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Aquarium Fish Diseases And The Treatments


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Aquarium Fish Diseases And The Treatments

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  2. 2. Aquarium Fish Diseases And The Treatments Aquariums are wonderful additions to any home. The colorful fish are beautiful and very relaxing to watch in their underwater world. However, fish are like other animals. They will get aquarium fish diseases. Many of these diseases can be avoided or prevented. However, there are treatments available for each disease. These treatments are usually effective if the disease is noticed and diagnosed in its early stages. Here are some of the most common aquarium fish diseases and their treatments.
  3. 3. New Tank Syndrome New tank syndrome is an aquarium fish disease that usually occurs when you add new fish to your aquarium. This is when your new fish die within a few hours of being added to your tank. There are no signs of illness or disease, and the fish will just die. One of the best ways to prevent this is to float the fish before adding them to the tank.
  4. 4. Main cause of new tank syndrome When you buy fish, they are sent home in a plastic bag or cup. Simply put this plastic bag or cup into the water and let it float for a couple of hours before letting the fish go into the aquarium. The main cause of new tank syndrome is stress.
  5. 5. Fin Rot Fin rot is also a common aquarium fish disease. Fin rot is very noticeable because the fins and other soft tissues of the fish become fray and broken. It may appear as if other fish are eating at their fins. There is medication for the aquarium fish disease. It is sold in most pet stores and you should use this medication at the first sign of fin rot. Untreated fin rot will lead to other more serious infections.
  6. 6. Gill Worms Another aquarium fish disease is gill worms. This is a condition where the fish will appear to have worms hanging from its gills. Many times the fish will look as if it is gasping for air when they have gill worms. This is because the gill worms are blocking air from circulating through their gills. There are anti-parasite medications for this aquarium fish disease. Heavy use of an air pump may also help comfort the fish and help him get rid of the gill worms.
  7. 7. Ick Ick is a fungus that grows on the skin of the fish. It has a cotton type of appearance. An unclean tank usually causes Ick. It is usually treated with antifungal medication or a salt bath. It is very important that you treat Ick at its first site because it is highly contagious and will spread to other fish in the aquarium.
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