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Housing Policies-BJP/UPA/STATE -Tushar bansal


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Housing Policies-BJP/UPA/STATE

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Housing Policies-BJP/UPA/STATE -Tushar bansal

  1. 1. Presented by: Tushar Bansal M. Arch (AP) Housing Policy Initiatives in Uttar Pradesh
  2. 2. State Urban Housing & Habitat Policy • Provide affordable housing to all especially EWS/LIG • Redevelopment and densification of underutilized lands • Conservation & improvement of existing housing stock • Promote Mixed Use and Transit-oriented Development • Adoption of land pooling schemes and TDR • Reorientation of Master Planning approach • Promote PPP in housing & infrastructure development • Conservation & improvement of environment
  3. 3. • Provision of minimum 20% houses for EWS/LIG (10% each) in all public and private sector new housing schemes with an area of 10 acres and more has been made compulsory • In case scheme area is less than 10 acres, private developers may pay shelter fee in lieu of EWS/LIG houses • Free FAR equal to total floor area of EWS/LIG houses is permissible to developers to enable cross-subsidization • Selection of beneficiaries and allotment of houses by a committee constituted by the State government EWS & LIG Housing Policy
  4. 4. • Policy aims to provide affordable housing to lower MIG & LIG categories which constitute about 60% of total urban housing demand during 12th FYP(Financial year plan) in the State • Minimum 2-room accommodation with kitchen, bath, toilet & balcony within a maximum ceiling cost of Rs. 30 lac • Minimize cost by providing incentives to the developers, easy access to cheaper land, liberal & flexible planning norms, use of cost-effective materials & technology, etc. • State Govt. has decided to implement Affordable Housing Policy under the banner of Samajwadi Awas Yojna Affordable Housing Policy/Samajwadi Awas Yojna
  5. 5. • Area of scheme-minimum 5 Acres, maximum-100 Acres • Minimum 60% area shall be used for affordable housing & carpet area of dwelling unit shall not exceed 75 sqm. • 40% area may be utilized for HIG, commercial, institutional, recreational & community facilities • Minimum 20% houses shall be provided for EWS & LIG against HIG units but not compulsory in an exclusive affordable housing scheme • Ceiling cost of affordable house in NCR-Rs.3000, Metro Cities-Rs.2800 & other towns-Rs.2500 per sq.ft. on super built-up area (to be revised annually based on cost index) Norms for Affordable Housing Scheme
  6. 6. •Ground Coverage: Group Housing- 50%, Row Housing-70% •Affordable Housing segment FAR-2.5 • Density-450 Dwelling Units per Hectare • Parking -01 ECS for every 100 sqm. of floor area • Roads, parks/open spaces & community facilities & services shall be provided as per applicable Bye-laws • Foot-paths & cycle tracks shall be provided as per norms