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The Real Costs of SIEM vs. Managed Security Service

Building in-house breach detection and response capabilities is difficult. When chosen right, your managed detection and response service provider actually become your cyber security partner: its capabilities become an extension of your own. One of the biggest reasons why your organization should consider a managed security service instead of an in-house SIEM (security information and event management) deployment for breach detection and response: cost, cost, cost!

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The Real Costs of SIEM vs. Managed Security Service

  2. 2. © F-Secure2 Why should you consider a managed security service instead of an in-house SIEM (security information and event management) deployment for breach detection and response FROM DYI TO ROI
  3. 3. FIXED UPFRONT COSTS 3 SIEM SOLUTION Usually involve a large upfront investment to purchase the software and hire extra staff, or assigning existing staff (for system integration etc.) MANAGED SERVICE Often subscription based, which requires a much smaller upfront investment and provides budget flexibility. © F-Secure
  4. 4. DEPLOYMENT COSTS © F-Secure4 SIEM SOLUTION It usually takes 1-2 years to implement an SIEM solution. And it’s not a rare case where you may have heard SIEM deployments run over budget and schedule. MANAGED SERVICE For example with F-Secure’s managed service the time from initial deployment and configuration to actual breach detection and response capabilities is less than a week. There is almost no deployment cost for customers.
  5. 5. LABOR COSTS © F-Secure5 SIEM SOLUTION Professionally trained and experienced security experts are scarce, and scarce resources are costly. MANAGED SERVICE With F-Secure’s managed service, your organization will have 24x7 access to threat analysts, incident responders, and forensics experts at a fraction of the cost of staffing multiple shifts of such a team.
  6. 6. OPERATIONAL COSTS © F-Secure6 SIEM SOLUTION Because of the labor costs to effectively run an SIEM solution in-house, your organization is expected to face prohibitively high operational costs over the life time of an SIEM solution. MANAGED SERVICE In contrast, all you need to have on your balance sheet for using a managed service is a fixed, yearly subscription fee. And a subscription based service agreement often provides you with more operational flexibility than any software product.
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITY COSTS Your IT and security staff is a limited resource. They either spend their working hours on monitoring thousands of event logs and screening hundreds of alerts generated by an SIEM solution, or they can use the same amount of time creating more value on tasks that serve your organization’s strategic initiatives (such as digitalization). Such opportunity costs are something many organizations fail to take into consideration when making purchase decisions on security solutions. © F-Secure7
  8. 8. HIDDEN COSTS © F-Secure8 SIEM SOLUTION Let’s imagine there is a breach flagged and verified by your in-house security team. What’s next? Responding to a breach is usually a lengthy and expensive process that requires data forensics expertise and incident response capabilities that most companies simply don’t have. Your SIEM solution leaves you with tons of log files, but where will you get the pros to analyze those and start the remediation process? How soon will these pros become available to you? Every single day you are left without proper breach response measures is a day your organization loses productivity. MANAGED SERVICE If you’ve subscribed to a with a well-established cyber security provider such as F-Secure, there is usually a big team of incident responders at your service for when a breach takes place. Because such a team works constantly on all types of breach investigation across industries, they also know the latest and most dangerous techniques, tactics, and procedures used by modern attackers.
  9. 9. ABOUTF-SECURE NobodyknowscybersecuritylikeF-Secure.Forthreedecades,F-Securehas driveninnovationsincybersecurity,defendingtensofthousandsofcompanies andmillionsofpeople.Withunsurpassedexperienceinendpointprotectionas wellasdetectionandresponse,F-Secureshieldsenterprisesandconsumers againsteverythingfromadvancedcyberattacksanddatabreachestowidespread ransomwareinfections.F-Secure'ssophisticatedtechnologycombinesthepower ofmachinelearningwiththehumanexpertiseofitsworld-renownedsecuritylabs forasingularapproachcalledLiveSecurity. F-Secure'ssecurityexpertshaveparticipatedinmoreEuropeancybercrimescene investigationsthananyothercompanyinthemarket,anditsproductsaresoldall overtheworldbyover200broadbandandmobileoperatorsandthousandsof resellers. © F-Secure9