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Digital Ethics and the future of humans in a digital world - Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard

This is an edited version of my talk TedXBrussels Dec 1 2014
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About my new book: are you ready for the greatest changes in recent human history? Futurism meets humanism in Gerd Leonhard’s ground-breaking new work of critical observation, discussing the multiple Megashifts that will radically alter not just our society and economy but our values and our biology. Wherever you stand on the scale between technomania and nostalgia for a lost world, this is a book to challenge, provoke, warn and inspire.

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Digital Ethics and the future of humans in a digital world - Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard

  1. GERD LEONHARD: FUTURIST, KEYNOTE SPEAKER, AUTHOR & CEO, THE FUTURES AGENCY The future of humans in a connected world
  2. 4 ea '1 Computers are for an V wers. humahs are for questionso (riffing off Pablo Picasso) O uuuuuu 5'
  3. Technology has no Ethics “Ethics are moral princip es that govern a person's or group's behaviour. Synonyms: moral code. morals. morality. values, rights and wrongs, principles. ideals. standards (of behaviour). value systems. virtues, dictates of conscience" Source: Uxford Dictionaries E’ o % § TH E g SINGULARITY Humans? 3 L; E’ Hurnan Intellect Machine 0 Intelligence Time 1950 2000 Singularity Tln-Iellne u Rise in hiirrian ir1IOll0Cl Could be‘, cirivori by irnrrgrniirwg with rhachinoze, in tho liiliiro X tlt(l'lOVDl: §$: §’3,; ‘.$';3:l'°'” Ed
  4. .. .and everythin will depend on our et ics Foundation Internet Social Mobile Logistics Internet Cloud Energy Internet Maker ECOHOM Big Data - Analytics . Autonomous Vehicles Accelerators 3D Printing Sharing Economy Renewable Energy 7 - Connected Healthcare Internet of Things Next Generation Automation Cognitive Systems Sma” “"95 Next Generation Education . Smart Homes _ — Technology Progression C°nn9Ct9d Car — Disruptive Scenarios Unknown sman Gm, — New Economic Paradigm sum Illtysfllvulxlilru w-mm: wulfllllllll/ lilwrnltnvinuns-Irv! -drsvupznl
  5. Ethics. believes and principles help us to decide if something is useful or creepy
  6. Some of my principles: Truth. Fairness. Goodwill. Friendship. Benefit to all. . '-l ‘I it THE’FoUk+Wff@? t _ m oaofixtfi if Kt fl if the things we thinkgsay. , Eziuczncfifzu-(#5 . ‘“ it the TRUTH? aenwram it FAIR to all concerng d ‘VJ a, :71»/1,*eIlC’L. ‘3FfJ‘ 3. win it build. G'i0ODWlLL. an BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 1?3§Z2:7i’li‘Z‘}’»¥U)Z>2‘r~ A Will it be BENEFICIA all concerned? ;umtumqa$ _4_, _¢ it %e ,5 '3. - A . - . » - C. ; - V ' . i J i a «. -~ .5
  7. Why ethics are important: consider the ‘privacy vs. security’ debate Director of the FBI. James Comey. called for "a regulatory or legislative fix" for technology companies’ expanding use of encryption to protect user privacy. The post- Snowden pendulum has swung too far in one direction - in a direction of fear and mistrust. Justice may he denied because of a locked phone or an encrypted hard drive. Without a compromise homicide cases could be stalled. suspects could walk free. and child exploitation victims might not be identified or recovered" "Privacy has never been an absolute right" '‘I think it's important to recognise that you can't , . have 100 per cent security and also then have 100 per cent privacy and zero inconvenience" US President Barack Uliama WHAT BIG EARS YOU HAVE, ’ mriimupinm ullllllkrxis/ mlUlI1Ml]I| rllI:11{? ~>$yll"llfitll4Illljil
  8. ‘T. . . :". ... r-_ t . : ___e, ; How Facebook is Ch . l!' Its Users Consume Journalism By RAVl SOMAIYAOCT. 26, 2014 l I Photo ‘ i I Credit Sam Mancnesterflhe New York Times ! MENLO PARK, Calif. -— Many of the people who read this article will do so because Greg Marra, 26, a Facebook engineer, calculated triat it was the kind or thing they might enjoy. Mr. Marra's team designs the Code that drives Facebouks News Feed — the stream or updates, photographs, videos and stories that users see, He is also lasi becoming one oi the most influential people in the news business Facebook now has a lllth ol the world — about 1.3 billion people — logging on at least monthly. It drives up to 20 percent at traffic to news sites, according to tigures from the analytics company Simplehleacn. On mobile devices, the iasiest-growing source or readers. the percentage is even higher, sirripieneach says, and continues to increase.
