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Big bazaar


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Big bazaar

  1. 1. Amity Business School A Project on Customer Satisfaction at BIG BAZAAR Submitted By : Ankita Sharma 03 Anika Virk 08 Kanishk kaul 35 Rishabh Dugar 46 Submitted To : Prof. Vandana Gupta Assignment - 1
  2. 2. Content Chapter No. Chapter Description Page No. 1. Preface of the Study 2-5 2. Introduction 6-8 3. Company History 9-11 4. Vision and mission 12-14 5. Analysis and Interpretation 15-34 of the Study 6. Findings 35-36 7. Recommendation 37-38 8. Conclusion 39-40 9. Bibliography 41-42 10. Annexures 43-47
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY This study has been conducted to achieve and attain the following objectives:- 1. To identify the people who are the customers of Big Bazaar. 2. To identify the customer satisfaction level among the customers related to the product supplied by the Big Bazaar. 3. To know about the expectations of the customers regarding any improvements in a particular area in Big Bazaar. 4. To study, access and analyze the overall behavioral pattern of the consumers of Big Bazaar. 5. To identify the consumers’ buying behavior at Big Bazaar. The study has been conducted and designed through the primary, secondary data and through a questionnaire which was provided to the customers of Big Bazaar. The questionnaire includes questions related to the satisfaction level of the customers and how much they are satisfied with the current position and environment at the Big Bazaar. 100 questionnaires were designed and were asked from 100 people, who are also the customers of Big Bazaar, to know about their preferences, the degree of satisfaction and if they are comfortable with the buying behavior at the Big Bazaar.
  5. 5. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The study has been conducted through a consumer survey with the help of a questionnaire. The basic information has been gathered from a sample size of 100 located in Noida and in New Delhi. The information has been collected through a questionnaire consisting of questions related to their satisfaction level at Big Bazaar which was based on their personal experiences. The information has been collected only from those people who were present at Big Bazaar and have shopped from the place at least once. This aspect of the data comprises our primary data structure. The secondary data has been collected from the company’s website, magazines and the employers of the Big Bazaar. Sample survey method has been adopted to study the behavioral pattern of the customers regarding shopping at Big Bazaar. In this only a few people were selected at random and questions were asked to them. This method usually provides useful information and the data as the customers are directly in contact with the person who asks the questions. Yet the one who conducts a survey faces problems as sometimes it so happens that a person is not willing to answer the questions and so in order to finish the survey early, they answer the questions randomly. To conclude, though quite accurate answers can’t be gathered through surveys yet some useful information can be collected that is not much different from the correct estimates. SAMPLE SIZE The sample size used in the search work is 100 and the areas covered are Big Bazar, Noida and Big Bazar, New Delhi.
  6. 6. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 1. The respondents were not taking proper interests in giving the feedback. They were trying to complete the questionnaire as soon as possible. Different age groups of people were there in the study and not a particular group was targeted. 2. The study was conducted only in particular areas i.e. Noida and New Delhi whereas Big Bazaar is across the country and other people may have other views regarding the services provided by the Big Bazaar team and the customer satisfaction level. 3. The biased results also fluctuated the study a lot as the some of the respondents were not taking keen interest in answering the questionnaire, they were a little biased. 4. Sometimes there responses may not match with their performances as what they say in the questionnaire may not always match with their real life experiences. Therefore, the quality or reliability of the information provided by such surveys is very poor and quite limited. 5. This kind of survey is useful in a short run period as the customers generally answer the questionnaire taking the current scenario and not the future prospective. 6. The survey conducted was time consuming as the sample size was 100 and it was not easy to get the data in one row. It required a lot of time to conduct a survey.
