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OSM and Online Time Machines SotM US 2012 PDX


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Presented to the State of the Map US 2012 Conference in Portland, OR.

Published in: Technology
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OSM and Online Time Machines SotM US 2012 PDX

  1. 1. OSM & Online Time Machines Building the world’s most detailed,universal, and out of date, map SotM US 2012 Portland, OR 13 Oct 2012 Jeff Meyer
  2. 2. What’s anOnline Time Machine? A general- purpose tool that takes you back to a specific place and time. Basic Controls: Geo Box Time Box Content
  3. 3. 2004MappingAcross 2009 Time… It’s Not a New Idea …And it’s not Just about 2009 Historic Maps 2009
  4. 4. Economic Q:Why Hasn’t It CaughtOn in OSM? Plenty of other stuff going on Including day xn + yn = zn jobs Mapping todaystill unsolved Many Hard Questions Soylent problem: History is… people!
  5. 5. Why Now? Increased Expectations Tools getting betterMapping & Web Grasp alwaysexceeds reach Temporal Mapping Is HOT
  6. 6. What OSMCan Do Now A lot! Community support (OSM-H) Tagging advice (Buildings) Common Environment (Rails port)
  7. 7. TAGGING …aaaah, Tagging. We love you so.
  8. 8. 1850 OSM History Issues Tags Historic=yes? 1900 Date Convention Nein! Event ModelStart_date=yes? Hell yes! Building Model 1950 That’s not Authoring tools enough – many unresolved Processing issues. Tools 2000 FrankieRoberto’s deckis the word on Manchester sequence this topic. Frankie Roberto
  9. 9. The Playa on OSM Mikel Maron
  10. 10. PanicTimeForMostPotentialHistoryContributors
  11. 11. Changingframes ofreference
  12. 12. 2012SanFranciscoPastmapperNOTE:Shoreline
  13. 13. 1853SanFranciscoPastmapper
  14. 14.
  15. 15. DubaiShorelines OSMDo Change1875 1897 1906 1943Seattle Burke Museum
  16. 16. AUTHORING Much can be done in OSM Lots of historicgeodata doesn’t “fit” into osm Still a pain for time series Stylingmatters… samedata, different style =different story
  17. 17. RENDERING
  18. 18. Quick Rendering Demos••••  SVG Rendering•  Torque Demo: 157204•  Geocommons: 157204
  19. 19. Moving Forward on Moving Backward•  Tag start_date! •  Getting started•  Osm-h discussion •  Sanborn Maps•  Try some test cases •  Real Estate maps•  OSM-H Sandbox •  Warp (easy), compare, edit,•  Get outside US repeat
  20. 20. Background Info
  21. 21. Key References & Contacts•  OSM-H mailing list:•  Frankie Roberto’s Mapping History Presentation: frankieroberto/mapp-history-on-open-street-map•  Shekhar Krishnan & Schuyler Erle’s Open Historical Maps: fs/docs/icb.topic39008.files/Shekhar_Krishnan_ABCD_GIS.pdf•  Aaron Cope’s paper on Building=yes
  22. 22. Sites to Check OutOnline Your local library. ; ) Seriously! It’s quite a “site”!•  MapStory: •  Insurance Maps – Sanborn•  Pastmapper: •  Real Estate Maps – e.g. Kroll or Baist in• Seattle - •  NYPL Map Warper: •  Business Directories – e.g: •  San Francisco – Adams – from -•  Library of Congress American Memory stream/awmorgancossanfr1852awmo#page/ Map Collection: n7/mode/2up gmdhtml/gmdhome.html •  Seattle – Choir – ref/collection/p15015coll2/id/8573•  USGS Historical Topographic Maps (lots of good city & shoreline info: p=262:1:150662570906122
  23. 23. 2012SeattleOSM
  24. 24. 1856SeattleHand Drawn Main First
  25. 25. 1878SeattleBancroftBirds-Eye 1856
  26. 26. 1895SeattleUSGS 1856
  27. 27. 1908SeattleUSGS
  28. 28. 1975SeattleUSGS