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Telecommunication @ Strategic Intelligence Studies


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Lecture Material @ Strategic Intelligence Studies, University of Indonesia

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Telecommunication @ Strategic Intelligence Studies

  1. 1. Telecommunication @ Strategic Intelligence Studies Arief Hamdani Gunawan September 10th, 2009
  2. 2. Agenda • Macro – Policy and Business – Global Condition – Indonesia • Micro – Technology and Application Telecommunication @ Strategic Intelligence Studies Arief Hamdani Gunawan September 10th, 2009
  3. 3. Current State of the World: A Digital Divide Exists 17% 17.4% 41% 15.7% 41% 59% 83% Global MOBILE Penetration Global INTERNET Penetration For every 100 people worldwide, only 41 have a mobile phone. Far fewer have Internet access. Source: World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database online 11th edition, 2007. Retrieved November 13, 2007, from D/ict/statistics/ict/index.html
  4. 4. Why Wireless Connectivity Matters Mobile Penetration: 1% increase 4.7% increase in average per capita income Internet Penetration: 1% increase 10.5% increase in average per capita income Source: Telecommunications Management Group, Inc (TMG) and ITU World Telecommunications Database Statistics; 2007 Nearly ~2 Billion More Devices Than Any Other Computing or Consumer Electronics Device Globally
  5. 5. 3G: A Key Solution to Bridging the Digital Divide- Offering Broadband Today 670 Million+ 3G Subscribers Today
  6. 6. 3G Supports Entire Range of IP Services •Video/Music •Telco-quality VoIP •Low-Latency Gaming •Push to Talk / Push to Media •Multimedia Upload/Exchange •High-Speed Web Browsing •Streaming/Downloads •Video Telephony •Service Tiering •Multicasting
  7. 7. Increasingly Powerful Services for Consumers Health & Mobile TV Fitness 3D Gaming Mobile Location-Based Commerce 2D Gaming Services Voice Wallpaper 3G Services Evolution Text Messaging Ringtones MMS Music & Video on Demand Blogging Social RSS Feeds Advertising & Paul, How did Networking & Tagging Recommend the meeting go? Send Options
  8. 8. Growing Role of ASEAN in Asia Pacific 3G Market (2008-2012) Hong Kong India 1% 22% Japan China 30% Australia 14% Others Australia ASEAN ASEAN 2% 3% 2% Others Korea 15% Share Share Hong Kong 1% increased increased China 1% ASEAN Taiw an 3% New Zealand to 29% to 29% 11% 11% 1% India 2008 Q1 22% Taiw an 3% Japan 19% New Zealand 1% Korea 2012 Q4 9% *3G standards include CDMA2000 & WCDMA Sources: Population (as of 2007) – International Telecommunication Union ICT Statistics Database Mobile & 3G Subscriber no. (as of Mar 2008) – Wireless Intelligence database & WCIS database
  9. 9. 3G * Market Share of ASEAN Economies (2008 – 2012) Robust Rise in Robust Rise in ASEAN 3G ASEAN 3G Subscribers Subscribers Mobile 3G 3G Subscriber 3G % Countries Subscribers Subscribers Growth Rate (Q4 2012) (Q4 2012) (Q1 2012) (2008 – 2012) Indonesia 172.01 M 110.47 M 64.22% 391% Malaysia 31.18 M 18.94 M 60.74% 1504% Philippines 85.63 M 34.01 M 39.71% 760% Singapore 7.77 M 6.68 M 85.93% 219% Thailand 86.36 M 7.33 M 8.49% 585% Viet Nam 101.35 M 7.31 M 7.21% 113% Others (Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Laos 7.44 M 0.34 M 4.61% 113% and Myanmar) *3G standards include CDMA2000 & WCDMA Others include Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Laos and Myanmar. Sources: Population (as of 2007) – International Telecommunication Union ICT Statistics Database Mobile & 3G Subscriber no. (as of Mar 2008) – Wireless Intelligence database & WCIS database
  10. 10. Mobile Subscribers in ASEAN Economies Year-to-year Total mobile Region/ Country 3G subscribers* growth rate subscribers (subscribers) Asia Pacific 287.73 M 1433.95 M 32% ASEAN 34.37 M 284.82 M 33% Brunei 0.13 M 0.36 M 3.07% Cambodia 0M 2.69 M 55.23% East Timor 0M 0.09 M 65.45% Indonesia 22.48 M 98.15 M 51.99% Laos 0M 0.73 M 30.71% Malaysia 1.18 M 23.28 M 19.51% Myanmar 0.04 M 0.08 M 7.11% Philippines 3.95 M 57.82 M 30.00% Singapore 2.09M 5.92 M 23.76% Thailand 1.07M 56.24 M 28.62% Vietnam 3.43M 39.46 M 139.68% Singapore 2.09M 5.92 M 23.76% * 3G standards include CDMA2000 & WCDMA Sources: Wireless Intelligence database & WCIS database as of Mar 2008.
