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Social Media for Business Development

Presented at the California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) Annual Conference.

Summary: Curious how to use social media to achieve your economic development goals? Learn what tools are out there, how to match your goals up with the social media vehicle that makes sense for you, and get technical knowledge on set-up and maintenance of a social media strategies.

• Nancy Manchester, Economic Development Program Specialist, City of Santa Rosa
• Meaghan Mitchell, The Fillmore Community Benefit District, San Francisco
• Anatalio Ubalde, CEO, GIS Planning Inc. &
• Barry Waite, Business & Employment Development Manager, City of Carson

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Social Media for Business Development

  1. 1. Social Media for Business Development: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & More Presented by Nancy Manchester, City of Santa RosaMeaghan Mitchell, Fillmore Community Benefit District Anatalio Ubalde, GIS Planning & Barry Waite, City of Carson
  2. 2. Today’s Topics• Anatalio – Overview of Social Media in Economic Development – Intro/context – Case studies – Economic development-specific social media• Barry – Facebook – Helping Businesses Fix their FB page – Difference between personal profile & organization page – Interacting and communicating• Nancy – Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin – Twitter success – YouTube “why shop in SR” – Linkedin challenges• Meghan – E-news, Tone, Collaboration – Getting people to social media platforms through e-mail – Building community and cross-promoting – Authentic tone
  3. 3. The Evolution of MediaOne Way Old Media Web 2.0 Social Media Web 3.0Social Media • Just another platform for communication and relationship building • User-driven, real time, opt-in, microsharing • Is going to continue to evolve… But customers will remain in control of the conversation
  4. 4. Available on
  5. 5. Image: Economic Development Onlineby Ubalde & Krueger, 2011
  6. 6. Image: Economic Development Onlineby Ubalde & Krueger, 2011
  7. 7. Image: Economic Development Onlineby Ubalde & Krueger, 2011
  8. 8. Three things youbetter get used to
  9. 9. Information is Real-time
  10. 10. Loss of Control Image © GIS Planning Inc.
  11. 11. Communicationis a Team Effort Image © GIS Planning Inc.
  12. 12. An enlightened self-interest view You (entrepreneur) You Your (economic organization developer) Your community Image © GIS Planning Inc.
  13. 13. Corporate Site Selection Case Studies
  14. 14. The Economic Developer Who is Against using Social Media like Facebook for “Business” (but is wildly successful using Facebook forengaging site selection consultants and getting deals done).
  15. 15. You could never find a project on Twitter, right?
  16. 16. Site selection projects don’tactually get influenced on social media, do they?
  17. 17. Anatalio Ubalde CEO &
  18. 18. Facebook is Your Friend
  19. 19. Add demographics toyour FB page for free
  20. 20. Economic Development Program Use of Social Media
  21. 21. Overall Focus• Amplify City voice to community• Increase government transparency• Put on a business-friendly face• Promote SR businesses, news & events
  22. 22. Twitter • SRBiz (1,407) • General Business News – any Santa Rosa business • Promote business programs – City & other • Retweets from SR Businesses • Tell Santa Rosa innovation story, celebrate success
  23. 23. Twitter • DowntownSR (1,524) • Downtown events • Downtown business news • Applicable City programs • Retweets from Downtown Businesses
  24. 24. YouTube• YouTube Channel: SantaRosaBiz
  25. 25. LinkedIn• North Bay Growth & Innovation Forum • Good idea – no interest • Incubator has better traction & built-in audience
  26. 26. THE FILLMORE DISTRICT SAN FRANCISCO“ Building a Stronger Community With Social Media”
  27. 27. U.N.I.T.Y.Understanding the Importance and Benefits of Social MediaNeighborhood Partnerships and Cross PromotionIdentifying Your Target AudienceToneYou
  28. 28. Understanding the Importance of Social MediaWhy use Facebook and Twitter to promote a neighborhood?
  29. 29. Neighborhood Partnerships and Cross Promotion• Merchant Outreach• Spreading the Love• Major and Small events in your neighborhood
  30. 30. Identifying Your Target Audience•Find out who is following you•Connect with your followers•Appreciate your followers
  31. 31. TONE Have fun with your posts!There are ways of getting your information out there without sounding like a robot.
  32. 32. YOU•Take the Extra Step•Provide Visuals•Network•Don’t Worry!
  33. 33. U.N.I.T.Y.Social Media + U.N.I.T.Y = Economic Development
  34. 34. THANK THANKYOU YOU!“Like and Follow The Fillmore District” Visit our website: