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Aircel Internship


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VGSOM 2012 Batch Internship Presentation

Published in: Education
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Aircel Internship

  1. 1. AIRCEL INTERNSHIP 2011Amrit Kumar10BM60010Gangatharaprabu.G10BM60026Gaurav Arora10BM60027
  2. 2. ABOUT AIRCELThe Aircel Group was formed in 1994 and Aircelcommenced its operations in 1999Alliance between Maxis Berhad of Malaysia (74% equity)and Apollo Hospital Enterprise Ltd. (26% equity)Brand Values: Simplicity Creativity TrustworthinessIndia’s fifth largest GSM mobile service provider with asubscriber base of over 50 million
  3. 3. ABOUT AIRCEL4th privately owned Indian operator to launch 3G services17,500 telecom towers owned by AircelGTL Infrastructure has agreed to buy the tower assets ofAircel for about Rs 8,500 crore (USD 1.8 billion)Aircel has partnered with Apollo Hospitals to launch “telehealthcare” servicesAircel provides telecom services in 23 circles
  4. 4. AWARDS AND ACHEIVEMENTSExcellence in Marketing of New Telecom Service”- CMAIInfocom National Telecom Award 2009Top 10 Marketers in 2009– Business TodayNASSCOM CNBC IT User Award 2009 – Telecom categoryBrand Leadership AwardWorld Brand Congress Conference 2009Market share – 9% planning to increase it to 13% in 8years.
  5. 5. AIRCEL - 3G & BWAPoised to take giant strides in the telecom and digitalmultimedia space with 3G licenses in 13 circles andBroadband Wireless Applications in 8 circlesThe most smartest bid – Rs 6499.46 crore for 13 circlesAircel teamed with youth media firm Blyk to launch acontent and advertising serviceYoung and Dynamic organization poised to makeexponential growth with 3G and BWAMulti media and data convergence are the focus areas forthe coming year
  7. 7. AIRCEL700600 Total asset500 Turnover400 Total Expenditure300 Profit/(Loss) after tax200 Earning Per Share (Unit100 Curr) 0 Jan-06 Jan-07 Jan-08 Jan-09
  8. 8. ProjectUNDERSTANDING MULTIPLE SIM USAGE BEHAVIOUR To identify primary SIM Usage Benchmark current user Retention measures Understanding the effectiveness of current programs of Aircel Primary source of data Focused Group Discussions Retail survey Clustering – age, gender, income, occupation Secondary source of data Website, newspaper, magazine, online portals
  9. 9. My expectationUnderstanding the functioning of the telecom serviceproviderMarketing in this price sensitive and highly competitivesectorGetting practical experience in conducting marketresearch and using the quantitative and qualitativemethodologiesInteracting with the retailers and the customers :understanding their view and difficultiesPerforming to the best of my potential and getting a PPOUsing my prior IT experience in the telecom sectorduring the summers
  10. 10. PROJECT - VASUnderstand VAS/Data needs for3G consumers and deviseproduct strategy.Market research to identify the user needsSampling the customers in two circles – Assam andNagalandUnderstand the 2G usage patternDefine a data collection methodologyFind the medium for data collection
  11. 11. PROJECT - VASData Collection Primary Data – Collect the data various mediums as defined in the laststep - Focus group discussion – capturing customer voice - Data collection through questionnaires Secondary data – data available with the company and from various reports indicating the shifting usage pattern of mobile customers Usage of Existing data services by customers. Tracking download of applications from app store.
  12. 12. PROJECT - VASSegmenting the customer based on various factorsFinding what are the major factors influencing thepurchasing of an applicationFinding the trade offs the customer makesFinding the relation between the demography of a personand a particular purchaseFinding the relationship between the applications that anuser is purchasingIdentifying the correlation among the various factors
  13. 13. PROJECT - VASAnalyzing competitor offeringsIdentifying the major factors influencing the purchase of acompetitor products over Aircel’s.Analyzing the advantages of competitors products indimensions likePriceUser experienceDelivery modelEasy of access etc
  14. 14. PROJECT - VASDesigning the offeringsDeciding on bundling the productsDeciding on pricing of an individual applicationsDeciding on pricing of the bundlesDesigning the framework for application deliveryDeciding about the user interface for the applications.
  15. 15. TAKE AWAYBetter understanding - telecom market understandingLearning about the Implementation of market researchmethods in real worldFunctioning of distributor network in the telecomindustryWays of reaching the customers other than throughtraditional channels.
  16. 16. Project: VAS Market ResearchCustomer experience across operators for VAS anddata services and devise way forward for AircelScope: Study key consumer expectations across all touch points Devise a matrix for measurement of the same Identify need gap with other operators across all touch points based on the consumer expectations Recommend way forward for Aircel
  17. 17. ProjectLearn about the existing VAS on offer and potentialgrowth for particular customer segmentsStudy of touch points available for providing VAS tocustomersPrimary research for capturing of customer expectationsfrom VASUsing statistical methods to analyze the findingsComparing the current VAS offerings with that ofcompetitors
  18. 18. ExpectationsLearn how to come up with questionnaire relevant tocapturing customers expectationsDeciding on the sample size and relevant targetGo to field and get customer responses from relevanttouch points.Use appropriate methods and coding which could enablebetter analysisCome up with proper presentation of results andrecommendations
  19. 19. THANK YOU