  11. 11. TLKM market share in wireless market - 2007 Hutchinson 1.6% 24.1% 14.9% 14.2% 36% Limited Mobility 10.3% 2.5% 58% 46.1% 48.7% 6.1% Wireless Industry Fixed Wireless
  12. 12. Operator Utama TIME (Telecommunication, Information, Media dan Entertainment) Fixed Wireline Cellular - GSM Pay TV IT Services Broadband - Wireline Portal Cellular - CDMA Enterprise Fixed Wireless Access Broadband - Wireless Wholesale Network 12
  13. 13. ICT Market Profile Status: Q1 2008
  14. 14. Indonesia Super Low Cost Handset War Rp 175,000 Rp 168,000 Rp 199,000 * Rp 190,000 * Rp 199,000 ($ 19) ($ 18) ($ 22) ($ 21) ($ 22) Nexian ZTE Huawei ZTE Huawei FP288 C300 C2601/C2605 X175/X176 C120 Tariff Tariff Tariff Tariff Tariff Call Rp 49/min Call Rp 1,000/day Call Rp 50/min or Call Free (90 days Call Rp 100/min unlimited Rp 1,000/hour period) SMS Rp 5,000 SMS Rp 100/SMS unlimited SMS Rp 10/SMS Free 1500 SMS SMS Rp 25/SMS On net Call & SMS On net Call & SMS On net Call & SMS On net Call & SMS On net Call & SMS * Excl 10% VAT * For purchase prepaid minutes, handset free
  15. 15. IndonesiaTelecommunication Growth 74.318.804 63.803.015 Selular 46.992.118 30.336.607 7.048.058 6.014.031 FWA 4.683.363 1.673.081 8.803.491 June 2007 8.806.702 2006 PSTN 2005 8.824.467 2004 8.703.300 0 10.000.000 20.000.000 30.000.000 40.000.000 50.000.000 60.000.000 70.000.000 80.000.000
  16. 16. Why Regulations need to be Managed ? The WTO Agreement on Basic Telecommunications Telah diratifikasi UU Nomor 7 Tahun 1994 • UU 36/1999 ttg Telekomunikasi, • PP 52/2000 ttg Penyelenggaraan Telekomunikasi dan • KM.72/1999 ttg Blue Print Telekomunikasi Indonesia
  17. 17. Agenda • Macro – Policy and Business • Micro – Technology and Application Telecommunication @ Strategic Intelligence Studies Arief Hamdani Gunawan September 10th, 2009
  18. 18. Car Radio Pioneer (1930)
  19. 19. Handie-Talkie Two-Way Radio (1940)
  20. 20. Wireless Broadband Evolution 802.21 Media Independent Handover
  21. 21. The Future trend of Telco Industry Past Present Future Telecom Broadcasting Telecom Broadcasting Broadcasting Broadcasting Broadcasting Broadcasting Voice/Data Voice/Data Voice/Data Voice/Data Contents Voice + Data + Image Program Program Program Program Telecom Telecom Broadcasting Broadcasting Telephony Network + Telecom Telecom Broadcasting Broadcasting Network Internet Network + Network Network Network Network Network Network Network Network Broadcasting Network Telecom Telecom Telecom Telecom TV TV TV Device Telephone + PC + TV Devices TV Devices Devices Devices Access lisence Services lisence The boundary of broadcasting & telecom is being abolished along with the development of digital technology and broadband network 21
  22. 22. Konvergensi
  23. 23. Mobile Phone Terminal
  24. 24. Technology Overview—Mobile TV
  25. 25. Standards
  26. 26. Islands of Automation
  27. 27. Enterprise Applications
  28. 28. DESCRIPTION (1) 1. Temperature control is effortless whether you are at home or on the road. Using an outdoor sensor to report weather conditions, your system can automatically adjust the temperature indoors. A programmable thermostat can send a message to your cell phone if the temperature changes rapidly, indicating a broken air-conditioning or heating system. 2. For the ultimate in convenience, the television in the master bedroom can show a movie from the VCR or DVD player in the family room, eliminating the need for additional players. 3. Satellite, cable and off-air antennas are routed to the distribution panel through a common point. No matter what service you choose, you can direct TV signals to any room in the house from a single connection. 4. Home computers can be networked to share the same Internet line, files and printers – enabling simultaneous online access for your family. You can even monitor your children’s usage with parental controls installed on select computers. As an added benefit, you’ll eliminate the cost for additional Internet services and equipment. 5. Strategically placed cameras can broadcast pictures to any TV screen, providing an added level of security. Checking on the baby is as easy as changing the channel. You can even view these cameras at your office for added peace of mind. 6. When a visitor rings the doorbell, all programmed phones – whether land lines or cellular – ring automatically. Whether you’re at home or away, simply use the phone to talk to the visitor and dial a code to unlock the door. For added protection, the outdoor camera can send a picture to all the televisions in your home so you can see who’s at your entranceway.
