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Community Manager Insights for 2013, Each year, we check in with some of the top community managers in the industry and ask them about emerging trends, and business value to their company. Thanks to all the professionals that participated. Let’s start with an overview:

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Community Manager Insights for 2013

  1. Community Manager
 Insights 2013 Community Manager Appreciation Day 2013 #cmad
  2. Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Each year, we check in with some of the top community managers in the industry and ask them about emerging trends, and business value to their company. Thanks to all the professionals that participated. Let’s start with an overview:
  3. Who’s participating in your community? Real engagement means breaking down the silos 1-10 and letting any employee2More than employees work with a customer to 40% 26 listen, troubleshoot, or 38% brainstorm. 10-15 15-25 In 2013 we see a big 2% 20% increase in employees participating in the community.
  4. What are you measuring? Phone call Email volume Ticket volume volume Proving ROI and Traffic to Participating Participating engagement is community users employees critical. Here’s a Sentiment,Customer Sat Time to resolution Support cost few of the metrics beingPeer-to-Peerengagement Net Promoter Score Ideas added to roadmap used to measure community Topics answered Leads generated Contact deflection success. Shares to Votes for new Inbound social web features search
  5. What trends are on the horizon forcommunity management in 2013?
  6. Social media adopts a Community approach “The blurring of social media and community will continue. While social media is widely accepted as part of the marketing mix, the approach on social media will be to create a more integrated community feel, rather than simply use the channel to push product.” Lisa Barnett Online Community Manager eModeration Photo: Karen_roe, Flickr
  7. In 2013, a lotmore noise. “There are "only" a billionpeople on FB- still another 6billion who have yet to join. Asmore and more people beginto connect to the multitude ofplatforms, how willcompanies/consultants cutthrough the clutter to havetheir message heard? Biggestchallenge but also biggestopportunity: more people toengage with!”Ephraim GopinCommunity Managerfring
  8. Well continueto work ongrowth “Well also focus on creating active users; making the most of the community. How to engage people, how to make the community their preferred resource, etc. ” Kristen GastaldoCommunity ManagerBlackbaud, Inc.
  9. More Traffic
 More Success in 2013“We have just moved our community from a private community to a semi-public site. I am excited about this change as this should help us reach more of our customers, improve marketing SEO, and allow us to plugin the widgets into our products. We also gain the Twitter feed which is cool. ” Lee Roquet
  10. Nurturing Can Start to Bring 
 Around Big Rewards “With such huge savings in support costs using the Get Satisfaction platform we are now going to start in 2013 giving our SMEs (subject matter experts) "spiffs" if the "problem" status in a post on GS is resolved within a specified time- frame which either leads to better customer satisfaction or subscription revenue at Cazoomi.” Clint Wilson
 Cazoomi Kriztofor, Flickr
  11. Fostering Community Champions“We just launched our champions program, that will provide our customers with additional training, hardware to test, one on ones with product management, and may play an integral role in a product certification process and customer advisory board.”Kristen GastaldoCommunity ManagerBlackbaud, Inc.
  12. What benefits has your companyseen as result of your community management efforts?
  13. Staying Engaged“We have been able to engage atleast one user from 75% of theorganizations using ourproduct. Were focused onintegrating the community intoour implementation process, soits a resource from thebeginning.”Kristen GastaldoCommunity ManagerBlackbaud, Inc.
  14. Community 
 Provides Leads“Customer engagement - Community provides Q&A, troubleshooting and customer service via social media. Users get answers to questions quickly - keeps them informed, engaged and, most of the time, happy (unless they dont like the answer. Community provides Leads, leads and more leads (thank you LinkedIn!).” Ephraim Gopin Community Manager fring
  15. Time is of 
 The Essence“Since Ive been working in the GS community earlier this year, weve been able to improve our response time to community topics. Now customers typically get a response from an employee or Champ within an hour (during the business week), which ultimately leads to happier community members, and thats something Im really proud of!” Caty Kobe Community Manager Get Satisfaction
  16. Double Dare Ya“Our community size of active SyncApps subscribers doubled in 2012 to over 525 with some of the best software enhancement ideas coming from our SyncApps users.” Clint Wilson
 Cazoomi - Via Get Satisfaction Community
  17. Value Your Relationships“The community provides something no other product at Blackbaud has - access to every level of our team. Even our VP keeps up with the community. Most customers dont experience that. Overall, our customers and entire team see the value!” Kristen Gastaldo Community Manager Blackbaud, Inc.
  18. Go Ahead
 Brag a LittleOne of my favorite things weve done in the lastyear to engage our community is showing themoff. We do this three different ways:1. "Loyalty in Action" tweets using their twitterhandles and links to their sites.2. Showcasing amazing loyalty program designson our Pinterest account.3. Spotlighting creative implementations of SweetTooth on our blog.Our community has been super responsive to thisbecause who doesnt like to show off their hardwork and success?Sherrie RohdeUser Experience ManagerSweet Tooth
  19. Responsive Savings“We use our community toimprove the customerexperience and reduceoperating costs. Both Badgevilleand Get Satisfaction havehelped us achieve significantsavings with 72% Peer-to-PeerResponse Rate.”Nathan Roth,Community StrategistKoodo Mobile

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    May. 15, 2013, Each year, we check in with some of the top community managers in the industry and ask them about emerging trends, and business value to their company. Thanks to all the professionals that participated. Let’s start with an overview:


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