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Infinispan Presentation from 10 February 2010 Redhat OpenSource Cloud Computing Forum

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  1. 1. Infinispan Manik Surtani Founder and project lead, Infinispan Red Hat, Inc. 1 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  2. 2. Agenda Cloud computing and data grids And why you should care Introducing Infinispan And its relationship to JBoss Cache The path ahead for Infinispan Featureset and roadmap 2 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  3. 3. Clouds are here, clouds are now. And will become mainstream Whether public or private Except for niche deployments Why? Cost: Piecemeal pricing, economies of scale, TCO Manageability: Fast provisioning, implicit backups Cope with load Elasticity – scale out, scale back in again Lack of single point of failure 3 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  4. 4. Why now? The perfect storm. Enablers (technical): Mature virtualization Fast and cheap bandwidth Drivers (financial): Current state of world economies? 4 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  5. 5. So why should I care? The platform I use will still be relevant Java, Java EE Python, Ruby, .NET … Whatever! The OS I use will still be relevant Linux Solaris ... 5 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  6. 6. Databases on the cloud Databases and clouds don't like each other Traditional mechanisms of data storage won't work Clouds are inherently stateless and ephemeral Scalability is crucial Databases still are bottlenecks Clouds need to be self-healing Databases are single points of failure 6 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  7. 7. How do people deal with this? Hacks to get databases on the cloud E.g., MySQL on EC2 EBS? S3? Snapshots for backups? Amazon RDS FathomDB 7 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  8. 8. How do people deal with this? Data grid solutions Amazon SimpleDB Infinispan … many other commercial and OSS offerings NoSQL solutions Google DataStore service MongoDB, CouchDB … etc. 8 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  9. 9. In-memory Data Grids = Speed! Low latency Accessing memory orders of magnitude faster than disk seek Far greater concurrency Memory handles concurrent hardware threads better than disk access 9 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  10. 10. Introducing Infinispan 10 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  11. 11. Infinispan and JBoss Cache Scalable data grid platform open source - LGPL Based on some JBoss Cache code ... but mostly all-new JBoss Cache ... ... is a clustered caching library ... exposes a tree-structured API Infinispan... ... is a data grid platform ... has a Map-like API - compatible with JSR-107 11 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  12. 12. Infinispan != JBoss Cache 4 New Architecture Internal data container design completely different Cutting edge algorithms New APIs APIs completely different Not backward-compatible Although an code-level compatibility layer is available New Expectations Designed for a wider scope of purpose 12 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  13. 13. Greater scalability Internal structures more memory efficient Data organized in Map-like structures As opposed to a tree Making better use of CAS minimizing synchronized blocks, mutexes optimized for multicore Containers are naturally ordered makes eviction much more efficient Uses JBoss Marshalling smaller payloads + poolable streams = faster remote calls 13 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  14. 14. Borrowed from JBoss Cache JTA transactions Replicated data structure Eviction, cache persistence Notifications and eventing API JMX reporting MVCC locking Non-blocking state transfer techniques Querying and indexing 14 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  15. 15. New in Infinispan Consistent hash based data distribution Much simpler Map API (JSR-107 compliant)‫‏‬ JPA-like API Client/server module memcached compatibility HotRod - binary protocol to support “smart clients” REST API REST-* caching spec effort 15 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  16. 16. New in Infinispan Ability to be consumed by non-JVM platforms JOPR based GUI management console Distributed execution Map/reduce programming model made easy! Familiar, standard fork/join API 16 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  17. 17. Why is Infinispan sexy? 1. Transparent horizontal scalability Elastic in both directions 2. Fast, low latency data access 3. Ability to address a very large heap 4. Cloud-ready datastore 5. Not just for Java 6. Active, welcoming and democratic developer community 7. Free and doesn't suck! 17 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  18. 18. To sum things up... Clouds are becoming mainstream Developers need to think about challenges involved DBs and clouds pose many challenges Data grids offer a good alternative Infinispan, a new open source data grid Viable cloud data store Not just for clouds: remove bottlenecks and single points of failure in non-cloud environments too 18 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  19. 19. How can you participate? Download and try it out! Report bugs in code, even docs, wikis, etc. Suggest new features! Test with your own use cases We love to hear how people use our stuff!! Lend a hand with development Open and democratic dev process Helps prioritize features you want! 19 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |
  20. 20. Questions? - #infinispan IRC #infinispan on FreeNode 20 INFINISPAN | Manik Surtani |