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Golars networks ccie security ppt


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Golars Networks is best Networking & Security consultant in CCNA & CCNP training institute based in Hyderabad. We are committed to excellence in Networking and Security training online/offline classes foraying into diversified disciplines of learning

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Golars networks ccie security ppt

  1. 1. Welcome to Golars Networks Leading CCIE training institute in India
  2. 2. hjhhjhjj CCIE SECURITY At Golars , we have cultivated a novel process of excellence
  3. 3. Key Features Specialties: 1:Get Trained from CCIE certified Trainer. 2:40hrs of high quality live online Training. 3:24x7 Lab facilities. 4:Practice on fully loaded & dedicated cisco racks.
  4. 4. ABOUT COURSE: CIE certification being the World's Most Prestigious, Most Demanded and Highest level of Cisco certification available in the world offers brilliant job and growth opportunities to its applicants, worldwide. Also known as the highest paid and most desired certification of all times, CCIE certification training was introduced by Cisco Systems with an intent of providing a common platform to all the Network Engineers making them master of their own skills and knowledge. CCIE Certification has a value like no other certification available i.e after completing CCIE Track certification, individuals tend to uplift their demand and value in various MNCs worldwide. There are not more than 6,000 CCIE Security certified engineers available worldwide whereas IT industry need over 200,000 engineers right now..
  5. 5. Course Curriculum • Firewall - PIX and ASA Firewall • Firewall - IOS Firewall • VPN • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) • Identity Management • Advanced Security • Network Attacks
  6. 6. Firewall - PIX and ASA Firewall 1.Basic Initialization 2.Access Management 3.Address Translation 4.ACLs 5.IP Routing 6.Object Groups 7.VLANs 8.AAA 9.VPNs 10Filtering 11.Failover 12.Layer 2 Transparent Firewall 13.Security Contexts (Virtual Firewall) 14.Modular Policy Framework 15.Application-Aware Inspection 16.High Availability Scenarios 17.QoS Policies 18.Other Advanced Features
  7. 7. Firewall-IOS Firewall CBAC Audit Auth Proxy PAM Access Control Performance Tuning Advanced Features
  8. 8. VPN 1.IPSec LAN-to-LAN 2.SSL VPN 3.DMVPN 4.CA (PKI) 5.Remote Access VPN 6.VPN3000 Concentrator 7.VPN3000 IP Routing 8.Unity Client 9.WebVPN 10.EzVPN Hardware Client 11.XAuth, Split-tunnel, RRI, NAT-T 12.High Availability 13.QoS for VPN 14.GRE, mGRE 15.L2TP 16.PPTP 17.Advanced VPN Features
  9. 9. Intruction Prevention System(IPS) Basic Initialization Sensor Configuration Sensor Management Promiscuous and Inline Monitoring Signature Tuning Custom Signatures Blocking TCP Resets 1.IPS 4200 Series Sensor Appliance 2.Basic Initialization 3.Sensor Configuration 4.Sensor Management 5.Promiscuous and Inline 6.Monitoring 7.Signature Tuning 8.Custom Signatures 9.Blocking 10.TCP Resets 11.Rate Limiting 12.Signature Engines 13.IDM 14.Event Action 15.Event Monitoring 16.IOS IPS 17.PIX IDS 18.SPAN, RSPAN 19.Advanced Features
  10. 10. Identity Management 1.Security Protocols (RADIUS and TACACS+) 2.Cisco Secure ACS Configuration 3.Access Management (Telnet, SSH, Pwds, Priv Levels) 4.Proxy Authentication 5.Service Authentication (FTP, Telnet, HTTP, other) 6.Network Admission Control (NAC Framework solution) 7.802.1x 8.Advanced Features
  11. 11. Advanced Security 1.Mitigation Techniques 2.Packet Marking Techniques 3.Security RFCs (RFC1918, RFC2827, RFC2401) 4.Service Provider Security 5.Black Holes, Sink Holes 6.RTBH Filtering (Remote Triggered Black Hole) 7.Traffic Filtering using Access-lists 8.NAT 9.TCP Intercept 10.uRPF 11.CAR 12.NBAR 13.NetFlow 14.Flooding 15.Spoofing 16.Policing 17.Fragmentation 18.Sniffer Traces 19.Catalyst Management and Security 20.Traffic Control and Congestion Management 21.Catalyst Features and Advanced Configaration 22.IOS Security Features
  12. 12. Networks Attacks 1.Network Reconnaissance 2.IP Spoofing Attacks 3.MAC Spoofing Attacks 4.ARP Spoofing Attacks 5.Denial of Service (DoS) 6.Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) 7.Man-in-the-Middle (MiM) Attacks 8.Port Redirection Attacks 9.DHCP Attacks 10.DNS Attacks 11.Fragment Attacks 12.Smurf Attacks 13.SYN Attacks 14.MAC Attacks 15.VLAN Hopping Attacks 16.Other Layer2 and Layer3 Attacks
  13. 13. Contact Us Address: Flat no: 402, 4th floor, Huda Complex, Maitrivanam, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038 Phone: 091770 91770