  9. Almost every decision about technology usage now has ethical implications Dirthoxes on a Plane I How the Justice Departrnent spies from the sky Planes equipped with fake 0 Non-suspects‘ cellphones 9 The plane moves to 0 _and the system can use cellphone-tower devices or are ‘let go’ and the dirtbox another position to detect that information to find the ‘dirtboxes" can scan thousands of focuses on gathering signal strength and location. .. suspect within three meters, cellphones looking for a suspect. information from the target. or within a specific room in a building. Small fixed-wing Cessnas are if X_Z L} fij typically used 6 K t control access. platforms or tools? Sourccanoonltfurillarwliluuueoperauonsofflunprograrn sum Il<6lll/ The wall street Joann ! ’ Brian McGill _w The Justice Dept. is using 'dir‘tboxes' to scan cellphones in order to find criminal suspects. on. wsj. corn/1 xmOL9d R -« “ l'»I' Iwmu ogimmam
  10. Technology is progressingat exponential ‘warp spe_ed"while_yourethics. social contracts and laws remain. linear The power of technology has already surpassed the scope of our ethics
  11. #DigitalEthics will move front-and—center as ‘the other 3 Billion’ go digital T Internet Population (in millions) Penetration (in %) _3o0M Source: Internet World Stats USA 85% 70M Germany 86% .57M UK 90% France 55N:33% Sweden "M 95% China /6; V621” . . - :1 Brazil V/5;. /9 "°"" B RICS “'ms195M India g. /j ' ‘ Russia 69/: ‘7’M South Africa f2”; ”” 49%) ‘ T 0 175 350 525 700 maJMwmrItlynitI. urril1llNlllImIuup-In—digii«1qin¢zi-is-whiny
  12. Technology has seemingly limitless potential to improve our lives - hutshould humans themselves I: -ecome techi'iology?
  13. Almost everything that can be digitised or automated. .. will be. So what will happen to serendipity. chance. mistakes. inefficiency. playfulness? 1.3.‘ ' ’ _: ' ', :1; ‘'. f.. ‘ " . '.; ‘'‘‘'‘. .'; J —. ,. . i
  14. Almost everything that can be digitised or automated. .. will be. So what will happen to serendipity. chance. mistakes. inefficiency. playfulness?
  15. Next-generation intelligent personal assistants and ‘Al in the cloud’: will humanity become completely trackahle. easily manipulated. .. remote-controlled ‘identical people’ ?
  16. Completely trackahle. easily manipulated. . . remote-controlled ‘identical people’ ? __ , .—1-21:: an 5 §
  17. The end of solitude? Never be bored again? Machines as partners? She lias been working for two years on a product called Jlbo, a niaeliine she describes as‘ " ily robot bee se she envisions aday when every household will Mm _ the world 5 first famny what have one on the kitchen counter. playing an active and cheerful role in not only nianaging daily life but in niaking it better. Social robots are not a tool, she argues. They are a partner. Tools force you to leave the moment. J ibo, she argues. null allow you to access all that information and technology while you stay in the monient—while you stay in Tvniier ogimmm
  18. I I I I I W/ ‘I I ‘ / I . .. I I I I W I I O F C O N T I H T W I I O F C O M M U N I C A T I O N W I I O F C O H T I KT W I I O F T N I N G I W I I O F T N 0 U G M TU ATTENTION IMPOWIIHENT IMUEIIIOI R C O H I I O T I V I T V I X T I N S I OH 1. . ’ w " .2 ' —. vi; ' : — I iwmoguumuu And now technology is gearing up to go inside of us (and vice versa)
  19. ‘The first. more near-future fear, is that we are starting to create machines that can make decisions like humans. but these machines don't have morality and likely never will" Nick Bilton via the NYT “A| would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last" Stephen Hawking I-I ! I!! I iii V 1‘- I t! “ -. IIIIIIITEE. . M5513 “uflii I-----III . . Illljl ‘mIIflflnnc_ _ Artificial intelligence is potentially more dangerous than<hlikes" Elon Musk
