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Important Tips to Buy a Hoodie - Geek Hoodies


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In this PPT, we have discussed about how you can choose a stylish and unique hoodie according to your size.

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Important Tips to Buy a Hoodie - Geek Hoodies

  1. 1. Index  What is hoodie?  Types  Pullover Hoodie  Zipper Hoodie  Baja Hoodie  Casual Hoodie  Tips for Choosing Hoodie  Wearing Hoodies for Warm  Who We Are?
  2. 2. What is Hoodie? The Hoodie is one of the most common outfit for men and woman of all ages. It is a like a sweatshirt that gives versatile and stylishly comfortable to wear. It can be worn on a regular basis from day to night.
  3. 3. Types  Pullover Hoodies:- These types of hoodies offer more comfort and warmth for covering the head with the attached hood.  Zipped Hoodies:- These are more comfortable than pullover hoodies because it offers a more casual air and can wear it with zip open. When the weather is not chilling you can enjoy the fresh air.
  4. 4.  Baja Hoodie:- It is a type of jacket or hoodie that have a single large pocket on the front, and vents on the side. They consist a horizontal strip on the sleeves and vertical strips on the rest of the jacket.  Casual Hoodies:- These types of hoodie can be worn during the long time journey and on a regular basis. So that you can feel relaxed and comfortable.
  5. 5. Tips for Choosing Hoodie When you go to buy a hoodie, there are many aspects so that we can choose the best hoodie. These aspects are:-  Hoodie Material  Styles  Size
  6. 6. Hoodie Material Some hoodies are made from material like cotton and fleece, but there are some other options which consist of different material combinations like cotton and fur, cotton and fleece. These combinations are designed for different types of weather.
  7. 7. Styles Creative designers have been creating many styles of hoodies with the popularity of jackets. There are many options so that anyone can find hoodies that suit his or her personal taste. Style can affect shape, color and graphic design.
  8. 8. Size Hoodies are available in many sizes, allowing people of any height or weight to keep their favorite fashion style intact. Buyers should be aware of sizing variations between competitors. Sizes are typically numbered to correspond to age.
  9. 9. Wearing Hoodies for Warm Some people simply wear a hoodie to stay warm during cold weather. Sometimes it can be made of fur or fleece interior which have the advantage of resisting wind. Lighter hoodies with thin fleece is better for slightly chilly days.
  10. 10. Who We Are? Geek Hoodies is an international company which is located in the United States and provide the unique and stylist hoodies according to customer needs.