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The Art of Storytelling Using Data Science

Gramener's VP - Sales, APAC Region, Vijayam Sirikonda interacted with the students of IIM Raipur and talked about the importance of data storytelling for business users.

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The Art of Storytelling Using Data Science

  2. 2. GRAMENER NARRATES INSIGHTS AS DATA STORIES Stories are Memorable, Viral NUMBERS ARE NOT ENOUGH STORIES EXPLAIN THEM Delays are due to fragile cargo. Trained staff and forklifts reduce risk of breakage, and hence reduce delay. Insights are Big, Useful, Significant FACTS ARE NOT USEFUL E.g. Delay in cargo delivery grew 8% last quarter. INSIGHTS ENABLE ACTION Lack of forklifts and fewer trained staff led to the delay. Improving these can reduce cargo delay by 15%. WE REVIEW EVERY FACT TO CHECK IF IT’S AN INSIGHT AND A STORY INSIGHT STORY DATA GRAMENER COMBINES 2
  3. 3. Persona Mapping Empathy Mapping Use case Exploration Opportunity areas Scoped problem User scenarios Information Architecture Exploratory Data Analysis Design Ideation Wireframe design Prototyping Usability Testing Iterative Development User Testing DISCOVER (Research Phase) DEFINE (Synthesis Phase) DERIVE (Data Insights Phase) DESIGN (Ideation Phase) DEVELOP (Implementation Phase) BY LEVERAGING DESIGN THINKING TO DELIVER BEST INFORMATION EXPERIENCE Solving the right problem… backed by the right data… in the right way.
  4. 4. AND OUR CAPABILITY IN ADVANCED ANALYTICS Areas we have worked in ML/AI include: Image Classification Video Analysis Object Recognition Face Recognition GIS – Geographical Information System Speech Recognition Autolysis Clustering Treemap Network Analytics Recommendations, Actionable insights & Productionized Models Analytics is fast-tracked with our Proprietary Analytical Packages & Toolsets, combined with common tools like R, Python, SAS, Excel We help define problems, take your data from any source Leverage our Analytics framework to extract insights And come back with prescriptive actions Text Analytics
  5. 5. LED BY A GROUP OF EX-IBM LEADERS WITH PASSION FOR DATA Gramener was founded in 2011 by a team of ex-IBMers. We are self-funded and profitable. The firm began in India, and expanded operations to Asia, Europe and North America. Today, Gramener has offices in the east & west coast of the US, in Singapore, and a presence in Europe & Middle East. Gramener’s data science expertise is drawn from a team of ~200 with a rare skill combination:  Analytics  Consulting  Programming  Statistics  Visual Design S. Anand CEO, Co-founder Naveen Gattu COO, Co-founder Sivakumar Sangubotla SVP, Delivery Anand drives Strategy - Business & Technical at Gramener and is rated among the top 10 data scientists in India. Mayank Kapur CDO, Co-founder Naveen drives Sales & Operations, and focuses on client success & relationship. Ganes Kesari SVP Analytics & Innovation, Co-founder Ganes leads AI Labs & Analytics practice. He is a thought leader and an international speaker. Siva has two decades of rich experience in IT Industry spanning Global Delivery, PMO, and Operations Management. Mayank drives the project delivery and has a proven record of driving growth and client value creation. 5
  6. 6. AND TRUSTED PARTNERS TO OVER 100 CLIENTS IN MORE THAN 5 VERTICALS Media & Marketing Public Sector & NGO Technology & Consulting Banking & Financial Services Pharma & Healthcare Manufacturing, Retail & Others 6
  7. 7. Humanizing Analytics to Capture Minds & Hearts Gramener bridges the gap between representation and captivating the human mind, leveraging its analytics framework to capture impactful insights and engaging human emotions through powerful storytelling 2019 Global Annual Achievement Award for AI Named in Gartner’s market guide for to Analytics providers 2019 Great Place to Work Growth Champions 2020 – Economic Times Featured in TechCrunch 1 1 0 Deliver best in class analytics around measurable ROI Engage through storytelling Impact Data culture through visual storytelling Discover business problem and capture information1
  9. 9. DATA STORYTELLING IS A CRITICAL SKILL FOR DATA SCIENTISTS, ANALYSTS & MANAGERS 9 Stories are memorable. They spread virally People remember stories. They’ll act on them. People share stories. That enables collective action. For people to act on analysis, data stories are critical. But analysts present analysis, not stories We present what we did. Not what you need. You need to know what happened, why, & what to do. Narrated in an engaging way. As a story. We’ll learn how do that in this session. Storytelling has a 30X Return on Investment Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn auctioned common items like mugs, golf balls, toys, etc. The item descriptions were stories purpose-written by 200+ contributing writers. Items that were bought for $250 sold for over $8,000 – a return of over 3,000% for storytelling! Original price: $2.00. Final price: $50.00. This little statue stood on the window-sill in my favorite aunt’s front hall. Perched between plants of varying shapes and sizes, surrounded by shards of broken pottery and miniature ceramic elephants from the Red Rose Tea box, dappled with sunlight shining through the leaded glass figures of St. Francis in his garden and the mossy Celtic Cross, …
