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Gambiarra Culture in Brazil and its Impact on Piracy

There is in Brazil a “culture of improvisation” that leads to finding solutions to the everyday problems based on the ability of reinvention and resignifying artifacts and techniques. By the practice called “Gambiarra” usually occurs reframing of the uses of industrial products, eventually in precarious situations, but often with a high degree of sophistication. The aim of this paper is to investigate what effect this cultural practice has to piracy concept in the country.

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Gambiarra Culture in Brazil and its Impact on Piracy

  1. 1. Gambiarra CultureinBrazil anditsImpact onPiracy h.d.mabuse
  2. 2. h.d.mabuse
  3. 3. Re:combo Autom.ato
  4. 4. LIAArtistic Interactions Laboratory
  5. 5. gambiarra
  6. 6. gambiarra from italian: GAMBA, “leg” + the augmentative suffix Basque - ARRA. Equipment that illuminates the legs of the actors on stage.
  7. 7. try { continue: while(true) { kick(); } } catch(ChuckNorrisException e) { System.flayKickFinally(); do continue; (Attention! this is possible only for Chuck Norris) } pog
  8. 8. gambiarra happens in precarious situations
  9. 9. match everyday needs with local solutions
  10. 10. re-purpoising objects tangible, code, service...
  11. 11. back to cables
  12. 12. TV
  13. 13. Rio piracy reaches 
 1 million subscribers
  14. 14. "Illegal internet connection allows the resident to get out of "digital divide".
  15. 15. UPPs Pacifying Police Units
  16. 16. when the gambiarra becomes a product is gentrified
  17. 17. re-purpoising everyday objects changes the way we make moral judgements about piracy.
  18. 18. h.d.mabuse Thank You