  7. 7. Introduction
  8. 8. Future Group Future Group, led by its founder and Group CEO, Mr. Kishore Biyani, is one of the India’s Leading business houses with multiple business spanning across the consumption space. While retail forms the core business activity of future group, group subsidiaries are present in consumer finance, capital, insurance, leisure and entertainment, brand development, retail, real estate development, retail media and logistics. Led by its flagship enterprise, Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited is India’s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer market. Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), the company operates over 16 million square feet of retail space, has over 214 stores across 90 cities and employs more than 36,000 people and is listed on Indian stock exchange. The company also operates an online portal Future Capitals Holding, the group’s financial arm provides investment advisory to assets worth over $1 billion that are being invested in consumer brands and companies, real estate, hotels and logistics. It also operates a consumer finance arm with branches in 150 locations. Other group companies include Future Generali, the group’s insurance venture in partnership with Italy’s Generali Group, Future Brands, a brand development and IPR company, Future Logistics, providing logistics and distribution system to group companies and business partners and Future Media, a retail media initiative. The group’s presence in Leisure and Entertainment segment is led through, Mumbai-based listed company Galaxy Entertainment Limited, Galaxy leading leisure chains, Sports bar and Bowling co. and family entertainment centers. Future Group believes in developing strong insights on Indian consumers and building business based on Indian ideas, as espoused in the group’s core value of “Indianness”. The group’s corporate credo is, “Rewrite rules, Retain values”.
  9. 9. Big Bazaar Big Bazaar is a chain of department stores in India currently with 100 outlets. It is owned by Pantaloon Retail India Ltd, Future Group. It works on the same economic model as Wal-Mart and has been successful in many Indian cities and small towns. The idea was pioneered by entrepreneur Mr. Kishore biyani, the CEO of Future Group. Big Bazaar offers a wide range of products including fashion and apparels, food products, general merchandise, furniture, electronics, books, fast food and leisure and entertainment sections. With its wide product range it fulfils the need of every consumer of different age group. The idea was pioneered by Kishore Biyani; the head of Pantaloon Retail India Ltd. Kishore Biyani follows a 3C theory: Change and Confidence among the entire population is leading to rise in Consumption. With this strategy the company has earned huge profits and records a good turnover every year. Big Bazaar has divided India into 3 different sectors. India one: Consuming class which includes lower middle and upper middle class (14% of India's population). India two: Serving class which includes people like liftmen, household helps, office peons, drivers, washermen, etc. (55% of India's population) India three: Struggling class (remaining 31% of India's population). Big Bazaar has tried to focus to make products for these 3 sectors so that everyone can afford the products according to their purchasing power and fortunately, has been successful. On successful completion of ten years in Indian market, in 2011, Big Bazaar has come up a new logo with a new tag line: ‘Naye India Ka Bazaar’, replacing the earlier one: 'Isse Sasta Aur Accha Kahin Nahin’. The company mainly focuses to satisfy its customers with different types of products. That is why it is known as shopping under one roof. Customers find it easy to locate the products of various types with different price range in one retail outlet. Big Bazaar has satisfied its customers to a good extend.
  10. 10. Company History
  11. 11. 1987 Company incorporated as ‘Manz Wear Private Limited’. Launch of Pantaloons trouser, India’s first formal trouser brand. 1991 Launch of BARE, the Indian jeans brand. 1992 Initial public offer (IPO) was made in the month of May. 1994 The Pantaloon Shoppe – exclusive menswear store in franchisee format launched across the nation. The company starts the distribution of branded garments through multi-brand retail outlets across the nation. 1995 John Miller – Formal shirt brand launched. 1997 Company enters modern retail with the launch of the first 8000 square feet store, Pantaloons in Kolkata. 2001 Three Big Bazaar stores launched within a span of 22 days in Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad. 2002 Food Bazaar, the supermarket chain is launched. 2004 Central - India’s first seamless mall is launched in Bangalore. 2005 Group moves beyond retail, acquires stakes in Galaxy Entertainment, Indus League Clothing and Planet Retail. Sets up India’s first real estate investment fund Kshitij to build a chain of shopping malls. 2006 Future Capital Holdings, the company’s financial is formed to manage over $1.5 billion in real estate, private equity and retail infrastructure funds. Plans forays into retailing of consumer finance products. Home Town, a home building and improvement products retail chain is launched along with consumer durables format, Ezone and furniture chain, Furniture Bazaar. Future Group enters into joint venture agreements to launch insurance products with Italian insurance major, Generali. Forms joint ventures with US office stationery retailer, Staples. 2007 Future Group crosses $1 billion turnover mark. Specialised companies in retail media, logistics, IPR and brand development and retail-led technology services become operational. Pantaloon Retail wins the ‘International Retailer of the Year’ at US based National Retail Federation convention in New York and ‘Emerging Retailer’ of the Year
  12. 12. award at the World Retail Congress held in Barcelona. becomes India’s most popular shopping portal. 2008 Future Capital Holdings becomes the second group company to make a successful Initial Public Offering in the Indian capital markets. Big Bazaar crosses the 100-store mark, marking one of the fastest ever expansion of a hypermarket format anywhere in the world. Total operational retail space crosses 10 million square feet mark. Future Group acquires rural retail chain, ‘Aadhar’ present in 65 rural locations.
