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9th Agenda For 3 8 10


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9th Agenda For 3 8 10

  1. 1. Trail Map 3.8.10 Living Environment New Tables Progress Reports Morning Hike: pg #86. Tape in the question and answer it Practice Exam for Organizing Life's Diversity Schedule interviews HW: Study for exams You must have acceptable grades on the beetle key and fish key to take the exam
  2. 2. Table 1 Miranda, Abby, Chaitin, Morgan K, Colleen, Chelsea Table 2 Jessica, Kyle, Emma, Emily, Jerry Table 3 Kaylyn, Bobby, Morgan H, Allison, Vinnie, Taylor Table 4 Tucker, Colin, Sydney, Matt, Brytni-Ann
  3. 3. Trail Map 3.9.10 Living Environment A Period Exam on Organizing Life's Diversity Make a pocket for your six kingdoms escalator on pg # 83. Practice quiz on pg #84 and pocket for exam on 85. Start new section: biochemistry on 87 . B Period: Biochemistry HW: Read pgs 141-145 in text book. Do problem solving lab on pg 145 in text on pg 88 in your notebook
  4. 4. Trail Map 3.10.10 Living Environment Morning Hike: Find someone who... When done tape into pg# 90 Copy your homework and turn in Acids and Bases Activity Notes: Water pg #89 HW: Read 146-151. List all the bold vocab words on pg 88 (if not room go to next free even pg, # 92. Do you know what all mean? Practice quiz on Thursday. Final quiz on Friday
  5. 5. Trail Map 3.11.10 Living Environment Go over find someone who… tape in on pg#90 Practice Quiz Biochemistry Postponed till Friday Show me your list of words from your homework Microscope refresher HW: Study for practice quiz on biochemistry. Read pgs 153-156
  6. 6. Trail Map 3.12.10 Living Environment Practice quiz biochemistry Notes: Water Start Osmosis and Diffusion Lab HW: Read over the whole Diffusion Lab