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How Can The IRS Lawyer Reduce Business Taxes | Gordon Law LTD

Gordon Law Group completed all tax returns necessary. Our Firm acted as the client's Power of Attorney and represented him before the IRS. We assisted the client by drafting and negotiating an Installment Agreement with the IRS for $150 per month and stopped any and all collection activity to ensure the client can return to his day-to-day lifestyle.

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How Can The IRS Lawyer Reduce Business Taxes | Gordon Law LTD

  1. 1. How can the IRS lawyer reduce business taxes? GordonLawltd.Com Gordon Law Group
  2. 2. Visit for more: Call Us: (847) 580- 1279 We are ready to help you
  3. 3. If you think that you are paying the government more than you should for your business, it is time to hire an IRS lawyer. People are confused about whether they are paying too much or not and the look for ways to save money. They keep on failing because the agency is much cleverer and the taxpayers feel helpless. If they have the proper tax pro by their side, they can reduce the amount they pay. Here is how they can help: First of all, business is all about profit and loss. When the full deductible expenses of a business are bigger than the revenues, then it will be a loss than the agency will notice. For that, you can lower business taxes. You will not have to pay them in the current year. If you have already done, the IRS lawyer will record it for the upcoming year. In the next year, you will be able to reduce the amount by a huge percentage. The guidelines for utilizing this method relies on the type of the institution. It can run by only you or a company or trust. The attorney will make the procedures clear to you. They will record your losses Visit for more:
  4. 4. Changing the structure can help lower taxes. Whether you an LLC, S corporation or any other type it is time to get the IRS lawyer assist you to pick one. They will tell you which one will get you to pay fewer taxes. It can happen that you are the employer, and work yourself, so you are paying more taxes. LLCs are better than an S corporation because you can have other shareholders and it is less costly to set up. If you are an S corporation, you do not risk your assets but you will need tax preparation help. Integration of valuable practices like auditing is an ideal example to be mentioned here. They will alter business structure Visit for more:
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  6. 6. No matter what you are doing throughout the year like recording capital losses, giving to charity and having business credits, the IRS lawyer will make the plan to lower the amount of corporate tax. They will do some calculations that will make it look like you did not make the money that year. Hence, it will add to the following year. While they work on the end of the year financial planning, they will also select a retirement plan. There are various retirement plans which one can choose and for that, they do not need to pay taxes at the moment. We believe tax management is an ongoing activity. Those who don’t put their maximum resources and efforts and wait for year end cannot reap the complete benefits of exceptional tax management. The involvement of an IRS Lawyer can be a milestone for you and your business. Thus, consider this point as a priority item. Don’t waste your time and money. Visit for more: They do the year-end planning
  7. 7. Well, there are certain cases and requirements by fulfilling which individuals and businesses become entitled to applying deductions. No one else but only an IRS Lawyer can provide with the best possible services. Companies like, GordonLawLTD.Com is maintaining a separate team of specialist lawyers for dealing with such cases. So, in case if you are heading a business and you guys are doing well in social responsibility sector than don’t wait and discuss this matter with your IRS lawyer. As an example, consider the money that you spent on registered charities during the last fiscal year. Now, as per law, you or your firm or fully entitled for deducting that money while calculating your overall tax liability. Similar is the case with back taxes or tax credit. Unfortunately, there is no other way for seeking such a relief, other than the filing of returns. That is why we are for the hiring of an IRS Lawyer on a permanent basis. Visit for more: Deductions & Back Taxes
  8. 8. If you’re looking for a qualified Chicago IRS lawyer, get in touch with us today! Contact Now for Online IRS Lawyer 180 N LaSalle Suite 3700B Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm 847-580-1279 847-305-1202 Visit & Follow Us On Our Social Media Sites 650804545085804/ Copyright © 2017 GORDON LAW GROUP. All Rights Reserved.