  13. 13. Vision & Mission
  14. 14. Vision: “To Deliver Everything, Everywhere, Every time, to Every Indian Customer in the most profitable manner.” One of the core values at Future Group is, ‘India ness’ and its corporate credo is – “Rewrite rules, Retain values.” Mission: We share the vision and belief that our customers and stakeholders shall be served only by creating and executing future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic development.
  15. 15. Core Values  Indianness: confidence in ourselves.  Leadership: to be a leader, both in thought and business.  Respect & Humility: to respect every individual and be humble in our conduct.  Introspection: leading to purposeful thinking.  Openness: to be open and receptive to new ideas, knowledge and information.  Valuing and Nurturing Relationships: to build long term relationships.  Simplicity & Positivity: Simplicity and Positivity in our thought, business and work.  Adaptability: to be flexible and adaptable, to meet new challenges.  Flow: to respect and understand the universal laws of nature
  16. 16. Analysis and Interpretation of The Study
  17. 17. How often do you visit Big Bazaar? Scale Frequency Percentage (%) mostly 23 23 frequently 69 69 rarely 8 8 Total 100 100 Interpretation :- The first question asked to respondents was how often they visited big bazaar and 8 out of 100 people to whom the question was asked said they visited it rarely whereas 69 out of 100 people said they visited big bazaar frequently and 8 out of 100 people said they visited the big bazaar most of the times. Visit to Big Bazaar Mostly Frequently Rarely
  18. 18. Are you satisfied with the information about products which is provided by employees of big bazaar? Scale Frequency Percentage (%) Fully satisfied 20 20 Satisfied 60 60 Neutral 20 20 Total 100 100 Interpretation: - it can be said the most of the customers are satisfied with the performance of big bazaar as there is a high ratio of people who are either satisfied or fully satisfied with their satisfaction level. There were around 80 % of people who are satisfied with the information about the product displayed and are very happy to visit Big - Bazaar again and again. There were around 20 % of the respondent who were not much satisfied with Big Bazaar and have problem with the information display at Big Bazaar.
  19. 19. Satisfaction Scale Fully Satisfied Satisfied neutral
  20. 20. Quality Standards of Big Bazaar products SCALE FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE (%) CUMMULATIVE FREQUENCY Very good 11 11% 11 Good 42 42% 53 Ok 23 23% 76 Bad 18 18% 94 Very Bad 6 6% 100 Total 100 100 Interpretation: - Big Bazaar needs to work on the quality of the products as in today’s world quality is given priority. As we came up with the results of the survey it was found out 24% of the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the products. So, as to enhance the customer satisfaction level, Big Bazaar should work on the quality of the products.
  21. 21. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Quality Of Product Very Good good Ok Bad Very Bad
  22. 22. DoyouthinkBigBazaarshouldworkonStoreLayoutwhichwillmakeiteasyfor Customerstofindwhattheyneed? SCALE FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE (%) CUMMULATIVE FREQUENCY Strongly agree 3 3% 3 Agree 8 8% 11 Neutral 38 38% 49 Disagree 14 14% 63 Strongly Disagree 37 37% 100 Total 100 100 Interpretation: - Big bazaar should work on the layout of the stores tremendously. As there is a vast number who customers who find it very difficult to search products. Big bazaar has got all the products available in their store it’s just that the customers are not aware of the positioning of the products. The recommendations for the same are that proper direction marks should be carried across the store to guide the customers. There were around 11% of people who would like to suggest Big Bazaar to work on its Store Customization and around 38% of people were neutral on this question which meant that it was neither a No, thus this is a suggestion from most of the people for Big Bazaar to work on its Store layout.