  20. The new arms race is about C 1a‘g IIOI can GIQS v1‘r 01!‘ -11 11001101 10110001101 1 IOOIIIOOIOIOOOIIOOI 1001101001 1 10001 Hootiiooioioooiiiiooiigtn - oiooomoioiooiioiooio 100101l0l00l001011?fg}; :’-; )0‘6“§‘*S€}2l0l110l001i00l00l 0I1OIl0'I100010 M miiioooiooiooiio 001001110010 ‘ ' 1001001001100 1001001001 ‘ ‘ 1001011100 ' if tioioooiooio «uni noononouq ; ’ . 1 j-ioomoooi iioomooillf ‘ llllitaonoiooio 1001011010‘ . . ». ‘301l001001 5,) ‘ 0110110110 A y : ‘ / "ioiooioono 0010011100
  21. Is the quest to become super-human (-fast -smart -strong -old) really a good idea? FOREVER! A N D 5 AV E T H E W O R L D Chris Danny ‘the lnnernet via his Youtube channel r 11.-, at 11 a Nita I/ imam mvvt11iu11miImnm—mmmd—mani
  22. What are the ethics behind achieving exponentiality and abundance? LINEAR vs. EXPONENTIAL Global Goods and Services ExPoNENnAL A EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS Abundance 142020 Why new organizations are ten times DISRUPTION better, f3St6f, cheaper than y0L)I'S (and what to do about it) LINEAR / 2013 2023 2033 2043 Salim Ismail wrth Mike Malone and Yuri van Gees: Foreword and altcrword by Peter Diamandis 0 A Singularity University amt Ahuir vnmiriarrixilunl II mars M E
  23. I resent V’ Peter'sLaws When given a choice. .. take both! ! . ~I I Start at the top then work your way up. @q£fin’€9 ll’ ‘ . _ ¢I. —.~. -.s. —.~ T ‘ undance. When forced to compromise, ask for more. '* . The Future is Better If you can't win, change the rules. Than You If you can't change the rules, then ignore them. When faced without a challenge, make one. ‘Q 1 ll F93f“”ll9 P9“-’fDl3m3"dl5 "No” simply means begin again at one level higher 9
  24. If software is indeed eating the world. how will we - the ‘wetware' - still control it? founder of Netscape, renowned Venture Capitalist Andreessen-Horowitz Software is eating the world, in all sectors In the future every company will become a company Wflurivlvrfiteslorrslilleshlre hIIyJIvIIvLs| id: share. nzlNI| ge¢sOl: rpu| erfiaI—Mt; arizzn‘uns-h
  25. .. . and would hyper-dependency be a reasonable price for exponentially awesome technology? ‘ There's no longer this big divide between medicine and technology. " says futurist Gray Scott ; "We are increasingly becoming cyborg-like beings. We are becoming literally what we 3 create. Biology. physics. and technology are evolving towards one-and-the-same-thing"
  26. -<6 E :1: . _ n o 3 cl: T Q
  27. As technology relentlessly pushes beyond all borders. a new question emerges W
  28. . Beware Machine Thinking
  29. Yet. a prohibition of imminent leaps in ‘HellVen' technological innovation - such as with artificial intelligence - is unlikely to work. as well
  30. Pursuing humanness Q ‘[6 (allowing inefficiency’) - Using technology (driving efficiency) @@@@@@@@ rd
  31. Exponential is about velocity. Humanential is about depth. power and the network effect meaning and self-realisation
  32. Technology | Algorithms People |
  33. Michael Lee) 1.Humans should not become technology WORLD FUTURE SUUEW 2.Humans should not be subject to dominant control by Al IAGI entities 3.Humans should not fabricate new creatures by augmenting humans or animals illiill ilniriillirl-rrlilit
  34. But to find a balance between ethics and technology e must go beyond fear ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  35. Without a stronger focus on digital ethics we may well be facing an ~-x‘et it by our own inventions . '. T 3 ' c ,3 7‘. .‘ b. " * -> . ’ " > (_<. . . A ‘ “ cc’ 3*. » / ‘_~ ‘. -an‘ » . , 4‘ ' I , —‘, .- . .. F3) / ~( , V . -> g 3 3 L’ I >5 " * ; _, £155). ‘ . ( . " , ~_ J l .4 I. _, ‘ - <' _—» » , 7 y . _ , . : (.A V U: V y. at‘ _ l C I " ‘ , w‘', ‘'‘ x‘). » . "' .4» '~ n} < , ' ’ . ' V t¢$af; r,A ~ c s ) La. ” 1;, ‘ l ( ‘ x V 4 x ‘-5, , ~r§’7 K . I
  36. ,3 & CEO, THE FUTURES AGENCY 3 GERD LEONHARD: FUTURIST, KEYNOTE SPEAKER, AUTHOR " @gleonhard I A Thanks your me-an dflatlention-I 7 -because our future depends on it E _ I ’ #digitalethics ’