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Back to School at Scholar U. 1415


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Back to School Slides for 2014-15 School Year

Published in: Education
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Back to School at Scholar U. 1415

  1. 1. Back to School at Scholar University
  2. 2. “65% of grade school kids will end up at jobs that haven’t been invented yet.” ! -US Department of Labor: Futurework- Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century. Common Core
  3. 3. “O-Week” Day 1- The Brain Day 2- The Right Brain Day 3- Growth Mindset Day 4- Creativity Day 5- Sketchnoting Day 6- Global Citizens Day 7- Design Thinking
  4. 4. Be More Dog
  5. 5. 21ST CENTURY S K I L L S Communicate Clearly Collaborate with Others Think Interdependently Think Creatively Work Creatively with Others Implement Innovations Apply Past Knowledge to New Situations Think Critically Make Judgments and Decisions Ask Questions Solve Problems Guide and Lead Others Be Responsible to Yourself and Others Solve Problems Metacognition Reflect and Synthesize Adapt to Change Think and Learn Flexibly Manage Goals and Time Be a Risk-Taker Be Self-Directed Learners Persist Despite Setbacks Be Curious Learn Continuously Interact Effectively with Others Work Effectively in Diverse Teams Find Humor Manage Projects
  6. 6. Schedule Rotations ! Homeroom Math Morning Meeting/PE Writing Recess! Reading Workshop Lunch! Science Rotations M, W, Th ! Art ! Attack Innovation Lab!
  7. 7. THE 20 MINUTE BEGINNING Stamina In One School Year 1800000 1350000 900000 450000 0 Student A Student B Student C (Nagy & Herman, 1987) 282,000 8,000 1,800,000
  8. 8. Reading/Writing Workshop 1. Read Aloud 2. Reading Letters 3. Groups 1,000,000 2 ARs! a month Word Challenge
  9. 9. Social Studies/Science Ecosystems Rocks/Minerals Electricity & Magnetism ! CA Missions • Gold Rush Day • Rancho • Torrey Pines/BizTown (11/5) • Boomers (5th)
  10. 10. “What was the last international collaborative project you were involved in?” ~Google This Year Holidays Around! the World CA Regions Global Read Aloud
  11. 11. OREOS Volunteers Big/Little Buddies Wish List Email/Blog