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1 idmp help desk stefanski


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Published in: Environment
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1 idmp help desk stefanski

  1. 1. Integrated Drought Management Programme - Background Launched by WMO and GWP in 2013 at High-Level Meeting on National Drought Policies (HMNDP) to support implementation of the HMNDP outcomes [Excerpt of HMNDP final declaration, emphasis added] • Develop proactive drought impact mitigation, preventive and planning measures, risk management, fostering of science, appropriate technology and innovation, public outreach and resource management as key elements of effective national drought policy • Promote greater collaboration to enhance the quality of local/national/regional/global observation networks and delivery systems • Improve public awareness of drought risk and preparedness for drought • Consider, where possible [...]risk reduction, risk sharing and risk transfer tools in drought management plans • Link drought management plans to local/national development policies
  2. 2. 198 entries
  3. 3. 8 National Drought Management Policy Workshops - Sessions Country Reports Keynote Presentation – Don Wilhite Drought monitoring and early warning systems - WMO Vulnerability and risk assessment – UNCCD Biodiversity and Drought – CBD Drought preparedness, mitigation and responses – FAO
  4. 4. 9 Regional National Drought Management Policy Workshops Central & Eastern Europe, Romania - July 2013 Latin America and Caribbean, Brazil, Dec 2013 Asia-Pacific, Vietnam, May 2014 Eastern & Southern Africa, Ethiopia, Aug 2014 North Africa and SW Asia, Egypt, Nov 2014 Western and Central Africa, Ghana, 4-7 May 2015 Incorporate into IDMP capacity development??
  5. 5. Planned: Integrated Drought Management HelpDesk Bundle Expertise Provide Entry Points Spirit of Collaboration
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