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Extreme sports


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Published in: Education
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Extreme sports

  1. 1. Extreme Sports
  2. 2. Objectives We are going to learn about extreme sport n, where, what and how questions to describ
  3. 3. Video
  4. 4. What is “extreme sports”? They are sometimes dangerous. They are usually done individually. They are adventure sports.
  5. 5. hat do people enjoy about white water raftin Why do people like dangerous sports? What is parkour? Why do people like it? What do you need to do parkour? Is it difficult?
  6. 6. When Where What How do you do it? do you do it? do you need? do you do it?
  7. 7. Surfing Where? When? What? How? You do it in the summer You do it on the water at the beach You need a board and a swimsuit You ride the surfboard on the water
  8. 8. When? Where? What? How? Zip-lining You do it in the summer, spring or autumn You do it in the forests, mountains or parks You need a helmet and a rope You hang from the rope and slide down
  9. 9. When? Where? What? How? Parkour You can do it all year You do it on buildings and on the street You need good trainers You run, jump and flip
  10. 10. Windsurfing
  11. 11. Ice climbing
  12. 12. Kite surfing
  13. 13. Hiking
  14. 14. Mountain biking
  15. 15. Rafting
  16. 16. Rock climbing
  17. 17. Scuba diving
  18. 18. Skateboarding
  19. 19. Snowboarding