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Values clarification worksheet


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Values clarification worksheet

  1. 1. Bus 12 Values Clarification Fall 2009Name ___________________________________Instructor _______________________________ Very Somewhat NotWork - Tasks Important Important Important ImportantProduce a tangible productContribute to long term projectsContribute to shorter term projectsWork on a variety of different tasksHigher risk endeavorsWork with hands or hand toolsWork with numbersWork helping othersInfluence the opinions or decisions of othersIntellectual workPhysical workCreative workResearch Very Somewhat NotWork - Setting Important Important Important ImportantSmall companyLarge companyOfficeOutdoorsCombination of indoors and outdoorsWork in an urban/suburban settingWork in a rural settingHome-based work settingLittle to no pressureFast-paced environment Very Somewhat NotWork - Hours Important Important Important ImportantRegular shift of 8 hours per day, no overtimeIrregular length day, sometimesWork overtime/take work home Very Somewhat NotWork - Travel Important Important Important ImportantLittle or no travel requiredCity-wideCountry-wideInternational
  2. 2. Bus 12 Values Clarification Fall 2009 Very Somewhat NotWork - Interpersonal Important Important Important ImportantWork independently with no supervisionWork independently with some supervisionWork with one or more colleagues as a teamPlan work for and supervise othersBe supervised by a good supervisor/bossWork with supportive co-workersMeet new people regularlyDo not have to meet new people often Very Somewhat NotWork - Pay, Benefits, Rewards Important Important Important ImportantGood benefits packageWork for a high base salaryWork on a commission basisJob SecurityPublic recognition for accomplishmentsSocial PrestigeSocial Respect Very Somewhat NotWork - Professional Development Important Important Important ImportantOpportunity to advance within the same organizationOpportunity to advance by changing organizationsOpportunity to participate in professional organizations Very Somewhat NotLifestyle Values Important Important Important ImportantLive close to workOwn my own homeLive in a rural settingLive in a cityLive in a suburban settingLive close to cultural and entertainment opportunitiesTravel FrequentlyLive in a moderate climateHave time to pursue my interestsLive near relativesParticipate in family-oriented activitiesDo volunteer workBe active in religious workGo out and eat oftenGo to movies, plays, and concerts oftenBe involved with sports of my choiceDo things aloneLive in a stable neighborhoodGo places on the weekendsBe very involved in social activities
  3. 3. Bus 12 Values Clarification Fall 2009 Very Somewhat NotIntrinsic Values Important Important Important ImportantStatusInfluencePowerBelongingIntegrityHonestyPrestigeAchievementIndependenceAuthenticityRespectResponsibilityAppreciationHelpingCommunityBalanceHarmonyEqualityServiceFairnessCommitmentHaving an impact
  4. 4. Business 12List Your Top 5 Values from each category Work Values Lifestyle Values Intrinsic Values 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5Define what each value means to you. Work Values 1 2 3 4 5 Lifestyle Values 1 2 3 4 5 Intrinsic Values 1 2 3 4 5