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Ways to beat stress

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  1. 1. My hardworking and ambitious interviewee working as a software engineer in a multinational company STAKEHOLDER relax and balance her time adequately between work and her desires NEEDS TO BECAUSE she is stressed and stress is neither good for health nor for relationships.
  2. 2. 1.Spend sometime in doing meditation everyday 2.Keep away from mobile phones especially while eating or sleeping. 3.Pursue your passion.Since,my interviewee had mentioned that she liked playing sports it will be better if she plays sports for her relaxation. 4.Don’t go out of the way to kow which employee got fired.
  3. 3. 5.Do not overeact . 6.Maintain friendly relations aat workplace. Pardon the defaulters for small mistakes. 7.Go in for a massage occassionally. 8.Do not control your emotions.Laughing when you want to cry only builds up the wound.Let go off the tears. 9.Join a laughter club after all laughter is the best medicine. 10.Call your friends and family in between the breaks you get at workplace. 11.Squeeze out time for meeting your loved ones.
  4. 4. 12.Having good food will help you feel better. 13.Talk to a child.We can learn from them how to be carefree. 14.Take a nap or a shower.Your mind will feel fresh and you will feel less stressful. 15.Consuming more of vitamin C helps beat stress. 16.Keep a pet.
  5. 5. 17.Watch your favourite movie or cartoon. 18.Dance without any care in the world. 19.Get wet in the rain. 20.Play video games.
  6. 6. 21.Organise a party at your home every weekend after work. 22.Plan short vaccations at repeated intervals of time. 23.Keep yourself out of debt. 24.Do charity .It provides inner peace. 25.Buy a whole island for yourself and go to relax there during weekends or holidays.
  7. 7. 26.Go for a light morning walk with loved ones. 27.Play a musical instrument 28.Borrow a book from a friend and read it. 29.Pray to God. 30.Write a dairy.
  8. 8. 31.Set out to fly with your wings. 32.Rewind again and again to weekends and holidays. 33.Control others to do your work with your supernatural powers. 34.Go wherever you want using the powers of teleportation. 35.Help others with your supernatural powers.
  9. 9. 36.Demonstrate a supernatural magic show to kids .The smile on their faces will definitely beat your stress. 37.Go invisible for a day and realize that you are actually missed by someone. 38.Go to another universe for a vacation. 39.Transform your modern city into a dense forest with a river flowing by. 40.Clone yourself and assign each clone of yours a particular task. 41.Exchange your life with someone else.
  10. 10. 42.The organizations/company should organize an event every Wednesday to relief the employees from the workload. 43.Friends and family members should surprise each other to keep others feel secure and important. 44.Once a while give a revisit to your college or school. 45.Spend sometime with nature.
  11. 11. 46.Spend sometime talking to yourself. 47.Keep away from drugs ,drinks and smoking. 48.No pills will help to beat stress. 49.Keep a close relation with people at work to keep things going smooth. 50.Surround yourself with posters full of positive thoughts.
  12. 12.  Spend sometime meditating and doing yoga. It will help to calm you down and keep you more organized throughout the day. The most disruptive idea •The organizations/company should organize an event every Wednesday or any other to relief the employees from the workload. This will start a new trend and will serve as a problem solver to a huge bunch of stressed employees/workers. My Favorite Idea •Play video games and play a musical instrument.
  13. 13. -GUNJAN AHUJA (