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How Craigslist Works


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How Craigslist Works

  1. 1. Page 1 ● is a popular English website. ● Founder Craig new mark and the CEO gym back mer studio provide the place of the communication to the user. ● I can post participating in a forum argument and your advertisement when I register myself with the site.
  2. 2. The reason that thought that page 1 was important Because it was necessary to have you know what kind of thing was
  3. 3. Work of the staff Page 2 ● The craigslist employee gives community member sense of community and is going to do a site peacefully. ● Staff will be what is made to act than now if they do not do it. ● The community site reflects intention of the founder and the CEO most.
  4. 4. The reason that thought that page 2 was important Because I thought that it was very interesting the staff devised it, and to work
  5. 5. A craigslist challenge Page 3 ● In the craigslist community site, I am going to find a fraud now. ● The police look for the illegal advertisement in the site. ● You must pay a fine if you do an illegal thing in a site.
  6. 6. The reason that thought that page 3 was important Because the problem that I came over, and happened that was a site was important