  11. 11. THE JOURNEY FROM DATA TO DECISIONS Data Engineering MaturityPhases Data Science Data as ‘Culture’ Data Collection Data Storage Data Transformatio n Reporting Insights Consumptio n Decisions Source: Article – When and how to build out your data science team
  12. 12. THE JOURNEY FROM DATA TO DECISIONS Data Engineering Data Science Data Collection Data Storage Data Transformatio n Reporting Insights Consumption MaturityPhases Source: Article – When and how to build out your data science team Data as ‘Culture’ Decisions
  13. 13. INSIGHT: PREDICTING TELCO CUSTOMER CHURN Tenure (months) 0 - 12 36+12-36 Data Usage > 1.5 GB 01 YN Bill > $65 0 N Y • Simple Decision-tree model offered ~30% reduction in churn • Advanced black-box models offered ~50%, but with low explainability 0Low Risk 1 High Risk Source: Gramener
  14. 14. • Human settlements closer to the coast • Northern belt has high density Population Distribution Maps on
  15. 15. • Kerala (in the south) is wealthy despite higher population Wealth Distribution Maps on
  16. 16. • North east region has better toilets despite low wealth Type of Toilet facilities Maps on
  17. 17. Senior Data ScientistPrincipal AI StorytellerChief Data Wizard FEELING LUCKY? HERE’S A DATA SCIENCE TITLE GENERATOR! Data Statistical ML AI Chief Principal Senior Junior Associate Deputy Assistant Scientist Engineer Analyst Designer Developer Designer Storyteller Ninja Chef Wrangler Evangelist Rock Star Wizard Alchemist Vanity keywords Areas Activities
  18. 18. $1.1 BN IMPACT ON 550K TONS OF INVENTORY MOVEMENT ON PRICE FORECASTING An industrial group dealing in commodities was trying to forecast the future trend of Viscose price in order to take decisions on whether to hold or push inventory actively. Gramener used time series forecasting models including ARIMA, NNET, TBATS to determine forecast by analyzing ten years historical prices of the commodities, along with competitor prices, substitutes prices, exchange rates and stock indices. Also, since the key question was direction, not magnitude, we applied classification models (SVM, Random Forest, XG Boost) for higher trend accuracies. The results of 2 different models predict the price 5 weeks’ price trend (up or down) weekly. Based on this, business users determine whether to push the level of inventory up or down across the 550,000 tons of viscose – a savings potential of ~2% on USD $1.1 billion. 2% 75%+ Savings Potential on USD $1.1 Billion Accuracy on Price Forecasting and Direction 18
  19. 19. WHAT DOES THE DATA TOOLS LANDSCAPE LOOK LIKE? The tool does not matter. A person’s skill with the tool does. Pick an ability to learn new tools rapidly Source:
  20. 20. EXAMPLE: WHAT ARE YOUR TOOL OPTIONS TO VISUALIZE DATA? Code-based Plug-n- play Flexibility Complexity Google Data Studio Excel Google Sheets Tableau Raw Vismio Datawrapper Timeline JS Polestar Vega Vega-lite d3, matplotlib C3 High charts Nvd3 Gramex ggplot, bokeh Plotly Choose tools based on flexibility, your background and tool availability
  21. 21. Tip #4: Learn new tools quickly Tip #2: Learn non-core skills Tip #3: Sharpen ability to handle data Tip #1: Master the application of knowledge
  23. 23. COVID-19 HAS DISRUPTED THE GLOBAL ECONOMY.. Source: McKinsey – COVID-19 Briefing materials
  24. 24. ..THE US LOST ALL JOBS GAINED SINCE THE GREAT RECESSION Source: Tax Policy Center Over 26M jobs lost… …in just 5 weeks Source: CNBC, Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  25. 25. WHAT DOES THE RECESSION MEAN FOR JOBS IN DATA SCIENCE? Source: McKinsey report – Lives and Livelihoods Data jobs and specialized professions are relatively less impacted Industries with the lowest wages and lowest educational attainment are hit the hardest
  26. 26. HERE’S WHY DATA IS KEY FOR COVID-19 AND THE RECESSION Enterprises B Community C Remote workforce & collaboration Market demand & Cash flows1 2 Supply chain & Logistics3 Identifying vulnerability and contact-tracing Tracking the COVID-19 patient lifecycle1 2 Predicting infection rates and spread2 Public Health A Understand behavioral shifts Mapping the effectiveness of shutdown1 2 Address people concerns during Covid-193 Source: Gramener – NYC 311 analysisSource: Kinsa Health weather map Source: Gramener – Supply Chain flow
  27. 27. HOW DO YOU STAY RELEVANT AND GROW IN YOUR CAREER PATH? Do your own data projects Read/Write on data science Maintain a public portfolio Compete, learn & re- apply Source: Article – How to demonstrate your passion for Data
  28. 28. OUR OFFICES 28 USA-New Jersey USA-California Singapore India-Hyderabad India-Bengaluru India-Mumbai 2 Research Way, Princeton, NJ 08540, Ph: +1 609 454 5170 Fax: +1 609 454 3669 5000 Birch Street West Tower Suite 3000 Newport Beach, CA - 92660 Ph: +1 949 878 0703 High Street Centre, #18-03 1 North Bridge Road Singapore - 179094 Ph: +65 6536 0036 Plot No.9/2, 2nd Floor Survey No.64, HUDA Techno Enclave, Phase - II, Madhapur, Hyderabad Telangana - 500081 Ph: +91 40 6764 2100 Fax: +91 40 6764 2121 NCR Arcade, 2nd floor, 580/B, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, 560102 Ph: +91 80 4122 5398 Supreme Business Park, 2nd floor, Wing B, Behind Lake Castle Building, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, 400 076
  29. 29. Thank You! @vijayams /vijayam Sirikonda Please help me improve the session by answering the feedback survey that will be sent to your email 