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How To Crowdsource SEO & Social Media Marketing - Gab's Highly Unusual Guide to Doing 'The Usual'

Crowdsourcing internet marketing - research, campaign and optimize with Mechanical Turk - Gab' unusual guide to doing the usual. So long as you're not spammy, you can use MTurk for market research, so that by understanding customers you achieve higher conversion rates. This is done with customer interviews and surveys. You follow this up with having customers create the campaigns. You crowdsource relationship building by having Mechanical Turk's Turkers do this on your behalf. The Turkers can also help you by generating content (text, videos, pics), participating in social media to build up your accounts and seeding forum discussions on behalf of forum owners. It doesn't hurt to crowdsource contact information for webmaster or PR outreach to journalists. Once all is said and done, you analyze by exporting your data, removing personally identifiable information, and asking Turkers to find interesting patterns in the data and provide reasonable explanations for them. The more useful and insightful the patterns and explanations, the greater the bonuses.

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How To Crowdsource SEO & Social Media Marketing - Gab's Highly Unusual Guide to Doing 'The Usual'

  1. 1. Gab’s Unusual Guide To Doing ‘The Usual’ – How To Get Your Customers To Do Your Work By Gab Goldenberg
  2. 2. One request: Feedback please  : - What’s good - What can be improved
  3. 3. Outsourcing tasks to crowd Key Features • Function: Post tasks, price, quantity, target • Representative-ish of US population
  4. 4. Picking turkers limited to • Country • Approval rate & quantity
  5. 5. How Do You Pick Specific Turkers From Crowd? Photo: Flickr user Sir Hectimere
  6. 6. Advanced Tips To Pick Specific Turkers Out • Trick 1: Honour system + criteria • Trick 2: Use code to exclude Turkers mturk id field -> submit form -> if (id== any of list of ids) {say ‘thanks but you did this already’} else {proceed to task} • Trick 3: Survey -> Assign qualification
  7. 7. Usable for non-spam marketing tasks, such as Research
  8. 8. What’s the Problem? Who’s Affected? Photos clockwise: Karl Jonsson, Kelly Cookson, Dan Nevill, Donald Lee Pardue
  9. 9. Get In Your Customers’ Mind • Interviews Ask: Top problem in reaching goal? • Then surveys Photo: Charlie Rose Show
  10. 10. Learn What The Crowd Has Shared Read & summarize Quora, Wiki, Statsbrain, forums Cross check Photo: Marc van der Chijs
  11. 11. Usable for non-spam marketing tasks, such as Campaign Creation
  12. 12. SEO • Relationship building – traffic, comments • Content generation • Collect contact info Photo: Gab Goldenberg
  13. 13. Social • Build account history • Seed forum discussions • Collect contact info
  14. 14. Usable for non-spam marketing tasks, such as Analysis
  15. 15. Analysis Means Spotting Patterns In Data Remove any PII, sensitive data Bonus for patterns & explanations Photo: Mathematical Association of America
  16. 16. Marketing Can Be Crowd-Sourced Research Analysis Campaign
  17. 17. Marketing Can Be Crowd-Sourced Interviewees Survey Takers Patterns Relationships Explanations Participation
  18. 18. Want More Sales? Contact IMN • • • • (Offtopic tip: MS Paint 4 FB ads) 052-598-0094 - IMN: 15 years, 100+ employees - proven Talk to me re: matching singles