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World Heritage Sites of India


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In this summer season plan your holiday towards the famous heritage monuments and sites in India. These places mainly represents the royal past histories which will magnetize a lot of travelers towards it.

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World Heritage Sites of India

  1. 1. Stumble On Your Destination DippedIn The Ocean Of Assorted Attractions
  2. 2. Heritage Sites of IndiaTaj Mahal Khajuraho Ajanta Red Fort Sun Temple
  3. 3. Heritage Sites of India Location : Agra, IndiaTaj Mahal: Currently Taj is popularly known as “poem of Marble”. It is the mostcherished heritage sight that will attract 10 lakhs visitors throughout the year.This famous monument was constructed by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan inhis lovely died wife’s memory. Various kinds of precious stones are used tomake this monument. This place can be reach by road from Delhi which is 253kms away and the nearest airport is the New Delhi airport. Call us: +91-11-49814981
  4. 4. Heritage Sites of IndiaLocation : Khajuraho IndiaIt is mainly the group of temples of Hindi and Jain region having the eroticsculptures of ancient time. These temples are actually known as temple of lovewhich will display the North Indian and Nagara style architecture. There are 85temples are built during 12th century but amongst them only 20 temples are stilllive. Call us: +91-11-49814981
  5. 5. Heritage Sites of India Location : Mumbai IndiaIt is one of the famous island which little far from the Mumbai city. This cave ismainly constructed during 350 to 750 A.D. It is names due its elephant like carvingstructure. This place mainly contains the carving structures of Buddhist art.Located 10 kms away from the Mumbai port this places regularly welcomes a lotof travelers towards this place regularly. Call us: +91-11-49814981
  6. 6. Heritage Sites of India Location : Delhi, IndiaThe famous monument Lal Quila or Red fort which was built from Red sandstoneswhich four centuries old. It was also built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Themajor attractions of the monument are royal baths, and the Shahi Burj which wasmainly used by the king itself in his personal area. Call us: +91-11-49814981
  7. 7. Heritage Sites of India Location : Odhissa, IndiaThe magnificent sun temple is mainly located at the state Odisha which is acompletion of region’s temple architecture. This temple mainly represents aprodigious chariot having 7 horses and 24 wheels. This temple was built by akalinga ruler Narshimha in 13th century. It contains beautiful natural surroundingswith casuarinas plantations and other beautiful trees. You can reach this placefrom the capital city Bhubaneswar which is 64 kms away. Call us: +91-11-49814981
  8. 8. Call us: +91-11-49814981