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  1. 1. Midterm By Tricia Mitchell
  2. 2.  Intelligence is the cognitive abilities of an individual to learn from experience, to reason well, and cope with the demands of daily living.  Or  The ability to analyze, evaluate , and compare  Ability to create, imagine ,and invent  Ability to apply, implement, and utilize
  3. 3.  In the early years the (g) base on mechanical, musical, and artistic abilities by Charles Spearman  Some Psychologist think that there were other abilities, the Primary Mental Abilities to justify this theory (Howard Gardner)
  4. 4.  Linguistic  Logical-mathematical  Musical  Spatial  Kinesthetic  Interpersonal  Intrapersonal  Naturalistic intelligence
  5. 5.  Standardization-administer test the same way to each individual  Norms-used as basis of comparison for scores on a test  Objectivity-lack of subjectivity in a test question so that same score is giving regardless  Reliability-a test ability to produce similar scores if test is administer on different occasion  Validity-the extent to which a test measures what it suppose to measure
  6. 6.  You only get out of the brain what you put in it for intelligence
  7. 7.  Chapter 9 in Benjamin Lahey, Psychology: Introduction (10th ) edition