  23. 23. Store Layout Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree strongly dis agree
  24. 24. How is the billing process? Scale Frequency Percentage Cummulative Frequency Good 57 57% 57 Ok 39 39% 96 Bad 4 4% 100 Total 100 100 Interpretation: - Big Bazaar has got very good billing system. There are multiple number of queues for billing & the billing process is very fast & majority of the customers are satisfied with the billing process, but around 4 % of the people suggested that there must be few more payment option that includes payment through Mobile phones and Big Bazaar cards. Billing Process Good Ok Bad
  25. 25. What about the services could they be improved? Scale Frequency Percentage Cumulative frequency Service can be faster/more efficient 4 4 4 Service could be friendlier 4 4 8 Staff should communicate better with customers 2 2 10 Stores need to be cleaner 39 39 49 The stores needs more parking space 47 47 96 The location needs to be closer 3 3 99 Others 1 1 100 total 100 100 Interpretation: - Big Bazaar should work on parking & cleanliness issues as lot of customers have problem with parking places & cleanliness of the store. They should implement proper cleaning charts & give them to the cleaning staff heads & an hourly inspection should be done by the supervisors. As according to my analysis about 86% of the respondents have a problem either due to parking space or cleanliness of Big Bazaar.
  26. 26. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 How can service be improved How can service be improved
  27. 27. Your complaint’s are handled Timely & Constructively SCALE FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE (%) CUMMULATIVE FREQUENCY Strongly agree 22 22% 22 Agree 21 21% 43 Neutral 53 53% 96 Disagree 3 3% 99 Strongly Disagree 1 1% 100 Total 100 100 Interpretation: - Most of the respondents are very happy & satisfied with the complaint handling department of big bazaar. It’s a big positive for them. It was found out that only 1% customers strongly disagreed with the statement and 3% dis agreed with the statement, whereas 53% remained neutral. So, we can say that there is scope for improvement for them.
  28. 28. Complaints Handled Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
  29. 29. Rate the overall Customer Service of Big Bazaar SCALE FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE (%) CUMMULATIVE FREQUENCY Excellent 7 7% 7 Good 63 63% 70 Ok 27 27% 97 Bad 3 3% 100 Worst 0 0% 100 Total 100 100 Interpretation: - Most of the respondents agreed with this statement. According to our analysis Big Bazaar gives prompt service to its customers. Among the total respondents agreed respondent rate is 7% excellent, 63% as good, 27% as ok & only mere 3% respondents think that services are bad.
  30. 30. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Excellent Good Ok Bad Worst Overall Customer Service overall customer service
  31. 31. Does the Staff Communicates in the language that you understand SCALE FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE (%) CUMMULATIVE FREQUENCY Yes 78 78% 78 No 6 6% 84 Needs Improvement 16 16% 100 Total 100 100 Interpretation: - The respondent were satisfied with the language of the employees of Big bazaar but there were around 6% who were not at all satisfied with the language of employees of Big bazaar and wanted them to drastically change their speaking style and around 16 5 of the respondent suggested that the employees need improvement and they can speak lot better. The respondent also mentioned that there was regional tone in the employees language which was not appreciated by some respondent and suggested to bring some change in it.
  32. 32. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Yes No Needs improvement Language of Staff Language of Staff
  33. 33. How likely are you to Recommend BIG BAZAAR to your Friends and Family? Scale Frequency Percentage (%) Cummulative Frequency Very Strongly 72 72% 72 Strongly 14 14% 86 Neutral 12 12% 98 Won’t Recommend 2 02% 100 Total 100 100% Interpretation:- The respondent were mostly satisfied with Big bazaar and were willing to recommend there friends and family to visit the store , around 72% of them said that they would Strongly Recommend Big Bazaar to their loved ones and 14% of the respondent replied that they would also recommend Big Bazaar. 12% of the population were neutral on the topic and didn’t want to take any side. There were 2 people who would not recommend Big Bazaar to their friends and family as they think it would be waste of their time and Big Bazaar could not cater their needs.
