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Technology and the future of education, learning, knowledge and universities (futurist speaker Gerd Leonhard)

These are the slides I used for my presentation in TheHaque NL on Nov 8 2013 see Topics: screenification of education, p2p learning, from data to knowledge to wisdom, artificial intelligence and human learning, the impact of technology on how universities operate, customization and much more. Will there be 'Kodak Moments' for universities?

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About my new book: are you ready for the greatest changes in recent human history? Futurism meets humanism in Gerd Leonhard’s ground-breaking new work of critical observation, discussing the multiple Megashifts that will radically alter not just our society and economy but our values and our biology. Wherever you stand on the scale between technomania and nostalgia for a lost world, this is a book to challenge, provoke, warn and inspire.

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Technology and the future of education, learning, knowledge and universities (futurist speaker Gerd Leonhard)

  1. Technology and the Future of Education, Learning and Knowledge @gleonhard
  2. You ain’t seen nothing yet! TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION
  3. Huge opportunity ☯ threat @gleonhard
  4. A big challenge for universities: the framework is changing
  5. Technology changes how we perceive the world @gleonhard
  6. If you measure the wrong thing you do the wrong thing: GDP & GPA…? @gleonhard
  7. Education may just become like this shoe… CUSTOMIZATION @gleonhard
  9. The future is already here! Everything: Connected Intelligent Real-time Personalized Cross-platform
  12. 5 Billion...soon
  13. A ‘Kodak Moment’ for Universities…? not really… BUT…. @gleonhard
  14. The Digital Default is near
  15. Exponential growth of technology 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 1 2 4 8 16 32 64
  16. Now, many things will happen a lot quicker than we think!
  17. ! Dramatic impact on Education ! @gleonhard
  18. @gleonhard
  19. The education sector has a lot in common with the music, media & content business Cable & Sat Locked Broadcast Loose Cloud SoLoMo Liquid @gleonhard
  20. Digitization and Virtualization of Education: following music industry, publishing, newspapers
  22. E-M-P-O-W-E-R-M-E-N-T @gleonhard
  23. A common feeling these days @gleonhard
  24. “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence, itself, but to act with yesterday’s logic” *Peter Drucker @gleonhard
  25. Discover, co-create, imagine… tomorrow’s logic
  26. The Future is no longer a zero-sum game Photo by WallStreet
  27. “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence, itself, but to act with yesterday’s logic” *Peter Drucker @gleonhard
  28. As educational content becomes abundant, “experience” is the new scarcity Abundance Scarcity @gleonhard
  29. Mobile devices have already become our external brains Next: new ‘extensions of man’ that change us
  30. “Search engines won’t wait for you to ask for information. They will know you like a friend, aware of your concerns and interests at a detailed level” Ray Kurzweil @gleonhard
  31. @gleonhard
  32. The stuff of science fiction…no longer @gleonhard
  33. The coming ‘Global Brain’ is a huge opportunity for universities @gleonhard
  34. GLOBAL PARADIGM SHIFT @gleonhard
  35. Equal access to digital resources will become a human right
  36. Interdependence is inevitable Business Technology Politics Culture Europe EDUCATION
  37. Information Tsunami
  38. Overload Everywhere
  39. Learning: from copy & paste & memorize and downloads to flows, from ownership to access
  40. The rise of ‘OTT’ education and learning platforms will dramatically accelerate hyper-fragmentation, resulting in ‘masses of niches’ and ‘nichehits’, hyper-globalization - and very fast-changing windows of monetisation
  41. The future is already here! Education, Learning, Training: dramatically increasing fragmentation, unbundling, splintering, personalisation…
  42. THE FUTURE ISN’T ‘EITHER/OR’ Image of BP platform via US Coast Guard
  43. It’s not an ‘either/or’ world - it’s an ‘and’ world
  44. Image thanks to New Content Interface Technologies & Screenification: we’re only at the very beginning!
  45. Human-only tasks on-top of big data, smart machines, AI Video Source: Cisco via Youtube Video Source: IBM Future Scenarios, Youtube
  46. Knowledge 2.0: Wisdom. Learnings. Relevance. Depth.
  47. Knowledge is not merely about information, data, facts and numbers.... ‘Learn’ wisdom...?
  49. The appeal of ‘amazing free stuff’ paid largely with attention & personal data is mostly (but not entirely) temporary: “If you don’t pay you are the content” Image via
  50. ! Formal Authority Peer Networked Self-made Earned- Authority
  51. @gleonhard Thanks for your attention! (YouTube) for all downloads