective F-SecureCloud.Allthatisprecious—fromidentitytolocation—stayshiddenandprivate. FreedomeforBusinessscansformalware,trackingcookiesandotherharmfulbaddies.Itprotectsbusinesses fromharmfulsites,trackersandappsthatwanttoforwardyourdatawithoutyouknowingaboutit.Inaddi- tion,data-collectioncompaniesaretrackingtheonlineactivitiesofcompaniesandsellingthedatatoadver- tisers.Weblockthesetrackerssocompaniescanbrowseanonymouslyandfreely.
  13. 13. 14 F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK ENABLINGMOBILITY Withtheworldinconstantmove,businesslivesof agility and business tools that meet the needs of entrepreneursandtheirworkforce. Native in working on the go, digital nomads are the key for modern productivity. Independent of location, device and time, the F-Secure mo- bility portfolio will keep your active organization working. Our portfolio is built for scalable business needs, from one man companies to larger en- terprises. We grow with your business. If you’re small,keepitsmallandsimple.Ifyourunabigger business, get easy coverage for the whole range of your organization and interactions. No matter thesizeandscale,wekeepyousafe. • 90%ofBritishofficeworkerssayflexiblework- ingdoesn’timpacttheirabilitytocollaborate withcolleagues • 70%ofworkersfeelmoreproductiveworking awayfromtheoffice • 38%saytheyaremorecreativeoutoftheoffice • Businessesthatincorporateremoteworkers seeemployeeproductivityriseby22% In the modern era of connections on the go, the worldlivesofonebasicright:digitalfreedom.As much as it is the new reality, it is also increasing- ly under attack and in need of modern means of protection. We are F-Secure, and we have pioneered digital security for over 25 years. Cutting edge by tradi- tion, we continue to create today what business- es need tomorrow. Forward-thinking, with sights set on the future, we understand the mobile lifestyle, its need for privacy and security, and createtheultimatetoolsforbusinessonthego.
  15. 15. 16 F-SECURE MOBILITY EBOOK MOBILEWORKINGMEANSBUSINESS 76% Employeeengagement 73% Increasedmotivation 72% Greaterengagement 65% Improvedrecruitment 58% Greaterproductivity 76% 73% 72% 65% 58%
  17. 17. SWITCHON FREEDOM Sources:CrowdSpring/ENISA(CloudComputing)/GartnerF-Secure(ThreatReportQ1/14)/PWC/Accenture/InformationWeek/Osterman Gartner/Mashable/Microsoft/MobileIron/Guardian/PGi/Statista/CIPD