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  1. 1. Implementation
  2. 2. Staff Communication The more you involve your staff in your marketing plans, the more they will invest themselves in it. Your team needs to have total confidence in the information and actions outlined for your school. Communicate the plan to your team as much as possible, and make sure they have an opportunity to contribute to it. In particular: • make sure they understand how the marketing plan fits within your schools mission, vision, priorities and policies • discuss how your staff can promote your school with examples • present professional development opportunities your staff can participate in
  3. 3. Staff Communication Offering your staff quality professional development for the betterment of your school image is encouraged. Leadership Development currently offers a course titled Service Excellence in which participants learn how to provide a WOW experience to both visitors and staff. Service Excellence – • To register search for LD0474 in eTRAIN • Upcoming dates include: • October 6,2015 2 – 4 PM • October 27, 2015 2 – 4 PM • November 3, 2015 2 – 4 PM • November 17, 2015 2 – 4 PM
  4. 4. Monitor Your Progress Once you and your staff are on the same page don’t forget to check in on your progress. You can analyze your social media pages to see the growth of engagement as well as the reach you have. Facebook: • or • Facebook Insights (part of your page management tools) • See how many new likes your page has • The level of engagement • What type of posts your audience gravitates to the most Twitter: • • Log in to your Twitter account and access important analytics • Look at how many new followers, retweets, and profile visits you have
  5. 5. Manage Content If you see a decline in engagement or want to ramp up growth remember to pay close attention to the content being presented. Use the following along with the downloads provided to evaluate your progress. Electronic Media: • Website information is up to date and regularly maintained • Social media posts are providing valuable information • You create a hashtag (#RyanES) and consistently use on electronic and print media • Easily digestible by the general audience Print Media: • Create brochures for frequently asked questions by parents • Extra curricular activities • School overview • Specialty courses • Follow HISD branding standards for all flyers and newsletters
  6. 6. Review Before you finish the course, let’s review a few key points. Hint: This will help with your quiz! 1. An elevator pitch is a short persuasive pitch that is used to promote your school to anyone. 2. Your marketing content should tie in with your mission and vision. 3. Parents prefer Facebook over other social media platforms. 4. Editorial calendars help plan your monthly and yearly topics. 5. HISD has detailed branding standards available for download. 6. Service Excellence is a great professional development opportunity for all staff. 7. It is critical that you check in on your progress periodically. Final Steps: 1. Review! 2. Take Quiz and score at least an 80% 3. Participate in course evaluation