  34. 34. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Very Strongly Strongly Neutral Won't Recommend Recommend Big Bazaar Recommend To Big Bazaar
  35. 35. Findings
  36. 36. FINDINGS OF THE REPORT:-  Big Bazaar is the number retailer in India undoubtedly. It has built a very strong bond with all its customers.  Big Bazaar attracts most of its customers due to its economical products & worth. But the most crucial factor that attracts most of the customers is its customer services.  According to the research it was found out that most of the customers were affected due to its schemes & promotions that it promotes on independence day, republic day etc.  Big Bazaar has to work on its store layout, so as the customers can get the products easily without any problem. As for now it’s a big issue for the customers.  There is a vast majority of customers of big bazaar who came to big bazaar to buy products for marriage purposes as they find it very economical to give to their daughters.  Cleanliness & hygienic conditions are a big issue for the management in its food & vegetable section.  Location, variety conveniences, economical products play a big role in sales of Big Bazaar.
  37. 37. Recommendations
  38. 38. RECOMMENDATIONS:-  A product becomes a hit when the customer is aware about the product. The prominent tool to increase awareness of product is advertising. Big Bazaar should use advertising as a tool to increase its market share.  Big Bazaar should promote various new offers to attract new customers.  They shouldn’t compromise with the quality of the product as quality is the first most priority of the customers.  The employees should be given proper training to deal with the customers.  To increase the share of its loyal customers Big Bazaar should promote coupon system & should distribute weekly coupons to regular customers.  Most of the customers go for on the spot buying just because of attractive displays. So, proper eye catchy combinations should be carried out across the stores to attract customers to buy those things.  The back bone of retail business is good customer services. Customer loyalty can only be earned by providing satisfactory & excellent services to the customers.
  39. 39. Conclusion
  40. 40. Thus this report gave us lots of learning and collecting data about the company helped us to analyze the consumers thinking and thought about the company.  A part of the future group, Big Bazaar is a hypermarket which offers all kinds of goods of good quality at affordable prize under one roof. Big Bazaar has over more than 140 outlets in different parts of the country in both the metro cities as well as the small towns.  Big Bazaar has a very healthy working environment & follows very good strategies for employee motivation.  In Big Bazaar the bond between the employees & managers is very strong & healthy. All the employees work as a team & perform their duties whole heartedly & in such a manner that satisfies the customer the most.  Big Bazaar attracts most of its customers through a very good Ad campaigns.  Big Bazaar can improve the level of customer satisfaction by providing them free home delivery.  With the introduction of F.D.I. in the retail sector Big Bazaar will have to face tough competition from the global giants like wall mart.  Till now As Big Bazaar has very less competition, it can be concluded that Big Bazaar is one of the major retail industry in India.
  41. 41. Bibiliography
  42. 42. Serial No Text Title Author and Publication Detail 1. Marketing Kotler, Philip Management 10th edition,1999 2. Marketing Ramaswamy,V.S & Management Namakumari 2nd edition 3. Principles of Kotler,Philip & Marketing Armstrong,Gary 8th edition Other Sources : 1. 2. 3. Big Bazaar Bouchers
  43. 43. Annextures
  44. 44. QUESTIONNAIRE Name: __________________________________________________ Occupation: ______________________________________________ Sex:  Male  Female Age:  10-20  20-30  30-40  40 and above 1. How often do you Visit Big Bazaar? Mostly Frequently Rarely 2. Are you satisfied with the information about products which is provided by employees of big bazaar? Fully Satisfied Satisfied Neutral
  45. 45. 3. Quality Standards of Big Bazaar products Very Good Good Ok Bad Very Bad 4. Do you think Big Bazaar should work on Store Layout which will make it easy for Customers to find what they need? Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree 5. How is the billing process? Good Ok Bad
  46. 46. 6. What about the services could they be improved? Service can be faster/more efficient Service could be friendlier Staff should communicate better with customers Stores need to be cleaner The Store needs more Parking Place The location needs to be closer 7. Your complaint’s are handled Timely & Constructively Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree 8. Rate the overall Customer Service of Big Bazaar Excellent Good Ok Bad Worst
  47. 47. 9. Does the Staff Communicates in the language that you understand Yes No Needs Improvement 10.How likely are you to Recommend BIG BAZAAR to your Friends and Family? Very Strongly Strongly Neutral Won’t Recommend