  29. 29. DESCRIPTION (2) 7. Whole-house audio provides music in the entryway, kitchen, bedroom, office or anywhere you desire. Convenient in-room controls allow you to adjust the volume in each room or turn the music off completely. Personalized audio playback allows family members to plug in portable devices and games in specific areas (i.e. a child’s bedroom, etc.). 8. The Honeywell home automation system provides the highest level of comfort and convenience. With the press of one button, you can turn on the TV, start the DVD player, dim the lights and set the volume of the home theater to the perfect level. 9. From refrigerators to washing machines, a new generation of “smart” appliances can communicate with your home network. The computer can monitor power consumption and warn you when a component is about to fail, ensuring that your appliances are running at optimal performance. You can also conveniently schedule events to occur at select times, like having the coffee pot brew, running the dryer or filling the hot tub. 10. Incredibly flexible, the electronic distribution panel is the hub for telephone, video, security and other services. Instead of rewiring every time you move a television, simply move a patch cable on the panel. 11. The security system protects you and your loved ones from harm. With the ability to monitor your system via the telephone or a keypad, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home and family are safe and sound.
  30. 30. Functional Room
  31. 31. Online System Overview Legend TOILET System Control Panel Lobby Manager Bed Room Keypad: TouchCenter Conference Smoke Detector Knox Box Heat Detector Security/ Water Flow Laboratory Data Center MIS Pond Living Room PIV Tamper Panic Room Manual Pull Station Water Sensor Panic Button Carbon Monoxide Natural Gas Temperature Humidity Store Room Accounting AlarmNet-i Optiflex Camera Break Door Sensor
  32. 32. Complete Element Legend Control and Expansion Communication Options System Control Panel AlarmNet-A: Long Range Radio Legend 4297 Extender AlarmNet-C: Cellular Network System Control Panel AlarmNet-I: Intranet Network 6220 Event Printer VSI - Isolator Keypad: TouchCenter User Interfaces and Access Control, Fire Alarm Smoke Detector Control Equipment Surveillance, Panic Knox Box Smoke Detector Panic Button Keypad: TouchCenter Knox Box Heat Detector Keypad: Alpha Camera Switcher Water Flow Heat Detector Keypad: Symphony Access Door PIV Tamper Water Flow Keypad: Symphony, Internet Manual Pull Station Optiflex PIV Addressable Relay Output Water Sensor Manual Pull Station UVS Addressable Zone Expander Panic Button Perimeter Intrusion Interior Intrusion Environmental Alarm Carbon Monoxide Energy Management Occupancy Sensing Natural Gas Door/window Sensor - Concealed Glass Break - Surface Humidity Threshold Temperature Door/window Sensor - Miniature Temperature Threshold Motion – Long Range Humidity Door/window Sensor - Surface Motion – Wide Angle Volumetric Water Level, Leak and Flood AlarmNet-i Door Sensor – Concealed, Wide Gap Carbon Monoxide Optiflex Camera Door Sensor - Overhead Natural Gas Door Sensor
  33. 33. GADGET
  34. 34. Fixed Gadgets - video
  35. 35. Portable Gadgets - video
  36. 36. Entertainment Gadgets - video
  37. 37. Spy Cameras
  38. 38. Listening Devices
  39. 39. Voice Changer
  40. 40. Fake Camera
  41. 41. Night Vision Camera
  42. 42. Tracking
  43. 43. At macro level (policy and business) or at micro level (technology and application), you know every stakeholders (gov’t, telco, etc) need to protect the country