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Ran presentation

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. GROUP 5: Anger heart グルプ5: 怒りハート
  2. 2. Question 1 質問1 How do you behave when you are angry? 怒ったらどうするか?
  3. 3. SCENE 1 シーン1
  4. 4. SCENE 1 シーン1
  5. 5. Hidetora Master of three castles He gives his post to his first son, Taro Wants his sons to cooperate with each other. Three arrows cannot be broken! He believes that his brothers will fight over the post. Even three arrows can be broken. He gets angry with Hidetora. ANGER He expells Saburo Saburo TaroJiro The Story of Three Arrows 三本の矢の話
  6. 6. Anger = Love and consideration Saburo actually cares a lot about his father. There is people who take care of a person and offer correct advice, but the other can get angry. (But, sometimes he will be frustrated about proper warning and get angry with it.) The Story of Three Arrows 三本の矢の話
  7. 7. Anger to others sometimes comes from anger to myself Hidetora himself knows about the coming serious situation. When we know that person says the correct things, we sometimes get angry with ourselves for being wrong. Then, we began to feel like being frustrated with him. The Story of Three Arrows 三本の矢の話
  8. 8. Betrayed by Tarô. He moves to second castle. 太郎の裏切り・・・一の城から二 の城へ Betrayed by Jirô. He is expelled from this castle too. 次郎の裏切り・・・二の城も追 われる Hidetora is betrayed by his sons 秀虎が息子たちに裏切られた
  9. 9. Tarô’s wife, Kaede, has grudge against Hidetora. She pushes Tarô and Hidetora to fight each other. 太郎の正妻、楓は秀虎に恨 みを持っており、太郎と秀虎 を対立させようとする Jiro hears the story of Hidetora by Tarô. 次郎(Jiro)は太郎から話を聞いてい た ↓ If Hidetora left his soldiers, Jiro will accept Hidetora in his castle. 次郎は、家来を捨てれば秀虎を受 け入れるという条件を出す ↓ Hidetora noticed that he was betrayed. 秀虎は裏切られたと自覚 Hidetora is betrayed by his sons 秀虎が息子たちに裏切られた
  10. 10. This is the scene where Kaede and Hidetora’s second son, Jiro are quarreling. この場面は楓と秀虎の次男である次郎が言い合いをしてい るところです。 Kaede’s revenge 楓の復讐
  11. 11. Instead of the head of Sue, she got the head of a fox statue 末の頭の代わりに、狐彫像の頭をもらいます The legend of the Nine-tailed Fox 九尾狐の伝説 Kaede’s revenge 楓の復讐
  12. 12. Kaede had another servant kill sue. 楓はもう一人の使用人に末を殺させた。 She confessed her plot to take revenge at Hidetora. 彼女は秀虎への復讐の計画を告白した。 Kurogane got angry and killed Kaede. 鉄は怒って、楓を殺 した。 Kaede’s revenge 楓の復讐
  13. 13. What do you think about revenge? 怒って復讐することについてどう思うか? Question 2 質問2
  14. 14. Many ways to express your anger Saburo and Hidetora die 三郎と秀虎が死ぬ
  15. 15. 2 kinds of anger from Hidetora • Anger as a father towards his child • Anger as a Lord towards his Vassal Saburo and Hidetora die 三郎と秀虎が死ぬ
  16. 16. Naussica of the Valley of the Wind 風の谷のナウシカ Anger 怒り Nature Distruction 自然破壊 Saburo and Hidetora die 三郎と秀虎が死ぬ
  17. 17. Do you think there is God’s anger against human’s stupidity? Question 3 質問3
  18. 18. Saburo 三郎 Hidetora 秀虎 Hidetora’s family 秀虎の家族 the Gods 神様 SCENE 1 Hidetora シーン1 秀虎 SCENE 2 Taro & Jiro シーン2 太郎と次郎 SCENE 3 Kaede シーン3 楓 SCENE 4 Hidetora シーン4 秀虎 Summary まとめ
  19. 19. How should we cope with anger? 怒ったときどう対処すれば良いのか? Question 5 質問5
  20. 20. (in the movie) objects ・・・ killed NOTHING born from “anger”. Conclusion 結論