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Bread challenge


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Published in: Education
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Bread challenge

  1. 1. Framing andReframingTeam - 26732 Svetlana Denisenko Santha Ruban Krishnan Ketty Rivera A Crash Course on Creativity Gustavo Valencia Stanford University Roopa Anil Kumar
  2. 2. Create as much "value"Challenge: as possible starting with “one loaf of bread”
  3. 3. Using breadcrumbs as bait to catch a lot of pigeons or fishes. By doing this, a loaf of bread can start a business, well be able to sellthe animals for money and more bread (to continue making money).
  4. 4. Using a loaf of bread as a strainer...... or as a „tool‟ to create art through paintings.
  5. 5. Use inside part of bread as modeling clayto make small statuettes. Then we can paint it with the rest part of bread and sell it. Why not? Handmade and creative.
  6. 6. Whatdo you see? A Loaf of Bread!
  7. 7. Framing… And Re-Framing
  8. 8. Framing… And Re-Framing
  9. 9. Ecuador Bread represents “culture” itself These are called bread guaguas. Bread shaped and decorated in the form of a small child. Traditionally prepared in Ecuador to honor and remember people who have passed away. Its also shared in several countries in South America.
  10. 10. Slavic Making food Using bread as soup potor to make sweetbaked pudding withberries or sandwiches,salads, toast…
  11. 11. Indian Making food Theres a sweet named Shahi Tukda Bread , milk, ghee and nuts.
  12. 12. Secret messageIf you are in jail you canuse bread to makesomething like ink-pot ,pour out the milkand write secretmessage on paper.
  13. 13. Feed animalsIf you drop piece dont throwof bread on the it away.floor Give it to dog or bird.
  14. 14. Have funMake as many as possiblesandwiches from one loafof breadInvite friendsto your party
  15. 15. Thank you