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Tagging 101 (Northern Voice)

My introductory talk about tagging from the Northern Voice InternetBootCamp.

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Tagging 101 (Northern Voice)

  1. 1. Tagging 101 Northern Voice InternetBootCamp Vancouver, BC • February 22, 2008
  2. 2. About Me Gene Smith Edmonton, AB ← My book... available now! (But I’ll give one away!) Book site:
  3. 3. What is tagging? • Simple and quick way to add metadata [*] to stuff you’re interested in, like photos, videos, blog posts and bookmarks. * keywords that help you search and find things again.
  4. 4. Maybe a demo will help... • Let’s look at Delicious • Social bookmarks manager • One of the first tagging applications •
  5. 5. Who Uses Tagging? • Just about every web application that deals with information management • Gmail, Flickr, YouTube • WordPress, MovableType, Blogger • Operating Systems (Vista, Mac, OLPC)
  6. 6. Why We Tag • Ease of Use • Personal Information Management • Collaboration and Sharing • Fun • Self Expression
  7. 7. nptech, a tag community • “nptech” • Created by a group of blogger exploring linksharing through • “I think that the development of this tag is arguably the single largest reason for the current (thriving I think) state of what is commonly called the “nptech community.” - Chris Blow
  8. 8. Social Tagging • Social Hum • Object-centered sociality • Lowered barriers to participation
  9. 9. Photo:
  10. 10. 1 2
  11. 11. Community Community Article Article submission submission Creating ' broadcast' Creating ' broadcast' content (messageboards) content (messageboards) Short commenting (eBay reviews; Friends Reunited) Votes/polls and tagging Reading web content, 'sending to a friend' Reading web content © BBC 2005 Current steps to participation Possible steps to participation
  12. 12. Getting Started • Tag your blog posts, photos, bookmarks • Use your tags to find people with similar interests & connect with them • Technorati • Seed communities with your tags • “nptech” • Coordinate tags with others - “nv08”
  13. 13. “When the hype wears down... I think tagging will have altered the information landscape in a fundamental way” - Jon Udell
  14. 14. Another demo...
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