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Observation lab


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This week's assignment is done as an INDIVIDUAL.

Print out a copy of the OBSERVATION LAB.
Another copy is on SlideShare, too.

1) Go to at least 6 different stores. They can be at the same shopping center or different locations. Spend at least 15 minutes in each store making OBSERVATIONS using the lab guide for reference. Take photos to capture your observations.

2) Create a presentation that captures your INSIGHTS and HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES. What types of things had you missed before? What were your biggest surprises? Are there opportunities hidden in plain sight?

Use your photos to highlight your insights. Your presentation can be in the form of slides or a short video.

Add the link to your presentation so that everyone can see it.

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Observation lab

  1. 1. Are you payingattention?OBSERVATION LABFAWZIYYA ZAHRA
  2. 2. the stores
  3. 3. FAIRWAY- Veggies displayed in original packaging (less expensive and more eco- friendly)- All featured oils are store brands. All other brands on bottom shelf.
  4. 4. CITY BAKERYDon’t be fooled by the discreet sign, this place is anything butmodest. Any customer who dares to indulge in the decadent hotchocolate with house made jumbo marshmallows will leave feelinglike an accomplished person.In addition to the fine baked goods, and lovely chocolateroom, city dwellers come to relax and enjoy conversation. This isdefinitely a neighborhood spot, with limited tourist action.Interestingly, this large café with a lofted second floor is supported
  5. 5. WHOLEFOODSNothing describes this WholeFoods location more than theimage to the left. It amadhouse. Post-Sandy hungryNew Yorkers lined up inColumbus Circle to gain entryto the food mecca.Most customers come as adestination, and they knowexactly what they want.Despite four additional grocerystores in the neighborhoodresidents choose this one. WhyI asked?- Ready-made food- Healthy options- Specialty products not found at other grocery
  6. 6. SEPHORAI visited a relatively new Sephora location on Halloween.Needless to say, there were tons of well-masked ghouls andgoblins. What was most distinct for this store was its higheramount of tourist traffic, fewer actual purchasers, and freebies.Upon entry and exit I received a perfume sample. They alsoheavily promoted fragrances throughout the store.
  7. 7. BEYONDSUSHIAt first glance, you wouldthink this sushi is from anexpensive sushi palace. Don’tbe fooled! This sushi is asgood as it looks, and it is100% Vegan!Walking past thisrestaurant, it is veryunassuming, and looks likeyour standard NYC hole-in-the-wall place. My realobservation was noticing thisplace, and finally realizingthere was no raw fish to behad.
  8. 8. C WONDERI walked past this store many times, mostlybecause I wasn’t sure what it sells. It is verylively, with loud, upbeat music, bright colors, andfriendly staff.The décor and fixtures distract from the product ina way that makes it difficult to shop. Afterexcersing a bit a patience I discovered theproducts are good quality and reasonably priced.
  9. 9. What did younotice?