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LITE 2016 – Guest Workshop, Full API Integration [John Macfarlane]


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Published in: Software
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LITE 2016 – Guest Workshop, Full API Integration [John Macfarlane]

  2. 2. AgendaAgendaOVERVIEW| What are my options? WordPress • Display upcoming events • Receive online bookings • Receive payment
  3. 3. AgendaAgendaOVERVIEW| What are my options? WebLink • Display upcoming events • Receive online bookings • Receive payment
  4. 4. AgendaAgendaOVERVIEW| What are my options? FULL API
  5. 5. AgendaAgendaAPI| What does it mean? Application Programming Interface. Allowing one application (i.e. administrate) to talk to another application (e.g. your website) • They expose some of an application’s internal functions and data to the outside world (in a controlled fashion!) • There are many metaphors that help explain this such as: • a bridge between IT systems • a window into your data stored in the cloud • This workshop is about the potential to use your business data (stored in Administrate) to enhance the customer experience on your website • The principle can be applied to websites, extranets or intranets
  6. 6. AgendaAgendaTHE API| When should I use it? Some common challenges – sound familiar? • I need to make sure that our website and Administrate course & event data are automatically in sync without compromising how things look • I need to allow our customers to browse & book lots of different courses with different delegates and checkout securely in a single action • I need to allow customers to browse my courses via a highly intuitive calendar interface with custom filters for our course categories • I need to allow my customers to pay for our courses by instalment • I need to allow my employees to view an overall resource schedule for trainers, rooms and equipment to make our operations simpler
  7. 7. AgendaAgendaTHE API| When should I use it? Some common challenges – sound familiar? • My customers often want to book places on courses before they have all their delegate details confirmed • I want to capture contact details directly into the CRM in return for value add content • I need to have web orders created in a specific step of my sales workflow • New customer / Existing account • I don’t want customers to be able to book places on an event when it is full
  8. 8. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| Impact Factory Communication skills training provider in Central London • Challenge: Replace separate CRM & eCommerce systems with a fully integrated API solution Main requirements: • A single point of truth for all customer and course data • Ability for large corporate customers to browse and buy multiple courses for their workforce via a single ‘basket’ with a custom checkout flow • Ability to book places and provide delegate details later • A highly creative / bespoke user interface • A single view of all resource information for operational efficiency
  9. 9. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| Impact Factory
  10. 10. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| Impact Factory
  11. 11. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| Impact Factory
  12. 12. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| Impact Factory
  13. 13. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| PR Academy PR training provider in South East England • Challenge: Deliver a bespoke user interface with a unique enrolment / checkout process for customers Main requirements: • Create a visually compelling website that uses Administrate as the single source of data for all course / event data • Create a checkout flow that works with the enrolment requirements of their awarding bodies • Allow customers to checkout while paying by instalments
  14. 14. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| PR Academy
  15. 15. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| PR Academy
  16. 16. AgendaAgendaCASE STUDY| PR Academy
  17. 17. AgendaAgendaSUMMARY| Administrate API The Administrate API gives you direct access to your data It can help create a single point of truth for data across systems such as: • CRM (e.g. MailChimp / Campaign Monitor) • CMS (e.g. WordPress / Umbraco / SitePoint) • TMS / LMS (e.g. Administrate) • Accounting packages It allows you deliver a fully bespoke user interface for a truly customer centred approach to your website / intranet / extranet The API is part of Administrate’s development roadmap for the years ahead
  18. 18. AgendaAgenda QUESTIONS?