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Freedom Guide Dogs for Kids

Kids can learn about guide dogs and visual impairement from this brief, fun presentation with links to Freedom Guide Dogs' website. Plus watch video from Freedom's YouTube Channel!

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Freedom Guide Dogs for Kids

  1. 1. Freedom Guide Dogs Learning about Guide Dogs, Blindness and Visual Impairment
  2. 2. The eye has different parts with different jobs
  3. 3. Some people’s eyes have trouble doing their jobs so they can’t see as well. That is called visual impairment.
  4. 4. People without visual impairment will see this image clearly
  5. 5. This is what someone with glaucoma sees…
  6. 6. This is what someone with retinitis sees…
  7. 7. This is what someone with retinopathy sees…
  8. 8. Without sight, blind & visually impaired people use their other senses to help them do things
  9. 9. Sense of Smell
  10. 10. Sense of Taste
  11. 11. Sense of Hearing
  12. 12. Sense of Touch
  13. 13. What are some tools that visually impaired people can use to help them do things?
  14. 14. Sighted Guide The blind person holds onto a sighted person’s arm. The sighted person guides them where they need to go
  15. 15. Cane The blind person moves the cane back and forth in front of them to feel for obstacles
  16. 16. Guide Dogs
  17. 17. Guide Dogs help get blind people from one place to another
  18. 18. Guide Dogs are the eyes for someone who is blind or visually impaired
  19. 19. They can help a blind person cross the street…
  20. 20. … Go to the store
  21. 21. … Avoid obstacles
  22. 22. … Or just be a great friend!
  23. 23. If you see someone with a guide dog…
  24. 24. How do you know it’s a guide dog? Harness
  25. 25. Then the guide dog can do it’s job and take the blind person safely from one place to another
  26. 26. For more information about guide dogs, go to: And watch videos of the puppies and trainers on the Freedom Guide Dog Channel on YouTube!