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Excel Tips for the Time-Crunched Marketer


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In this presentation, Supermetrics’ Edward Ford and Hanapin’s Briana Ogle team up to present the best practices that have changed their Excel lives for the better…and the tools that helped make it so.

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Excel Tips for the Time-Crunched Marketer

  1. 1. 1 Excel Tips for the Time- Crunched Marketer HOSTED BY:
  2. 2. Presenters Edward Ford – Marketing Director at Supermetrics – @NordicEdward Briana Ogle – Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing – PPC Hero Blogger – @BrianaOgle2
  3. 3. Who is Hanapin? The digital marketing experts who create unique solutions to empower you to be the hero at your business. Hanapin also produces PPC Hero and Hero Conf
  4. 4. Join the Conversation Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets to send us any questions.
  5. 5. Agenda ● Reporting ● Account Optimization Tools ● Data Analysis & Visualization ● Client Audits
  6. 6. Reporting
  7. 7. Routine reporting • Why Excel • Cross-channel reporting • Conditional formatting • Triggers & Auto-updates
  8. 8. Why Excel • Analyze big data sets (17179869184 cells) • Powerful features • Online & Offline work • Client reporting & PPT integration
  9. 9. Cross-channel reporting
  10. 10. Cross-channel reporting NO MORE CSV!
  11. 11. Cross-channel reporting
  12. 12. Cross-channel reporting
  13. 13. Cross-channel reporting ● Compare channel performance ● Turn insights to action ● Comparable channels (GA v Bing, FB v Twitter) ● Automated daily refresh for morning reports
  14. 14. Cross-channel reporting
  15. 15. Conditional formatting
  16. 16. Conditional formatting
  17. 17. Conditional formatting: time
  18. 18. Triggers & Auto-updates • Schedule refreshes for reports and send emails with Supermetrics for Excel • Available for daily, weekly, and monthly cycles • Refresh just reports • Refresh reports and send emails
  19. 19. Account Optimization Tools
  20. 20. Optimization Tools: Manual Bids Manual bid adjustments… but WHY? Automated algorithms require of certain level of volume and data before they can run optimally, based on clicks and conversions. Cases for manual bid adjustments ● Newly launched campaigns ● Low volume campaigns ● Tested automated bids and it just didn’t work as well ● Need a higher-level of control
  21. 21. Optimization Tools: Manual Bids How Hanapin takes the work out of manual bid adjustments: ROAS/CPL + Position Share Index Match
  22. 22. Optimization Tools: Manual Bids Position share = ((Avg pos*Impr)+(10*Impr lost due to rank))/(Impr lost due to rank + Impr)
  23. 23. Optimization Tools: Manual Bids Selecting the right amount of data Pull in a custom timeframe based on the size of the account (account spend) utilizing a vlookup for outlined criteria
  24. 24. Optimization Tools: Manual Bids Accomodating a dynamic date range Supermetrics can pull the data you need when the date range changes by adding a formula into the date range field on the queries tab
  25. 25. Optimization Tools: Quality Score Reviewing quality score (QS) on multiple levels regularly is an important part of understanding account health Review QS at the keyword, ad group, and campaign levels Evaluate ● Ad Relevance QS ● Landing Page Experience QS ● Expected CTR QS
  26. 26. Optimization Tools: Quality Score A quick reference of QS by keyword count utilizing pie charts
  27. 27. Optimization Tools: Quality Score QS over time (a client favorite)
  28. 28. Optimization Tools: Quality Score QS Distribution: Cost
  29. 29. Optimization Tools: Quality Score QS Distribution: Keyword count
  30. 30. Optimization Tools: Quality Score Take the core areas and break them down to the campaign and ad group level ● Overall QS by campaign/ad group ● Ad Relevance QS by campaign/ad group ● Landing Page QS by campaign/ad group ● Expected CTR by campaign/ad group
  31. 31. Optimization Tools: Quality Score Updating the data I don’t pull any reports when running our QS dashboard, which is 8 tabs of information Add ins → Supermetrics → Refresh all → Tada! The old data is replaced by new, up-to-date data
  32. 32. Optimization Tools: Budgeting Every account manager needs a budgeting tool that they understand and can rely on Ideally this is a template that can be used across all accounts in an agency setting This can be a little trickier than other tools due to the difference in how individual clients set up their budgets
  33. 33. Optimization Tools: Budgeting Sometimes budgets need to be separated by category or location which requires pulling data at the campaign or ad group level
  34. 34. Setting up Supermetrics queries to “split by” breaks out the data however you need it In the future, when the data is refreshed it will keep the same segmented structure Using this feature with sumifs functions allows for splitting of the budgets Optimization Tools: Budgeting
  35. 35. Optimization Tools: Budgeting Data auto-refresh Set a trigger to refresh daily, weekly, or monthly Emailing Receive an email of the file when the data is refreshed or send it to a client
  36. 36. Optimization Tools: Scrutineer What is it? The Scrutineer is a tool our analysts built to show why a particular metric has changed over time by looking at causal factors How is it used? It’s used as a starting point of where to look when troubleshooting account performance changes
  37. 37. Optimization Tools: Scrutineer Example of some of the information the Scrutineer outlines:
  38. 38. Optimization Tools: Scrutineer Custom date range field options are incorporated into the template settings page Custom dates are often necessary when looking into specific performance changes
  39. 39. Optimization Tools: Scrutineer Custom date ranges are pulled into the Supermetrics queries tab by setting the date cells equal to the date fields on the settings page
  40. 40. Optimization Tools: Templating Tool templates that can apply to any account ensures your team will get value out of it Hanapin uses data validation drop downs coupled with formulas in the Supermetrics queries tab to easily switch accounts
  41. 41. Data Analysis & Visualization
  42. 42. Data analysis and visualization • Pivot tables • Charts • Auto-refreshed dashboards
  43. 43. Pivot tables
  44. 44. Pivot tables
  45. 45. Tables
  46. 46. Charts
  47. 47. Charts
  48. 48. Charts
  49. 49. Refresh dashboards • Automate reporting • Schedule refreshes for your charts • Email to colleagues and clients
  50. 50. Client Audits
  51. 51. The typical audit client has complex accounts across multiple brands which leads to a lot of data Excel vs. Google Sheets Maximum Limits ● 1,048,576 vs. 40,000 rows ● 16,384 vs. 18,278 columns Regardless of which tool you choose, the closer to the max you get the slower your file will perform Account Audits: Data, Data, Data
  52. 52. Account Audits: Dynamic Charts Insert charts into Powerpoint from Excel that update when changes are made in the workbook ● Copy the chart in Excel ● Select the paste options in Powerpoint ● Choose link data
  53. 53. Account Audits Real life example You put together a dashboard of varying information but then the client asks, “what if…” and we need to make adjustments or toggle certain data pieces, such as which goals are used in the analysis
  54. 54. Account Audits Solution You set your data up using Supermetrics so all you have to do is update the filter for the new goals and refresh all data The data and charts in Excel will automatically update AND your charts in Powerpoint will update too *If you want to use the new data as a comparison make a copy of your Excel book or Powerpoint before refreshing
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